Diagram of Underneath of 96 Plymouth Voyager

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I am trying to find a diagram that shows me the layout of the underneath of my Plymouth Voyager, 3.0L engine. I found an oil leak from something just behind the driver's side wheel well. Without putting it on a lift, it's a little hard to tell. My owner's manual isn't very helpful with this. Thanks everyone.


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    I cannot help with the diagram, but the engine is mounted toward the passenger side, with the transmission mounted to the "rear" of the engine, on the driver side. If the leak is originating on the driver side, the oil is likely not coming from the engine itself.
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    I'm glad to hear it's not likely coming from the engine itself. However, where is the oil pan located? Would it be close to the driver side? Thanks.
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    eh i had the same leak from what it sounds like and i dont think what u are dripping is oil
    it may in fact be trans fluid that has broken the half shaft seal and combined with the grease on the half shaft

    the seal is about eight bucks at an auto part store and all it takes is remove passenger front tire, move over the hub and caliper, pull out the half shaft, removing the old seal then replace with new took me two hours and eight bucks

    also check if the rubber boots on the half shaft are still in tack in one piece and not cracked if they are not i suggest not only replacing the boots(they never seal right as two part boots) but replace the whole half shaft for about 20 more well worth it when its all ready taken apart
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