MDX Steering Wheel Stitching - Very Rough!

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I love this car and am planning on buying one, but I have to say that the stitching on the steering wheel is driving me nuts because it is so rough. I tend to be an "inside of the wheel" holder, and the stitching is scratching my hands! Anyone else bothered by this?

So, I'm not going to let this keep me from buying the car, but I will have to find a cover that has smoother stitching or none at all, I suppose. Anyone have one to recommend? Thanks.


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    One member used a sew on repair kit on his steering wheel and liked the results. Thread begins here:

    steve_, "Toyota Land Cruiser Maintenance and Repair" #13, 20 Aug 2006 4:05 pm
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    they have an optional wood steering wheel..but it's like a 650 upgrade. I'm not sure if it's worth it for you.
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    Thanks for the responses.

    Yes, I know about the wood upgrade....but from what I can see, the wood is only on the top of the wheel, and the leather is still around the rest of it, with the stitching! I sort of hold the inside of the bottom half of the wheel while I drive.

    My dealer discourage me from purchasing the wheel as he said it would still have the leather on most of it, but since he didn't have one to show me, I couldn't tell if the stitching was any different. Anyone know?

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    We purchased the wood grained steering wheel (and wood grained shifter knob) and we love them both!

    The wood grain itself is an exact match and true, it is only a portion of the wheel that shows the wood grain but the part of the wheel that is leather is the perforated leather. The texture of the grey material is hard - it's completely different than the stock steering wheel and the diameter of the wheel itself that your hand wraps around feels slightly larger.

    When you purchase the wood grained wheel, it's the wheel only and does not include the airbag so I believe the airbag is removed as part of the installation. I asked for the original steering wheel when the installation was done. I wasn't about to leave it for the dealership to use for free.

    The shifter knob was very easy to install - we installed it ourselves. You can download the instructions online on the My Acura web site as with many other installation instructions. That site is great!

    I hope this helps!
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