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I have a new 2007 xterra "s"with 2750 miles.While driving it in the first snow of the season,I heard a horrible grinding noise from the front end.It happened when I applied the brakes coming up to a stop while on some slush and snow.
It does happen on dry road or even wet road.It has to be a condition where the wheels may lock up.I am used to the fluctuation of the brake pedal with an ABS system.This vehicle is my second "Nissan",I had '04'Pathfinder previously .However,I had never heard a sound that reminded me of grinding aluminum cans in a coffee mill.I took it to the service dept.&took the truck for a test drive with the mechanic and reproduced the noise on gravel &dirt.the mechanic would only admit that the noise sounded "excessive".I picked up the truck later that day and I was told me they checked the brakes and they were fine & that is just the sound of ABS system.I find it hard to believe that a major manufacturer would produce a system that sounds like your differerential is being ground into little metal pieces.Has anyone else had this experience with an Xterra?


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    I don't know what sounds are normal for the Xterra but many ABS systems will make a "grinding" noise when braking on low friction surfaces. This results from rapid alternation between application of the brakes and releasing them.

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    Bronco is describing perfectly the sound my son experiences with his 2006 XT, along with an out of control feeling that if he is in an intersection and that happens, he has no control over the vehicle. Help! everyone thinks he's crazy, but I have experienced the same thing when I drive his car. Is this normal?
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    Is it normal to feel out of control when the ABS system operates and the brake pedal goes up and down? this happens on my son's car and we've had it checked and they say it is fine and that the automatic pumping action is normal. If you apply the brake gently, shouldn't the car them stop? it doesn't HELP!
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    anyone out there put a lift kit in there xterra
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