2008 Accord vs. 2008 Maxima

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I'm curious as to comparisons between these two, which I am cross-shopping (Accord EX-L V6 vs. Maxima SL). Both seem very nice. From what I can tell, Maxima has more features (memory, heated steering wheel, xenon lights, etc.), is a little larger (could be a pro or con), and feels like it has a little more oomph (though the numbers are very close), while the Accord seems (to me) to have better build quality / fit and finish (both the Maximas I test drove made some strange, different sounds) and is probably about $3,000 less (after taking into account current market pricing, including rebates on the Maxima).

Anyway, I'm interested in the reactions of people who've owned or driven both, not only in terms of short term gratification but long term satisfaction.


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    Luv the Maxima's but I buy Accord because the resale is better. I also noticed that the Maxima's service costs were huge compared to the Accord.
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    A friend of mine bought a Maxima and HATES the giant turning circle. Check it out and see if you can handle it pulling into parking spots.
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    Maxima's resale value is worse than Accord's. The Accord '08 is big, looks big and gorgeous but it is handled like a compact. I love it. That's Honda intelligence.
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    I was also looking at the Maxima-do like their interior a bit more than the Accord's, and they can have some extras,--memory seats, power tilt and telescopic, but you pay for them in a package. Also, if you measure dimensions, Accord may be a bit larger.
    Two things, however, scratched the Max from my list. First, premium gas--don't need that with gas prices rising. Secondly and perhaps more important, stability control is standard on the Accord and not on the Max. You want it you have to get it with a full sized spare tire package which in turn makes the trunk space less.
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    I hadn't focused on the fact that the VDC (Maxima's stability control) reduces the trunk size b/c of the full size spare (which is a nice feature). The Maximas I've been looking at all have the VDC and, with that and the other packages that make it as close to apples to apples as possible, Maxima comes out 2K or 5K higher(depending on whether Nissan continues last months 3K rebate on Maximas).

    Also forgot about the premium gas which, though it probably doesn't add to a whole lot over the course of the year, is still annoying each time you're at the station.

    Thanks for the dispassionate responses -- all very helpful.
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    Maximas have those silly lights that blind the crap out of other drivers. You would think the Nissan would fix this. It looks cool, retro, but lets not put safety on the line.

    Other models with similar lights do a much better job with this.
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    Can't speak for the '08s but we also cross-shopped in '01 and went with the Maxima and have not regretted it for a second. who cares about resale? I want to keep this car forever! It just seems more lux than the Accord in every way. It has been extremely reliable and is a joy to drive. Service and repairs do not cost more than for the Accord, as I have owned Hondas too. Both cars have changed very significantly since then, however, so maybe the newer Maximas are not as nice. But I know if I were in the market, I would look at a Max first.
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    who cares about resale? I want to keep this car forever!

    People who prefer to change cars every few years. My dad changes cars about every 2 or 3 years after 70k miles or so. He likes changing vehicles.

    It just seems more lux than the Accord in every way.

    It should, it is in a different price class. The Accord tops out around $30k sticker; at that point, the Maxima is just getting started. A friend of mine has a 2006 Maxima (it may be an 05, it does not have the mid-cycle refresh); hers was right at $30k, and still has cloth, non-heated seats and no HIDs.
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    Living in western NY one would think Nissan would ship Maxima's with the VDC package--haven't been able find a one.
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    Now, I feel differently about the maxima being more luxurious. I really don't look at the maxima and feel luxury. The interior lacks that rich high feel, with higher grade look and feel. I see alot of plastic! Even the seats look put together. This is more directed towards the interior. The exterior actually to me, out does the interior. Even then, it looks a little cheap. Now if you get in the accord, it may not be really luxurious, but it has a look and feel of higher grade materials. Even the base model, has that feel of great quality. I couldn't imagine spending that much on a maxima. Maybe I am biased, because I own a Honda. The Maxima is a nice car, but feel they could catch up a bit of fit and finish. But, I have never really been a fan of the styling of the nissans, but that is because of the overall finish. If I am going to buy a 30k car, it better feel that way.
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    If I were you, I would wait till 08/08 thats when hopefully new 09 max should be released and it will be a different car. IF nissan keeps same design well i was wrong. Personally New accord looks too close to New Saturn Aura. In both I hate rear design. Since this is 1st year of a redesigned Accord even with Honda's reputation, I would wait till next year and have someone else absorb issues with first year car.
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    Now would be the time to buy a Maxima. They're blowing them out in anticipation of the '09, which is going to drop in the spring.

    IMO the Max is a much nicer car than an Accord. As someone else mentioned, they are in different price brackets, so it's to be expected.
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    After doing lots of research on both the 2008 Maxima SE and Honda Accord EX-L V6, we decided on the 2008 Maxima SE. Why: The 2008 Accord is a nice car but we did not like the following: Not much pickup from a standing start for a V6, the Maxima has alot more getup and go, the rear seats do not fold down on the Honda, the Maxima has 60/40 split, the honda only has 5 speed transmission, even most car guru's have said that is a negative. I know the Honda gets alittle better gas mileage 21/29 compared to 19/25 (even though one should use premium gas), I don't think it really is that much of a difference per year only around $200 more, so if you can afford 30K or higher car then that should not be a big deal. Also we traded in our 1999 Maxima SE with 160242 miles an we only had one issue in the years we owned it which the dealer took care of. The Maxima has been the beast care I have ever owned.
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    Go for Acura TL instead of Accord. With dealer incentive of $2000 and 2.9% financing for the TL, the Acura is only $3000 more than a EX-L V6 Accord.

    The Acura TL has HID, Memory seats, Handfree Bluetooth for phone to name a few, needless to say the much much better fit/finish interor and good quality leather (the leather in accord and other Honda brand cars is more plastic than leather) .

    You can get a TL with $29500 or so compared to $26000 to $26500 for Accord.
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    the rear seats do not fold down on the Honda, the Maxima has 60/40 split

    How sure of this are you? Rear seats in my 1996 Accord, my grandmother's 2002, and my 2006 Accord all fold down, as well as offer a pass-thru.

    I'd be very surprised to hear that they removed this feature.
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    Of course the Accord's rear seat folds down. It does so in one piece, rather than split. I believe that is done for structural rigidity and safety, although I would have preferred a 60/40 split for convenience.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    Some people don't always research everything before deciding. Oh well - the Maxima is a fine vehicle.
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    Hi we just bought a 2008 nissan maxima se fully loaded i mean loaded with nav every posible option for 30,00 out the door. Also you know that the vq 35 engine is one of the best in the world ten years in a roll. This is our third maxima we have a 2001 with 150,000 miles and no problems at all only oil changes so I think 2008 nissan maxima is a way spottier car then the accord
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    You mean it's sportier than the accord sedan right? It ain't more sporty than the 2008 Accord V6 6MT! :P
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    In his defense, he did say spottier than the Accord. Maybe his Maxima is painted like a ladybug. :P ;)

    Just kidding, of course. I think I need coffee before I start posting here in the mornings! :)
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    Remember, if you go for the TL, your new car will be the old model-year in less than one year. The TL will be redesigned in the 2009 model year. That fact may not bother most people -- but its something to keep in mind. . . .
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    I have a 2004 TL with a 6 speed manual and compared it at that time against the Maxima (they both had manual gearboxes in 2004). The TL interior is much more to my liking. I've nearly gotten rid of my TL a couple of times (wife can't drive it) and there's one comment that was made by a valet that keeps it with me...he said "best car all night"

    This was at Smith and Wollensky's at Easton in Columbus, OH. There are always Ferrari's, bimmers, maserati's and porsche's parked there, including the night he said that to me.

    I think you have to get the TL type S to get a 6-speed and Brembo's now....but they'll deal on those due to '09 TL coming.
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    In addition to the Accord's folding rear seat, I believe there is another inaccuracy in the statement that the Accord "should use premium gas." I'm pretty sure that regular is 100% permissible in the Accord, even the V6, with no risk or loss of drivability.

    Like many modern engines with electronic control of spark advance, you CAN use premium and get about 10 extra horsepower, but by no means do you have to.
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    Someone said in a previous post that the new Accord looks like a Saturn Aura. I think it actually looks more like a 2005 Saturn L300.


    I would definitely buy a Maxima over an Accord. Especially with the track record of transmissions going bad in the Honda's lately. I am on my 2nd Maxima. I sold my wifes 92 Maxima with 126,000 miles to the girl down the street in 2003 and she is still driving it. I bought a 2003 which now has 51,000 miles on it with no problems.
    And a maxima will spank an Accord when it comes to speed IMO.
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    255hp Maxima vs. a 268 hp Accord.

    I'm not sure one would spank the other. They weigh essentially the same.
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    Sounds very familiar. My 92 Accord was sold at 140k miles, and had no transmission problems. My 03 Accord has 53k miles, and hasn't had any problems either. And I doubt your 03 Maxima would "spank" my 03 Accord. I know I get better mileage.
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    I should say I've had my share od Nissan/Datsuns which included a Sentra, Nissan Quest and a Datsun 510. My 510 was one of the best cars ever made and I drove it to 350k miles before donating it. The other two, however, nice cars in their own class and with nice features, but reliability is nowhere comparable to Honda (or Toyota for that matter). My Quest (same engine as Maxima, at least for that year and model) gave up its transmission at just under 100k miles.
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