Dodge Sprinter low boost problem

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i am working on a 2005 sprinter 2500 at a independent shop. i'm only able to get generic codes and little data with snapon scanners.
what i noticed is it will run out strong then the turbo will shut off, if i turn the truck off it resets and works for a short time. the code is a low boost code but no help with diagnostics.i first replaced the boost sensor and fuel filter, followed with a boost solinoid which comes as a turbo assembly.
i can't get past the reset issue and it makes me lean toward electronics, and its costing me a pretty penny cause i cant charge for what i dont fix.
thank for any help.


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    Check for all loose connections to air box, turbo, both ends of intercooler, and especially the turbo resonator (do not over-tighten). Double check for holes in the intercooler as well.

    Double and triple check the TURBO RESONATOR, it is probably split due to manufacturing problems, vibrations, and/or stresses like turbo pressure...

    Turbo Resonator is the black plastic box on the front of the turbo into which the boosted air goes prior to going into the intercooler input hose.

    recommended to replace with the part from Riordan = no more failure (aluminum part)...

    KenB :shades:
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    I have a Winnebago View built on the Sprinter Chassis. I had the same problem. The Turbo resonator was defective and the part was on a recall. It was fixed by my dealer under warrenty without charge. Took the mechanic about an hour to diagnose and fix. Fortunately, I have a solid Dodge Sprinter dealer local to me. They knew what the problem was the moment I described the symptoms. Have not had any problems since.
  • kenbakerkenbaker Member Posts: 239
    please fill out a dealer form here on the Edmunds site, we need to know where the solid Sprinter dealers are, now more than ever...

    As our Sprinters start to age we really need to know who can keep us running in tip-top shape...

    What year was your chassis build?

    KEnB :confuse:
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    Update: Had a 2nd event of sudden loss of power / no boost on the I20 just west of Atlanta on a weekend trip with my Sprinter 3500 (2006) Winnebago View (2007). Aborted trip and limped back on my own power to dealer in Canton, GA that has Service Department working on Saturdays. The Dodge Sprinter dealer could not get to it on Saturday to fix like last time, however, so I left it.

    I am assuming the Turbo Resonator failed again as I had the exact same symptoms as before. I have ordered the Resonator Eliminator from and intend to just install that once I get the vehicle back.

    I will be speaking to Service Manager on Monday to confirm the problem. My 3500 has about 5,200 miles on it so this 2nd failure happened about 2,500 miles after the first one. Not very impressive reliability and I am amazed that the manufacturer and the dealer would let this $20 piece of plastic jeopardize the reputation of their brand. :surprise:

    The problem seems well known and documented. I take special note of the fact that a Dodge Dealer requested Riordance to create a part that would permanently fix the problem. What is wrong with MB?

    Hoping that with the resonator eliminator installed we can then enjoy our Winnebago View which is a perfect size for us.
  • etroupetroup Member Posts: 7
    My 2006 Dodge Sprinter 3500 / 2007 Winnebago View has suffered its 2nd turbo resonator failure with ~2,200 miles between the 1st and 2nd failures. The first failure was shortly after I bought the vehicle last summer. The resonator was replaced with the manufacturer's part Rev AB. That part failed last Saturday on the Interstate. Same exact symptoms and same exact corrective action: Replace the Resonator under warranty.

    However, the Service Director at Cherokee Chrystler Dodge Jeep in Canton, GA has informed me that my Sprinter warranty is voided if I install the Resonator Eliminator from link title. He claims I must use the Dodge part no matter how many times it fails and if I use any other part, including specifically the Resonator Eliminator, they will considered that act an unauthorized repair and Dodge will VOID THE WARRANTY for the entire vehicle. When I asked for this warranty cancellation policy in writing, the request was refused. He then told me that he could no longer talk to me about the issue due to the potential for litigation. Here is his email:

    From: Cherokee CDJ Service Director
    Sent: Friday, June 20, 2008 09:28
    To: 'ETroup'
    Subject: RE: Sprinter 3500 Turbo Resonator Failures

    I cannot answer for other dealers or Chrysler Corporation. I can only relay information I’m given. As much as I would like to assist you I will not be able to relay information to you in the future. I will be happy to help in any way that conforms to the warranty or with maintenance needs you may have. As I told you on the phone I don’t have the power to cancel your warranty that can only be done by the manufacture.

    Cherokee CDJ
    Service Director

    When provided with a list of other Dodge dealers installing the Resonator Eliminator without having any problem with the warranty, he told me he did not have any control over what other dealers did but that they were all in violation of their dealer agreements with Dodge and wrong. When I complained that this position was unreasonable, he just gave me the number for Chrysler in Detroit and basically told me to go away.

    He sent the following email:

    From: Cherokee CDJ Service Director
    Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2008 11:16
    To: 'ETroup'
    Subject: RE: Sprinter 3500 Turbo Resonator Failures

    The phone number for Chrysler 1-800-992-1997.

    Cherokee CDJ
    Service Director

    In response, I have taken the following preliminary steps:

    1. I have filed a complaint with Winnebago's Director of Customer Relations. He has informed that they have had previous conversations with Dodge / MB on this very issue but that the manufacturer denies that there is any problem. He said he would raise the issue again but was not very positive that Mercedez Benz would be responsive.

    2. I have filed a complaint with the National Highway Safety Admininistration at link title.

    I would encourage all that have experienced this problem to do the same to make sure there is maximum visability on this problem. Go the NHTSA-ODI website and file a complaint on the vehicle. Select Trucks and Buses and the Sprinter 3500 comes up. It only takes a few minutes. You need your VIN Number and the date(s) of incidents. DO IT! Only if the these safety and reliability issues are reported will Dodge and Mercedez Benz become motivated to actually fix the problem. Here is the complete link inside NHTSA-ODI again: link title
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    My Sprinter had the same problem, The cause was a cracked resonator.
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    I purchased a new 2005 /2500 sprinter and was very happy the first year and then the problems started, first it started to stall when I stopped at a light, and when I made a right turn, had serviced, told me they couldn't duplicate the problem, never happened again. then had loss of power and they replaced the Turbo charger, then I couldn't start it and ''start error'' appeared, had to have towed to dealer and they had to replace the skreem Module and reprogram both keys. Now I left for vacation June 29, 2008 and have a loss of power again, can't go over 55mph, which is good for saving diesal fuel but not for wanting to get to my vacation place. This sprinter has only 17,000 miles on it.
  • gchiarellogchiarello Member Posts: 2
    Up date on my van, after sitting for appox. two days, started up and ran fine. Drove home july 5, 2008 and the van ran great. Took van to dealer and they had to replace the ERG VALVE and Reset the system, still under warranty.
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    Just had my first repair on my 06 sprinter with 32k on it.
    On my way from fl. to oh. in ga. it went in to limp mode 3 times within a 100 miles before the check engine light came on.
    I Went to Bill Butler Dodge in Warner Robbins, Ga.
    They Could not have been better.
    I was in and out in 1 1/2 hrs with a new resonator installed.
    They said that they have replaced a few of them.
    Is that 2 or 200, he would'nt say.
    I know i was very pleased with thier service on my sprinter.
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    My turbo resonator failed on July 26, 2008 (2006 Sprinter with 7300 miles) en route to ONT from NJ on a Sunday afternoon. Flemington NJ Dodge dealership was useless as was Chrysler 800#. ;) Thankfully, Kingston ONT dealership was terrific, identified the problem quickly, fit me into their schedule on Mon am and made a same-day repair under warranty.

    I post my story so others will be better informed and perhaps can pressure Dodge for better service and better trained techs.
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    My Sprinter has 24,000 miles on it. We live in FL and it seems everytime we go on a trip it's another resonator. My unit is a 2006 Navion with a 2005 Sprinter chassis and we are on the fourth resonator. Our first was done 6 weeks after purchase, the second one was 10 months later, the third one was 11 months later and the fourth one was this week (April 2009). Probably the only reason that it was a longer period this time, our rig was at a dealership, as we decided with the price of fuel and the problems with the resonator, we would sell it. It was at the dealership from July '08-March '09. This is our first "shake down" trip since picking it up. We were not even an hour from home on I-95 when our resonator failed again. Now we are not sure if we should keep this unit or try and unload it? So far all the dealers have been great, no out of pocket cost. Not sure if this part is covered for 100,000 mi. It sure can be dangerous if you are passing another vehicle or a semi is behind you and the power fails in the unit.
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    Dear etroup,

    Sorry I did not see your post sooner. Cherokee Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Canton, GA , if they are still in business after the BK is 100% wrong on the warranty issue. If they continue to voice such garbage I will have my attorney contact them. The aluminum turbo resonator eliminator is not only approved for installation, it is being recommended by Dodge Sprinter service reps all across the Country. Further, the Magnuson warranty act would specifically MAKE them honor your warranty, since this part does not change the operation, or function of any system on the vehicle. The POS plastic resonator is nothing more than a poorly engineered plastic "muffler" for turbo noise and serves no other function other than placing you in limp home whan it breaks. If you wish to install the aluminum part and have any more warranty voiding threats from them, please contact me at riordanco dot com and I will be happy to have them warned by Dodge to quit passing out false information. I will also be happy to supply you with a list of Dodge dealers who will tell you that the factory representative has told the Sprinter service reps to replace the plastic one with the aluminum one, UNDER WARRANTY after complaints by customers of multiple failures on the road. Best regards, Jim Riordan
  • jriordan1jriordan1 Member Posts: 3
    Dear ecoombs
    Sorry to hear about your resonator failures. The Sprinter is a really great vehicle overall. Suggest you simply replace the Plastic one with the aluminum lifetime part and it won't happen again. Also suggest all 2.7 liter folks check their "Air mass temperature sender" located in the turbo hose on the drivers side top of the engine. It can be carefully removed by pinching the two little prongs together and gently pulling it out of the fitting on the hose. If the tip of the sensor is blue in color you are good to go . . if not, have dodge replace it. It is only about a $25 dollar part but the earlier (pre-bluetip) ones will put you in limp home mode if they get oil on them, which (sigh) they are destined to sooner or later. Best regards, Jim Riordan
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    I have a 2006 Sprinter 2500 passenger van and lost power while attempting to pass a slow moving 18 wheeler. I first suspected a dirty fuel filter but after doing some research, I am quite certain it is the turbo resonator. I have 24,800 miles on my van and want to know if this part is covered under warranty. Thanks.
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    Need your advise, folks. I don't know if these events are related but I will let you be the judge of that.
    I brought my 2005 Sprinter for an oil change to an independent mechanic. As I drove home, the "HI oil" light came up on the dashboard. After about 20 miles the engine temperature started raising, and then the turbo quit - the van was still moving but at only 55 mph. The next day, I started driving it and the same very thing occured: the turno was working OK for first 15 miles, the T went up, the "HI OIL" light came on, the turbo quit and we were back to 55 mph.

    P.S. The mechanic didn't return my calls. SHould I try to drain some oil, or is it not related and if so, what should I do about it?
    Thank you,

  • richeartricheart Member Posts: 2
    i've been reading most of the posts about the sprinter problems and finally signed up for my first ever forum or blog on the internet
    we have a navion rv on an '05 sprinter 3500 chasis (24K miles on it) and it's friday evening and my wive is stuck around mt. shasta with what seems to me a repetition of what happened in aug '08 (5K miles ago) when we had the resonator replaced by the dodge dealer in petaluma ca.
    from what i'm reading on this forum i assume that they replaced the plastic resonator with another plastic one and that it's broken again.
    here's my questions where in northern CA can she find a mechanic that would reliably deal with this and where can we get the aluminum replacement for the crappy plastic one?
    it's so nice to find out that there is forums where real people help other real people
    i might come to like this
  • richeartricheart Member Posts: 2
    we found a dodge dealer in medford who has 1 more aluminum resonator and who's putting it in this morning after my wife limps there from mt. shasta
    -good news after all
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    After 3 breakdowns because of the dreaded turbo resonator problem, I finally contacted James Riordan ( who gave me a great explanation of the "eliminator" he designed and builds. He sent me to the Sprinter Store ( They shipped the part yesterday and I received it today. My dealer will install it on Monday along with a few other items I need attended to. I feel good that this will truly eliminate the problem. My dealer says it will NOT void the Sprinter warranty.
  • mbcruisermbcruiser Member Posts: 1
    Exactly same symptoms...power loss, with vaccum leak sound....with help of Riordan diagram, I've checked the resonator and it looks ok from what I can tell. No cracks and I tried move around and it is well secured in place. Should I take it out in order to see the resonator is the problem?
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    We got out View on New Year's Ever 2008. It is a used 2007 view with a diesel Dodge Sprinter engine. I've driven it all over the Houston area and to Florida and back without any problems. My husband took it hunting in a hilly area and after filling up with fuel it begin stalling on him. He would have to put his key in position 2 and hold it for a few seconds and restart it every 15 or 20 miles. He put some fuel additive thinking he got some bad gas. He replaced the fuel filter thinking some junk was clogging it. Sometimes it would run for 30 minutes. Sometimes an hour and a half. He finally had to tow it back to a dodge dealership that would fix it. From reading other posts, it sounds like I have a turbo resonator problem. Does anyone have any other guesses? Is that part of the engine? We only have about 25,000 miles on it. My husband says it is way to early to be having fuel pump problems. The mechanics are looking at it now and I want to be informed when they get back to me. I'd appreciate any help anyone could give me. Thanks.
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    We purchased a Dodge/Mercedes 07 Sprinter straight from the dealer and on the way home it stalled. We have visited the local dealer 6 times in 6 months After a year of more problems. We have filed the paperwork for lemon law. Its been a up hill battle..
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    I have a 2008 Dodge Sprinter 2500 cargo van with the 3.0 turbo V-6. We only have about 17000 miles on it and haven't had a single problem until just last week. After 200 + miles of open freeway at 70-75 mph hauling about 1000lbs of cargo I experienced a loss of power after a short stop. It appeard the turbo wasn't engaging, the engine would shift all the way into OD by 40mph and struggle to get up to 60mph on a gradual grade - no throttle response, mash your foot to the floor at 60mph on flat ground and it won't downshift and struggles to accelerate in OD gradually getting up to 65-70mph. Coming to a stop on city streets, mashing the accelerator and it only pulls to about 2800rpm and again upshifts all the way to OD by about 40mph. stopped to re-fuel, then the engine light came on. I parked the van overnight, drove it to the dealer the next morning and of course it ran like a champ, no problems whatsovever. Dodge in Irvine CA said everything checked out fine, they road tested it, could not duplicate the symptoms, didn't charge me any thing and sent me on my way, ran like a champ. A fews days later, I drove the same run with the same load, same problem occured, but this time it made it almost 300 miles before it started, and again, as before, it started after a short stop for fuel. I am convinced the turbo isn't engaging, no turbo "whir" can be heard upon accelartion. Sounds like many of you are having the same problem, the Dodge dealers says "we can start throwing parts at it" Brilliant! Is this EGR valve? is this the turbo resonator? fortunately it is still under warranty but I am baffled at the lack of knowledge by the service manager on what seems to be a fairly common problem. Suggestions please?
  • vancarvancar Member Posts: 5
    Hi Marklorenz and every one,

    I own a 2007 diesel myself and last summer I experienced the same scary thing while I was going 75 mph on high way 25 in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming, and it was completely dark where there was no sign of civilization...the engine kept going to a limp mode for a few times then died while we were traveling that fast. I pulled over the road and restarted the engine when that happened. Whenever that happened my wife asked and I had to lie to her that I had to take a short break.

    I finally made it to city of Loveland, CO. The next day I took my van to a dealer in Boulder and they found two codes. They checked things out and off I went home after a few days. On my way back while I was trying to pass a slow moving van, it went to a limp mode a gain. This time there was a Toyota pickup truck from a guy behind me that was doing 85 mph. He got sandwiched and almost killed by two slow moving vans!!!!

    I learned from the Dodge in CO that they did not do any thing, just reset the computer. I finally got home and took it to my dealer. Nothing was detected! I finally replaced the fuel filter and the problem went away.

    To the day I am convinced that I might have picked up a bad load of fuel a long the way from Seattle to Colorado....and Mercedes engineer team did not anticipate in bad fuel quality in the U.S. Their fuel filter was not big enough to handle contaminated fuel. This should be looked at and remedied quickly before someone got killed on high way.

    Before my next trip I am going to put in an Airdog or a FASS fuel filter and pump. I don't know if any of you have ever done such a thing?

    I will appreciate someone who is knowledgeable about this to write a quick tip on how to do this.

    Many thanks,

  • mr_b1mr_b1 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Dodge Sprinter 2500 with the 2.5 turbo-charged diesel. My van runs great on the road, has plenty of take-off pep, but falls flat on it's face if the drive wheels spin on a slippery surface!

    For instance, when it snows, my wheel paths have to be cleared, or there is no take-off power. When the rear wheels begin to spin, the engine RPM's drop, and the yellow triangle-shaped RPM light flashes. Using chains is out of the question, because it doesn't have the power necessary to begin moving. The end of the road I live on is slightly steep, and getting up it with snow is a 'no-go'.

    Any suggestions?
  • bradakbradak Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2007 Sprinter it showed the exact problem.I could shut it off and the problem would not show up again for 2 weeks. It turned out to be the return hose from the
    intercooler on the drivers side. I went to Euro Parts SD and got there repair kit it took
    about 30 minutes and after 2 start up & cool downs my check engine light went out
    and it ran just like when I first got it from the start up. With the new design it should
    not happen again. Just did it 1-30-2010 orderd one for the other side after I drove it
    the first time. The drivers side seems to be the one to crack at the hose conection first
    but will install the other one this week when I receive the other one.
  • valiunasvaliunas Member Posts: 1
    That's normal- You have traction control putting on the breaks and fighting the engine. Just disable it (the "ASR" button in the center console) and you can spin your wheels all you want. :)
  • autocosmedicautocosmedic Member Posts: 3
    Mark......I have a 2005 Sprinter with 65,000 miles that is having the exact problem you are describing. Were you able to fix your problem? Please describe.
  • willkolditzwillkolditz Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Freightliner badged Sprinter with 65000 miles on it. The same problem described by Mark Lorenz has been happening to my rig starting at 30000 miles. I found that by turning off the engine, the system would reset and I would be good for several days until the turbo derated again. At first the techs could not find anything wrong (because when you stopped it would reset) and it was difficult to duplicate. At 40000 miles they found some codes to reset but that did not stop the problem. At 63000 miles and a week before a major trip (it is a Leisure Van Mtr Home) Stopping the van would not reset the system anymore. Took it in and they replaced the electronic brains at $1100 (told them it should be under warranty since it started at 30000 miles and just because they could not figure it out). So now I am on my way to Houston, from Portland, OR, and in UT the turbo derated. You turn off the engine, wait 10 seconds, and start, and it is good again until the same thing happens. This is happening now 2-3 times a day, and our last day to destination in TX it happened 3 times. My Mtr Home was build in Canada, and the tech said that chassis made for Canadian market did not require a turbo dampner(?) which is an electronic module that helps regulate the turbo. He would have to order for abt $80 plus install, but events had already delayed my departure plans, so it is scheduled for when I get back. Very disappointed with the problems experienced. Transmission was replaced for vibration issue in Oct 2009. Thought that would cure the turbo problem but did not. Not sure I will buy another Sprinter.
  • tdd1tdd1 Member Posts: 1
    egr valves will go down before 80000 miles or it may be the hoses on eather side of the inter cooler they burst cousing turbo loss.
  • johnfrenchjohnfrench Member Posts: 1
    I noticed this problem a few weeks ago up at abouty 7500 feet and attributed it to altitude. Today it did it on the freeway at sea level and I took it to the dealer in Irvine, and so I hope they can figure it out. Just what was the issue with yours, and did they know how to fix it?The dealer also told me that Mercedes has taken over responsibility for Sprinter warranty issues.
  • autocosmedicautocosmedic Member Posts: 3
    The initial limp mode problem was caused by a crack in the turbo hase. Some super glue and monster duct tape fixed it for a year, then I had to replace the $95.00 hose. The second limp mode problem was caused by a blown-out resonator. I replaced the blown-out resonator with the aluminum one made by Riordan. My Sprinter has never ran better! At least the resonator problem is fixed; hopefully for good!
  • jimf36jimf36 Member Posts: 3
    The MAP pressure is good 29.5 The turbo resnator and intercooler hose's are good .It was put on a smoke test and passed.I did notice the EGR valve humming which never did before.It is has a $597.00 list price.WOW!If I disconnect the EGR valve it seems to run fine.iIf I hook it back up it gives me code P0299 and goes back to limp mode.If I clear code it runs good for about 1 mile and goes back to limp mode.The EGR valve gets its information from the mass flow and the charge air pressure sensors could one of this be my problem .The EGR valve is s humming can they be taken apart and cleaned .I havve never worked on aEGR valve before.I would appericate any input .Thanks
  • fmsorlandofmsorlando Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with a 2008 Sprinter, looking for an Aluminum Resonator, but have found nothing. Could you let me know where I could get it?
    Thank you
    Fred's Mobile Service
  • autocosmedicautocosmedic Member Posts: 3
    Fred........the website for the aluminum turbo resonator is You will need to ask them about a replacement resonator for the '08. Also be sure to check your turbo charger hose. I had a very small hairline crack in mine and it caused me to loose power. I had to squeeze the hose to see the crack. I temporarily fixed it with super glue and Gorilla tape and eventually bought a new $95 hose. Good luck!

    I have driven 35,000 miles since replacing the plastic resonator on my 2005 Sprinter and it has performed flawlessly. I am also getting 24-26 mpg. Every 5 or 6 tanks of diesel I add a bottle of Lucas gas treatment. Seems to really help the mileage and the performance. When the Sprinter is good, it is great. But when it is bad, you want to go shoot it........
  • k4wcbk4wcb Member Posts: 1
    Jim, how do you unhook the EGR valve? My van is in the shop now and my mechanic said the EGR might be the problem. I haven't got the time or money right now to replace it. If I can disconnect it and everything run ok, I may go that route for a while.
  • jimf36jimf36 Member Posts: 3
    I dissconnected the EGR valve connector it's on the side of the EGR valve and my ran fine , it gave me a different code but still ran good.I read that you can clean them with mopar #04318039ac rust penetrant and to use a new gasket #0510 4007 aa.I have bought both of these but haven't tried it yet.It's worth a try just not high on my list now. I would not recomend driving not hooked up for long I don't know what other damage that will cause.
  • twhitt860twhitt860 Member Posts: 2
    hi, have a 2006 2500 high top 158", been reading all the post, check engine light on, limped home, currently in shop, my question is we hear a humming,someone meantioned a humming egr valve, once you replaced with the new resonator did you still have humming from your egr valve or did you replace it,
  • jimf36jimf36 Member Posts: 3
    MY 2006 the EGR valve was humming .If you unplug it it you can be sure it's the egr because the humming will stop. My resonator was not bad .I had it on a smoke test and also removed it and epoxied it at the seam for piece of mind.Mine system passed the smoke test.There's a couple sensors that can affect the egr valve.A new egr valve is over $450 just for the valve. I'm told you can clean the egr sometimes and it will work.I bought a gasket and cleaner ,but got buzy at work. Hope to get back to it soon.Please post your out come. Thanks
  • twhitt860twhitt860 Member Posts: 2
    hi, just got back my sprinter, it too is a 2006, it threw codes of P5025,P2359, they replace fuel cap, changed charge hose assembly,new intake pressure sensor and air temp sensor, it running with power but am testing it over the weekend with hills to see if it throws any codes,check engine light is off presently, but still have that humming,beginning of the week transmission is due for a flush has 162,000 miles all open road driving,
  • osahhiawattaosahhiawatta Member Posts: 2
    I have a problem with my 2006 Sprinter 3500. it died on me without warning and l had to be pushed of a ferry.The power connection to the Mass Air Flow Sensor had to be unplugged before l could start it. When the connection is in it will crank but will not start. l have had the Mass Air Flow Sensor, Oxygen Sensor, Resonator, Turbo, EGR Valve and all 5 injectors replaced, problem remains. With the connection removed it starts immediately and drives but with poor performance, no power and smokes a bit. it can barely go up any hills. Please help me. lt has been almost 3 months and it is my main source for work.
    thank you
  • catalyt1ccatalyt1c Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 dodge sprinter cargo van. while driving it losses power, when shut the engine off and restart it get going normal. I am puzzled as why this is happening? I read all of your comments and if i apply all of your suggestions it will be very costly. I need an expert opinion as what to do to fix my 05 dodge sprinter, is it the swirl valve actuator the EGR valve, DPF, MAF sensor? what would you wonderful folks suggest i should do to get my truck back to work? please advise
  • romaneyromaney Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 Sprinter 2500 2.7L that I purchased used at 114,000 miles. I noticed after I drove it 1,000 miles that it had a power loss so shut it off and restarted with no issue for a while. Had the turbo resinator eliminator replaced with a factory issued one but still had the same problem occasionally. Before driving it from Colorado to Baja, Mexico had the part replaced again with the Riordan Co. aluminum aftermarket one. After driving to Baja and most of the way back had the power loss one more time close to the border. Then went home, shut it off and didn't drive it for a month. Left home to go to Utah camping and had low power loss and high power loss for 200 miles straight; shutting it off did not correct problem. Mac Daddys in Grand Junction looked at it, ran a smoke test which it passed with flying colors, and declared that I needed a new turbo. Kept driving it in G J for a few days while waiting for the part with absolutely no issue again. Ultimately did not get the turbo as the gaskets did not show up with the turbo and they could not reschedule for a while. Took it to Denver to the German Auto shop I usually have work on it and they told me it is not the turbo. They replaced the PVC (ERG) valve and that took away some of the codes it had been throwing, drove it 180 miles and had power loss once at about 150 miles. Took it back to Denver and they replaced the Turbo Booster and it wouldn't throw any codes, but power loss within 10 miles of their shop and then again at 100 miles from their shop. Am at my wit's end trying to get my vehicle to run smoothly. Any advice will be welcome. Oh yeah, had power loss one more time when I had driven it again 150 miles, but shut off and it cleared each of the succeeding times since trip to GJ.
  • romaneyromaney Member Posts: 2
    Replacing the fuel filter tomorrow to see if that corrects the power loss.
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