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Suzuki SX4 winter wipers

technoblue2007technoblue2007 Member Posts: 3
edited June 2014 in Suzuki
I have a Techno Blue 2007 SX-4. I've had it since last spring and love it. We recently got some bad winter weather forecasts, so I went to buy some winter wipers for increased performance in snow/icy weather. With 2 stops I was able to find some ansco winter blades for $5.88 each. But when I got to the rear window blade it was a whole new type of blade to wiper arm connection + it is a very SMALL (9-10"?) blade. None of the stores seem to carry this size. I'm sure the dealer sells them, but it would still be an open style (summer) blade style and also freeze up.
It freezes up pretty easy & then misses most of the top of the rear window. I park it in the open weather. Does anyone know if you can buy rear wiper covers like they use at drive through car-wash places? Tonight I turned my car off with the rear blade in an upright position (instead of turned off & in a horizontal position) hoping overnight snow accumulations won't get into the blade & freeze. Anyone have suggestions on ways to keep this blade from freezing up so badly or where to get wiper covers?


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    squirteesquirtee Member Posts: 15
    I just recently bought an '08 black SX4 and love it. The only thing I immediately changed was the front wiper blades--only I spent $20 + on them! Like you, I couldn't find the back blade and was told it was a factory item. And since we live in the snow belt, mine froze up on the first snow we had! I guess they were so busy making it all wheel drive, they forget the "little" things like the damn blades freezing up! But I still think its a great little car! :)
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    debricdebric Member Posts: 13
    The drivers side has a 26in and the passenger has a 14in OEM but the winter Amsoil one is 13 which works better as the OEM one sits on the edge of the windshield and the 13in doesn't works much better.
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    oldguyinmicholdguyinmich Member Posts: 2
    this subaru wiper (14") is a direct replacement for stock one (10")
    clears rear to top of glass
    rear wiper 86542ag080 (legacy)
    pd $14.99 at subi dealer
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    jeff618jeff618 Member Posts: 29
    The Suzuki SX4's 14" passenger side replacement windshield wiper blades are very hard to find in the newer-style "all-season," "all-weather" beam blades.

    After a ton of research, I found 'Trico NeoForm Beam Blades' (14" & 26"). Came with step-by-step, illustrated, removal and replacement instructions - easy install. Got them online.

    They do a good job keeping the windshield clean and they're really quiet. The kicker is they look great too.
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