Transmission choices and AWD Choices

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I'm shopping for an Impreza.
When one chooses transmissions (standard vs automatic) it changes the type of all wheel drive system. What are the relative merits of each AWD system?
1) The Continous AWD - viscous coupling that comes with the manual.
2) The Active All Wheel Drive - electronic transfer clutch that comes with the auto.
I guess the old reliable used on many models for many years was the viscous coupling.


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    Viscous- Advantages are that it strives to attain a 50/50 split F/R and always puts power to both axles at a 50/50 ratio until slippage occurs.

    Electronic- Advantages are a faster reaction time to change than the viscous, can vary power from 80/20 to 20/80 and depending on which EAT trans can start at 45/55 split or 80/20

    Really I wouldn't choose either an MT or AT based on the AWD portion, but more on if I wanted to drive an AT or an MT. On the non-turbo models I would go with AT if you are generally an AT driver. If you are getting a turbo model, then I would get an MT as you'll likely be let down by the performance of the engine coupled with an AT.

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    I agree with mike.

    Both AWD systems are effective.

    What do you prefer driving?
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