2008 Sport Suspension - on hold?

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We ordered a 2008 with sport suspension and have been waiting now for nearly 2 months. Our sales guy says that the sport suspension models have been and still are on hold. Does anyone know why? Are they trying to fix the clunking noise that I read about on this forum? Having trouble getting parts? Just curious if anyone knows more than I do. Thanks.


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    The clunking noise was due to bolts in the rear suspension (not being to specifications) there was a TSB on this.

    I am not sure why the Sports are on hold...my dealer told me that the Sports are hard to come by and that Acura is not producing as many. Coming from a Manufacturing plant myself...this could be due to:
    1. A design / manufacturing issue with the sport suspension (Active Damper) and Acura trying to minimize the Sports population.
    2. Acura is having part availability problems with the active damper (or the leather that comes with the Sports package).
    3. Acura is losing money on the Sports package.

    Of course, these are all guesses...but are the reasons why we minimize production for the machines we sell. As you know...any companies main goal is to make money...if there is demand for a product, the companies usually increase production, not limit it.
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    To add to this, I do think the Sport is by far the lowest demand MDX package. I think this because I have been shopping for leftover '07 MDX for the past few weeks. All the base and Tech packaged models quickly disappeared, but many dealers still have more than one '07 Sport model on their lots. Most people just aren't willing to pay the large premium to go from the Tech to the Sport. That's why I haven't pulled the trigger on a deal yet. Even deeply discounted due to being a leftover I'm still not sure I want to spend that much!
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    What a shame. I have the Sport and wouldn't buy anything else.
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    After reading reviews and the fact that my husband wants something with great handling (he's driving a Corvette), we selected the Sport version. I know our local dealer has a few '07 Sports, too, so perhaps it is due to wanting those to clear out before building more. I'm really anxious to get it... and wonder once they start mfg again how long that ship takes. : )
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    Has anyone heard of "Limited" ? Ever thought they are limited and first comes get the BEST. Sport RULES my friends, bottom line. Civic SI's are hard to come by esp. with NAVI, VERY "LIMITED" that word again......It's alway nice to have variety (base, tech, Sport). I wish I could have the top of line suit too ! Nice to look at though........
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    mandjb, I assume from your post you bought an '08 Sport that you're waiting for. Out of curiosity, why didn't you buy a leftover '07? Not the right color combos you were looking for?

    fabvsix, Sports are not that hard to come by or there wouldn't be '07's left on dealer lots. As I said in a previous post, while looking for an '07 leftover the base and Tech packages were quickly snapped up but the Sports are still available.
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    Because most want the MOMMIE SUV version (Base-yawn & Sport wanna be-Tech) and not a "sporty" version. As I said there are always "top of line" expensive Armani suits available because NOT everyone can AFFORD the BEST ! Mommie with kids has no interest in "anything" sport.......Limited for a limited group of consumers ! What amazes me however, these folks are the first to voice "I'm not paying the extra $2000.00 for the sport, but 2 months out they are replacing the Tech rims with aftermarket thousand dollar rims and tires........

    Now Did Acura's dealership properly sell or advertise the "Sport" model, HECK NO. Acura Marketing sucks ! No badge to distinguish the sport from the tech, other than the sport rims. I know plenty of buyers swapping out their Tech rims for Sport rims.....POOR marketing by Acura.....
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    Skinnytony - After reading reviews and repair notices, etc. and knowing that usually you shouldn't buy the first year model... thinking that the '08 will have features/fixes that the '07 didn't we decided to buy the '08. I know the literature sounds the same, but isn't it true that there are likely some improvements, even if unseen, that have been made? If it's truly the same car, we would be better off trying to find the color combo we want, but is it 100% the same?
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    If the dealer has an '07 Sport you like find out what the build date is. If the build date is July or later you're probably safe assuming most/all of the fixes have been incorporated. And if you can save $2.5-3k it's a slam dunk, particularly if you're planning to hold for more than 5 years.
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    Thanks! I live in CA so emissions are different than other states, but I know my dealer can trade with any other dealer in the state if there's one out there with our specs. I appreciate the build date ck. 5 years goes by fast in our house, so that's not a problem I really appreciate all the info sharing on this board.
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    I just talked to one of the dealer. He mentioned that the MDX sport suspension (active damping system) experienced locking problem. Thus the inventory for sport package is very low.

    I wonder if this issue is true. Or the salesman just wanted me to buy the car in their lot.

    Any comments would be appreciated. BTW, we really want the Sport package.

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    The inventory of Sports are lower but don't believe your salesman. If it was what he is saying then a recall would be occurring.
  • clemboclembo Member Posts: 253
    The inventory of Sports are lower but don't believe your salesman. If it was what he is saying then a recall would be occurring. Wait for the Sport in the color you want, it is a great car.
  • fabvsixfabvsix Member Posts: 5
    Your salesman is full of COW SNITZ OK. I belong to an exclusive MDX forurm that's been in existance for years now since the first gen MDX. NOT one mention of this on our forum, nor have I heard of such nonsense! I've had NO issues with mine since YTD. Sales people esp. now since the economy is in question, will TELL YOU ANYTHING TO SELL YOU WHAT THEY CURRENTLY HAVE ON THE LOT. Word of advise being a Hard core Honda fan, always buy the vehicle they CANNOT keep on the lot (SI, Sport model etc.....) because they are the most bang for the bucks and hold excellent value......Go to another stealership or fire your salesman and deal with the Sales manager!
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    Just got a quote on a '08 acura MDX (Sport/Ent package) but was told by the dealer that i would have to wait about 2 months for the wood grain steering option. does anyone know if there is actually a recall and what was the reason for the recall ?
  • zanmlzanml Member Posts: 6
    I got a quote on the same package with the wood steering wheel and shift knob. My dealer promised to deliver the car in 5 - 7 days. I'm going to finalize the paperwork within the next few days. I'll have to double check with him regarding the availability of these items.
  • mandjbmandjb Member Posts: 6
    I'm excited! We just heard from our dealer and supposedly we're FINALLY going to get our Sport 2008 at the end of February. We ordered it in October! They are in very short supply so when this shipment was released, our dealer had to grab the one I wanted from a shipment that was going to Chicago. I live in California. Now, I'm guessing it gets unloaded in Benicia and then put on a train/truck to Chicago. Apparently we have to wait for it to get to Chicago, and then they turn it around back to Seaside.

    I think the best answer/guess we heard was that there were 2007 Sport suspension models at dealers and they didn't want to bring over 2008s until the 2007s were gone. That makes sense considering the economy and our dollar's worth...

    I can't wait and hope it was worth it!
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    You do realize the MDXs are made in Canada, right? It would go to Chicago first and from there onto CA. I was able to get my Sport/Ent in two days (midwest). Are 08s Sports that scarce in CA or is your dealer unwilling to lcoate and ship one in for you? (Or maybe your color combo isn't a common one?)

    BTW, it is very much worth it!!
  • mandjbmandjb Member Posts: 6
    NO! I didn't know they were made in Canada. Duh! Makes sense then that it is coming through Chicago. If you read the thread from the beginning you'd learn my saga of trying to get an '08 Sport. They were on hold is what I was told, but never really told what the reason for the hold was. Speculation ranged from '07s on lot, so not wanting to bring in '08s to difficulty in getting some part. I don't care now, as long as I see it the end of Feb. I was particular on pkgs and color combo, so maybe the ones that were destined to CA didn't match up.

    Reading this forum reinforces our decision to buy the MDX Sport... sounds like it lives up to expectations. How rare is that?!
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Member Posts: 709
    So here is the question - is the sport package worth the extra $2k?
  • dms9dms9 Member Posts: 137
    Yes, absolutely, especially if you want the NAV. It really isn't that much more if you are going to buy the NAV anyhow. I drive mine in Comfort most of the time, but it still drives so much better than the standard one. Plus, you get better rims, better tires, better leather and the massive amount of plastic on the dash is reduced, replaced with much more substaintial feeling metal. It's a really neat system that coupled with the SH-AWD is really worth having. I don't understand why they don't sell more. Don't make a mistake, you must buy the Sport.
  • fabvsixfabvsix Member Posts: 5
    One reason they don't sell many is when Mommie and Daddie drop $45K plus they want Suvish rather than Sport/Spirited driving esp. when you have 2-3 kids in the back.......I'm single but like THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! GET THE SPORT AS IT RULES! Some will swear up and down they would never pay an extra $2 grand for that, but they are the first spending thousands on Fugly rims and tires....
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Member Posts: 710
    I third that opinion and agree with fabvsix about the fugly tires. The sport rims are much more attractive and clean up easier too. I also advocate for the ent. package as well. That auto tailgate comes in handy when you have a little one on one arm and a bag of groceries on the other. ;)
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