Nissan Sentra Tires and Wheels

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My TPMS light came on and now will not go off.

I have checked the tires and they have been aired accordingly (they were only at 31psi on all 4). They are in good condition since I have less than 2000 miles on the car fro when I bought it new.

I checked the manual and it says if I drive over 16mph the system will status check and the light goes off. Why isn't this happening? This condition has persisted for a couple of days since the tires were adjusted.


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    I have an 07' sentra, this is my first winter with it and I've expierenced some problems. My tire pressure light went on and stayed on for about a month and a half at one point, I of course check the tire pressure and it was fine. Next time I went in for an oil change the guy said i must have a faulty tire gauge. Well shortly there after I was driving and it started flashing for about 30 seconds then stayed on for a minute longer then went away. Its done that about 6 or so times now. I'm always checking my tires because I affraid the one time I blow it off with be the time I'm actually losing air. I've also had problems with my power steering and cd player through this winter. I don't know if these are all being affected by the cold weather or not but they're started to be annoying.
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    This is my first posting on any web site, so please be patient & kind. I have a 2006 Nissan Sentra. One of the younger members of my family was just run off the road and a pot hole/asphalt jag punctured the tire and substantially bent the rim. The outer rim measures 17" and I was told it was really 16". Today I replaced the rim, tomorrow the tires. An option that was told to me was that I can change from a 195 55 R16 to a 205 55 R16 with only a slight difference to the speedometer. It appears that this change would take me from a $115 ea: for a 40,000 mile Continental tire plus mount, balance, etc. Since I have found a sidewall plug in one of the non punctured tires, I obviously need to replace 2 tires @ $230.

    Final price @ $275.51.

    Other option is to change size to 205 55 R16: $87.50: 70,000 mile tire. I can replace 4 tires and keep one that will be converted into a full size spare because the spare looks like a bicycle tire.Total out: $432.12 plus extra rim for spare.

    I need input on whether these size changes matter, I need information on the heat rating on the car is different or matters. I want to make sure it does not void any warantee because this car is well within warantee and I can;t afford to mess that up.

    I want a good ride first, sport handling second. We are simple car owners that live on country roads with pot holes. We need durable & I prefer 50,000-75,000 mile ratings on tires I purchase.
    Should these tires be changed from original oem sizes?

    Flando is desperate & has been in car hell long enough!!
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    If you don't mind my asking,
    1) Do you have aluminum wheels?
    2) How much did you pay for a new wheel?
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    I was told they were aluminum. I have a six spoke 16 inch rim that I had to pay $170 (including tax) for a new rim. It was not new. It would have been about $20-30 more for new and I had to leave my existing bent rim (core charge) with them. I had limited time to research the rim since the spare was just shy of a bicycle tire. I feel like if I lived in Atlanta where there is a rim shop on every corner, I would have gotten a better price, but who knows. This was an expensive process. I did not change the size of the tires as I was told it may affect any transmission warranty. I think the tires were about $125 each for Original Equipment replacement. Let me know if I can give you further information
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