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xc90 jumping out of gear!

furr8080furr8080 Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Volvo
I bought a xc90 t6 awd '04. What a disaster! I took it in and complained it was jumping out of gear. They couldn't recreate the problem. This past August 2007, my baby was in the car and I put it in about 20-25 yards away (to remove my realtor sign) and my car jumped out of gear and reversed over a major road and hit a tree. I went chasing after it histerically and got my baby out after it crashed. Luckily, he was alive and well! I have fought volvo for months and no one can offer a logical reason. There is no way to exit a Volvo t6 while in reverse! I am scared to death of my car and want them to admit that '03 & '04's have tremendous transmission problems. I am not going to put my family at risk!


  • Our transmission slips while in park and the car rolls down the driveway
  • My '04 XC90's hesitates in drive from a stop and the jumps forward. Additionally, sometimes when I move the gears from park to drive the car clunks. My dealer has been completely ineffective. It's like there's an initiative to avoid doing any work on the transmissions until they're out of warranty. Why doesn't corporate realize there is a problem and recall this car?
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    I make it a practice to use the parking brake when I leave the car unattended, whether my car has a manual or an automatic tranny.

    Thank goodness your child was not hurt! I don't think it is wise to leave a child alone in a car with the engine running. It seems to me that the best practice would be to turn the ignition off and leave a couple of windows down a few inches, and take the key with you. It will not cause any significant extra wear on the car to shut the engine off and then restart it.

    In the 1950's (say 1957 or 1958) my mother had driven me and my brother, a toddler, over to a convenience store just off a very busy street. She parked straight-in on a significant upslope and put the tranny in park, but didn't set the parking brake, and went into the store. By brother was loose in the middle of the front bench passenger seat--no seat belts then! I was either beside him next to the door or in the back seat, I cannot remember. He grabbed the gear shift lever on the steering column in this Oldsmobile 98 and pulled it down, into neutral I guess, and the car began to roll backwards into the busy street. I could not get to the brake pedal. Luckily, a pedestrian was walking by on the sidewalk toward the driver's side, and he quickly open the driver's side front door, and either slid in or just stepped on the brake pedal before we rolled into the traffic. It could have been a tragedy
  • 04xc90dump04xc90dump Posts: 1
    I have had nothing but problems with my 04 as well. I guess I'm a little lucky as they did replace some part with my turbo when I complained about it hesitating when I would merge onto freeways and such. As far as I am concerned there is nothing good about this vehicle or Volvo itself. It has 53k on it now...just waiting for those transmission problems to develop. This is my first and will be my last Volvo. Certainly not what I had in mind when I bought it and the dealer and Customer Care are of no help as well. :mad:
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