Hyundai Vera Cruz vs. Lexus RX 350

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Don't waste your money drive and compare,the Limited top of the line car at $40,000 is a joke the Lexus RX350 will beat it for quality and they stand behind their cars not so Hyundai,so much for their 100,000 mile Warranty it's not worth the paper its written on!!!!!!!.


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    Spoken like a Toyota salesmen?

    BTW, You cant buy a $40,000 Veracruz no matter how hard you try.

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    5300 miles, 6 months of ownership. My Veracruz has been reliable, refined and enjoyable to drive. When I was shopping, there was at least a $7,000 savings on my loaded AWD Limited vs. a similarly featured RX350 and my final price wasn't anywhere close to $40K. There was absolutely nothing that could have convinced me to spend the extra money on a prestige brand.

    By the way, rottencar- the SUV in question is called a Veracruz, not a Vera Cruz. If you've had such a lousy ownership experience (assuming you actually own a Veracruz) why not simply get rid of it and buy your dream RX350?
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    +1 :P

    As you know, I had a stalling issue with my VC, just my luck! if I went out and bought a 350 for a whole wack of $$$ more, I would bet $ that I would have had an issue with it too!!! My luck hahaha!

    Just get the one you like and be happy...oh yeah, if you have problems/issues with it...don't tell anyone 'cause the RX is sooooo perfect ;)
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    Yes I'm stupid as far as English goes!,I'm also stupid for buying the car from Hell that they don't stand behind. 8,000 miles of grief with the Factory and the Calif. Lemon law.
    I bought the car cash out the door with everything you could get on the car,my wife is sick with terminal brain cancer I needed a good car for her hospital trips,what a mistake it has been in the dealers for 49 out of 191 days.I have had nothing but trouble trying to get them to fix the car I'm 11 months into my wife's illness and I don't have a lot of spare time, so I get a little angry at people who make mean comments!.
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    I don't think anyone here is stupid. Everyone has their opinions, some should be kept to themselves so as not to hurt others. The Veracruz is a great car as I am sure the 350 is. Mr rottencar you should direct your energy to helping your wife through her troubled times and let the other things work themselves out as I am sure they eventually will, even if it means eventually finding yourself in a different car.
    Good bless to all, and have a safe holiday season
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    I have had my Veracruz Limited FWD for 4 months and have put 6600 miles on it. I couldn't be happier. The quality is top notch. I have had absolutely no problems with it so far. It is just a great vehicle.

    I'm sure the RX 350 is a fine car but anyone interested in a 7 passenger crossover SUV should at least drive the Veracruz and compare it with any other crossover SUV. I was pleasently surprised and I'm sure you would be also. To me, the Lexus is an inferior car, in part because it is an older design than the Veracruz and is just a five passenger vehicle.

    My advice is - try it, you may just like it.
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    I made the mistake of purchasing a new RX from Lexus. Since I had owned other Lexus in the past I felt it would be at least adequate. Unfortunately I was wrong. I kept the car a year and sold it. It is basically a Highlander. The main problem I had was the relatively short wheelbase and noisy ride. I don't cheap my rides, but what a mistake I made. I bought the new GS and it was a wise decision.

    My wife needed a car last summer so I surprised her with a new Santa Fe. WOW! Everything the Lexus was not, plus the best warranty in the business. I knew from previous experience with a Tucson that Hyundai stands 100% behind their cars.

    Now I am in the market to replace another lemon (2005 Nissan Titan). With barely 30000 miles I am having lots of little but expensive problems. Sooooo time to go back to Hyundai. I took a test drive in the Veracruz Ltd today. I was ready to write a check, but need to wait until my need for the truck is done - another couple of months. For the price and quality and warranty and standard safety features they have my vote and money. A white 2wd Veracruz is mine.
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    Our '07 Veracruz LTD AWD turns 1yr old in early June. We're just about to hit 10,000 miles. The vehicle has not been back to the dealer since we bought it (I did my own oil change). Other than a couple of minor cosmetic issues, the Veracruz has been perfect. What a serene vehicle to drive. I just purchased a top of the line '08 Accord V6. The Accord seems almost crude in the powertrain department vs. the Veracruz. The Japanese-sourced 6sp. automatic is the smoothest shifting automatic I've ever owned. This is my first Hyundai. It probably won't be my last.
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    the logo tells you what kind of car is it not who you are???
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    If the Lexus is so inferior to the Hyundai, then why are there, on a ratio of three to one, more Lexus RX's on the road than the Hyundai???? Keep in mind the Hyundai has been out now for close to a year??
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    I live in Alberta,, MONEY ABOUNDS,, every yuppie wants a BMW or LEXUS!! If you need a 1/2 ton truck you get a 1 ton ford F350 4X4 diesel, just to go get milk.I'm retired and had a 2004 Santefe but found it too small, Veracruz is just right ,, BUT,, I didn't want to pay an extra $20 grand for a name plate. Every man and his dog here works in the oil patch and makes $200,000 a year,,, NEED BIG NAME CARS,, BIG TRUCKS!!! If Kenworth made pickups Alberta would be prime market area. Not that Lexus is not probably better finished,, but for the price difference?? I don't need the prestige.
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    Yeah agreed.

    In VA here I used to count dozens of RX350's each day as I commuted to work. Thing is it had nothing to do with how "wonderful" or not the Lexus is, it was all about status.

    These same people are/were living in the million plus per home neighborhoods.

    I wondered for years how so many people could afford the pricey home and pricey car and now with how the economy is playing out I see they can't. Home prices are plummeting here and the Lexus count is going way down each week. I suppose they are turning in their cars and ending their leases hand over fist.
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    RX350 is a lazy and safe choice. Most buyers have never heard of Veracruz.

    However, some will never buy a Hyundai before it costs an arm and a leg, and there are more of them in MB buyers than Lexus ones.

    Wonder whether the super bowl ad would feature Veracruz in addition to Genesis...
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    Ultimately, that is the reason I have the VC. I couldnt see paying an extra $10,000 for a rebadged Toyota. Occasionally I will see what I think is a Camry, only to find out its a Lexus. Then I coast by on battery in my Camry Hybrid and laugh, "Nice Toyota"! I see a lot of RX models out there, the similarities between the VC and RX is uncanny, you can see Hyundai was going directly for that market. If it wasn't for the down turn of the economy, once word got out about the VC, the sales would have gone up. Just bad timing for Hyundai.

    What is funny, here where I work, someone had an RX300, and when I got my VC, I would park it next to it, and it made the RX look shabby. I noticed they no longer drive it to work, but drive a Hyundai car instead. :P
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    yes I did something similar with an RX350. Even took a few photos.

    Almost identical vehicles.
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