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Mazda CX-9 Audio, iPod, Bluetooth, MP3, AUX questions



  • Just purchased a beautiful 07 with blue tooth. Was able to pair phone, identify primer user, but can't enter my phone numbers. Prompts say I need the use the correct phrases to do this and my owner's manual, which discusses other information re: BT, does not mention a thing about phrases needed to enter phone numbers into address phone.

    Where can one find this information? I'd like to be able to just say "Call" and state the person's name. At this point in time, I can only say "dial" and try to remember everyone's number. That's a challenge. The brain gets lazy after so many years of just telling your phone to call someone by name.

    Thanks for any info on this topic.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    If I remember it correctly, the "phonebook entry" is the last one on the main manu.
    Just follow the voice prompt. With all my contacts, I only say
    "Call John", it repeats "Call John. Is this correct?" and you answer "yes/no".
  • Wrong. It can. I have an '09 CX9 GT AWD w/ NAVI. I just did all this! Once you're signed up for the Best of XM, you have to reset Sirius. I looked online and found the solution. You have to open the fuse box in engine area (it's above the left wheel). Engine off. Look for the fuse labeled ROOM. Remove it with the fuse puller in fuse box. Leave it out for about 15 mins. Plug fuse back in. Sirius will rest itself when you turn on engine. You will have to set all you favorite channels again, so write them down before you remove the fuse. Also, make sure you have a clear view to the sky.
  • not sure if the 09 BT is the same as the 07 BT but in the 09 manual it lists all the phrases that are used to 'train' the system...the 3 most important I saw are 'dial' (a number you give it), 'call' (a phone book entry), and 'setup'. Go up on the mazda site and download the 09 owners has an extensive BT section in it.
  • Found this via the Mazda website for voice training BT on the 07

    After user voice registration is completed,
    voice guidance “Speaker enrollment is
    complete, returning to main menu” is
    14 (888) 555-1212
    15 0123456789
    16 55 66 77 88 99
    17 44 33 22 11 00
    18 Call 293-5804
    19 Call *350
    20 Call 1 (234) 567-8901
    21 Dial 639-1542
    22 Dial #780
    23 Dial (987) 654-3210
    24 1058# 3794# Send
    25 27643# 4321# Send
    26 Cancel
    27 Continue
    28 Emergency
    29 Erase All
    30 Help
    31 Home, Work, Mobile,
    32 List Names
    33 No
    34 Phonebook: Delete
    35 Phonebook: New Entry
    36 Previous
    37 Phonebook: Erase All
    38 Redial
    39 Retrain
    40 Setup Confirmation
    41 Setup Language
    42 Setup Pairing Options
    43 Pair A Phone
    44 Transfer Call
    45 Yes
    ▼ DTMF (dual tone multi-frequency
    signal) transmission
    This function is used when transmitting
    DTMF via the user's voice. The receiver
    of a DTMF transmission is generally a
    home telephone answering machine or a
    company's automated guidance call
  • jcpharm -

    thank you, it worked. dial tone/ring volume and call conversation volume are a few clicks off, no big deal.

  • Hi
    I have a 2010 Touring CX9. I've paired my Motorola RAZR V3 successfully but actually having some problem using the BT feature. When making a call, I am able to hear the other party thru the car's speakers but they are not able to hear me. What might be the issue ?

    Similarly when I get a call, the touchscreen shows the correct incoming number but when I pickup the call, I don't hear the person at the other end of the line.

    Is there a setting I'm missing or is it possible that the version of BT on the car is not supported by my phone (I doubt it though because with version issues I would not have been able to hear the othe person when I make a call)

    Any help is appreciated.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    I had a Moto V3xx from ATT a year ago.
    It worked perfectly with my 2008 CX9.

    For BT, one needs to identify first which party is at fault.
    Step #1, borrow another phone with BT to pair and try. If same problem, then, the problem lies likely on CX9's BT. If not, it is in your phone. Either way, you know where to go for fixes.
  • Actually my BT works fine now both incoming and outgoing, without my doing any further tweaking. Once or twice the call dropped but of course that could be due to weak signals in the area I was passing through.
  • Has anyone experienced any issues with listening to iPod/MP3 player via AUX i/p ? Does it work "out of the box" simply via the 1/8 inch mini stereo plug or are any tweaks/additional equipment needed ?

  • Just plug your mini stereo cable to the AUX inlet inside the armrest and you iPod (MP3 player) and select MEDIA on your radio and voila!!

    Do not charge your MP3 player at the same time that you are playing it, because you will experience an annoying engine noise interference...its a known problem and Mazda's solution was to simply not charge and play at the same time..go figure!
  • thanks vg33e. Worked like a charm, sounds great. But I think Mazda definitely needs to offer a better solution for future CX9s - i.e play and charge at the same time. My iPod Touch lasts several hours before needing a re-charge but with older MP3 players it might be an issue.
  • there are dock connecting/chargers/AUX input accessories from third-parties out there by belkin, kensington, etc. at least for ipod/iphones that serve that purpose. a quick search on will get you 20-30 options.
  • Folks -I'm hoping someone out there can help me with a strange problem I'm having with Bluetooth hands free calling.
    1) When making a call I say "Dial" (or "Call" and say a name from the phonebook) and speak a number.
    2) The voice prompt repeats the number and then asks me to press the "pickup" button to start dialling.
    3) After pressing the pickup button the display screen shows "Dialling" but after that I don't hear the called person's phone ringing, although the call is going through. I know that the call is going through from just looking at my cell phone screen.
    4) Then when the called person picks up the phone my BT display screen goes blank and the other person cannot hear me and I cannot hear the other person.

    Note: There is no problem with making a call if you actually dial the digits from the cellphone. The called person's ringing phone is heard on the car's speakers and when the called person picks up, the conversation proceeds without any issues.

    Anyone experienced anything similar ?

  • Mazda customer service replied via email that a soft reset of the cell phone might help. I hardly think that is the solution but will give it a try
  • Even stranger still: in my case, I have an '08 Touring. I had no engine noise when charging and playing when I first got the vehicle. There was a TSB last year concerning a "coil harness" in the armrest power socket. I had this TBS fixed, and NOW I get the feedback/noise when charging and playing! Sometimes, it pays to leave things alone I guess....So now I just use play.
  • Ceric,
    I think the problem is with my Motorola Razr V3. I paired my wife's Nokia 6133 and it has no issues with incoming and outgoing calls. Not sure what is the issue with the Razr. Will try talking to the service provider(T-Mobile)
  • The problem does not seem to be with the car's BT system because when I paired another phone (Nokia 6133) everything works fine. Called T Mobile and they asked me to do a factory reset on the Razr V3. Maybe I should just chuck my V3 and get an iPhone.
  • Hi,I am looking to purchase a 2010 GT CX-9 w/bk-up camera.Does the IMC pkg include ICD pkg w/rearview camera.Will the camera screen show through the information dash unit like it does w/ NV3 navi pkg. or only in rearview mirror? If only in the rearview mirror,do any of you have this system .Can you tell me about it? I'm not interested in getting the navi pkg. and would like to know if the rearview system shows a broad enough view behind the car to help in parallel parking.I'm looking to purchase car soon and need to know before I search for Dealer quotes.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    If you have NAVI system, it is displayed in the screen.
    If you don't, it is displayed in the rearview mirror.
  • You don't * have * to get navigation to have the backup camera display on the screen. Just get the Bose/Moonroof (1MC) package, because it includes 1CD

    1CD = 6-disc CD changer; 4.3" full color LCD audio display with rearview camera.
    What the camera sees is displayed on the 4.3" screen and not on the rearview mirror.
  • I have been wondering exactly the same thing. The dealer kept on telling me the camera was standard on the GT but I saw it in the options list. What the dealer meant was that with the Moonroof/Bose package it is std (and comes in the screen where the radio info is displayed normally - the 4.3" screen). Mystery solved - thanks buyer101!
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    I stand corrected.
    I think this is new for 2010 that I was not aware of.

    Apparently, there are three kinds of setups for backview camera now.
    - on 7" with NAVI (but get 1-CD, not 6-CD changer)
    - on 4.3" MID
    - on rearview mirror
  • You're welcome jonathan. Good luck with your purchase and enjoy your CX9.
  • That's right ceric
  • hdroadking,
    1MC includes ICD so you get the 4.3" display screen where the camera view is displayed.

    I've found the rearview camera most useful for backing into parking spots that have an obstacle at the end like a tree or a wall. It helps in parallel parking also because the 2 green lines on the screen which are essentially the left and right sides of the car help in aligning against the kerb. The red line at the bottom of the screen acts as an indicator to tell you when to stop backing up. The way they've designed it is if you have a fence at the rear of your vehicle, you can backup till the red line on the screen "touches" the fence. This does not mean you have hit the fence. It means you should stop backing up as further backing up puts you in danger of hitting the fence
  • How can I go about connecting an ipod directly to the navigation/media center? I don't want to use the AUX, but instead would like to have the folders, etc show up on the screen.

  • I have a 2009 CX9 Touring. While the radio has a button for SAT, the car did not come with satellite radio. I recently asked the parts dept. how much it would cost to equip the car for SAT. I was told that the parts would be over $300 (labor extra). This seems very high. I would like to use my factory radio to receive SAT. Any thoughts? I would prefer not to have an extra tuner (Best Buy around $140 for Sirrus).
  • swav_aswav_a Posts: 1

    Do you mean to say that the Nav only has a single CD? I was told yesterday by the dealer that the Nav still has a CD changer, but I'm getting the car (2010) from another dealer so haven't put hands or eyes on target yet.

    Please advise!
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    I was saying that, you should make sure of that.
    It was the case for 2009 model. I can't find any similar reference for 2010.
    There were 2009 owners who were surprised by this.
    The reason is that, Mazda moved the NAVI unit from back in the trunk to the center dash for 2009 model. This box occupies the same space where the CD-changer was. Therefore, it was reduced to a single CD player with NAVI system.

    Don't know if there has been any change on this subject for 2010.
    Just make sure what you are getting, .... and, don't take your salesman's words for it. Do more research and ask your salesman to put it in writing...
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