2008 Nissan Rogue - adequate legroom

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Okay -

You're 6' or taller. Your better half is driving and, for whatever reason, you end up sitting in the back.

Enough legroom after 1 hour? Wishing you were back up front (better half's driving skills taken *out* of the equation).

I ask because the Rogue specs a full 3" less rear legroom than a CR-V or RAV4, and assuming we keep our next vehicle 5 or more years (our Forester lasted 8), I want my son (who I suspect will be taller than me) to be comfortable.


- Richard


  • bpizzutibpizzuti Member Posts: 2,743
    I dunno about an hour, but when I test-drove one, and I'm 6' myself. I made it a point to sit in the driver-side rear seat with the front one adjusted for me, and my knees didn't even touch the back of the front seat. It's pretty comfortable back there for an adult.
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    I am 6 ft tall and 300 lbs. I work out of my vehicle and drive 300+ miles a week. My Nissan Rogue is very comfortable and a pleasure to drive.

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    I'm 6' 2" and my son is 5' 10" he sits behind my seat with no issues... it's close but he has an inch or two of knee space. He also slouches down in the seat. :-) I had it back for my driving and got in... my knees did touch, but I could easily do an hour+ back there. when my wife drives I easily fit in the back seat as she's not as tall and the seat is up a bit more. Overall I see no issues with room for passengers in the backseat. I am extremely happy with my SL AWD.
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