Mazda MPV Brake Issues

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Hello, wife and I bought a 1997 Mazda MVP 4 wheel drive with lockers a few months ago.

My issue is a high speed viberation on one side (passenger only) when the brake is appled.

Caliper rotor and pads are all new. (as a Landcruiser tech) I knew to torque the rims down (80 pound I used on this one) Rims are not bent and the tire pressure is fine.

Axle nut is fine (actually the 4 wheel drive works flawless).
So my question is am I looking at a ABS problem? (No dash lights are on)

Thank you Chris


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    I had the same problem with mine. I had an alignment check and it was fine. I then replaced the front end bushings and retorqued the nuts at the top of the struts. Worn bushings appeared to be the problem for me. No more shakes on mine.
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    I have an 06 MPV and had new Michelin's put on (Dunlops wear out fast). The tire tech looked at my breaks for me and said that my rear breaks were almost done, but my fronts were fine. Odd? Since when do rear breaks wear out faster than fronts. Then I wondered. My van is equipped with Traction Control. By default it is engaged. Does that have anything to do with it? :confuse:
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    TCS should not have anything to do with the wear on your rear brakes. Possibilities are the emergency/parking brake is not adjusted right and wearing the rear brakes, or the calipers are sticking.

    However, I'd get a second opinion. Plus, usually you'll hear the scraping/wear indicators when they're really gone.

    If you're under warranty still, I'd have Mazda look at it if it is a caliper issue.

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