Any GOOD Kia Sedona Experiences?

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I am looking to upgrade from my Dodge Caravan (which has been dependable, but safety ratings aren't that great and it handles horribly in the winter, not to mention it is slow) to a 2006 or 2007 Sedona. I had a '97 Kia Sephia back in the day and it was in and out of the dealership ALL THE TIME. I couldn't file for the Lemon Law because unfortunately no problem occurred more than twice! - Anyways, I hear that Kia has come pretty far over the years and am considering the Sedona mainly because of the fantastic safety ratings and very affordable for the features it has. SO... Any GOOD experiences with a 2006+ Sedona???? Or should I stick to looking at the Sienna and Odysseys?


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    I currently own a 2006 Sedona with 17,650 miles and no major problems. I purchased the vehicle in may of 2006. I'm 60 years old and I can say this is the most comfortable van I've ever driven. Plenty of power, smooth shifts 17 inch tires. One other important thing, was rear ended by a drunk, he did $4200.00 damage to my vehicle. I had had 3 adults and two children with me. The head rest are special (didn't know that), not one person was enjured. I drove the vehicle home another 100 miles. Will buy another Sedona if this one wears out. This vehicle has the same consumer ratings as the Odyssey. I did have one minor problem with the passanger door lock but they changed it right away. Hope this information helps.
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    Have an early production 2006 with about 20,000 miles. Several concerns which were identified by KIA as well as myself were immediately and adequately fixed. Van is my favorite to drive and has been great as far as quality goes. On the road mileage is good but short trips in town (wife works less than a mile from home) kill economy, especially in the winter. Funny but gets as good or better mileage at 75-80 mph as it gets at 60.

    George in Wisconsin.
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    I got a 2007 SWB sedona about 4 months ago. I've driven it 5000 miles. I am extremely pleased with it so far.

    I've been on 3 long distance trips with all different passengers. Everyone has commented on how comfortable, quiet and smooth riding it is. It has plenty of power
    for interstate driving, merging and passing. I love the smooth shifting & handling.

    The A/C and heat both work well, front & rear. I haven't had any issues or problems with the van.

    Gas mileage is a combined 21.5 mpg (city/rural/highway). When driving strictly highway, I have gotten over 25 mpg. The mileage is getting better as I learn the gas pedal & try to keep the rpm's down.

    Would I buy it again, yes. Would I recommend it to a friend, yes.
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    I've had my Sedona for 6 months now and it has been great. Lots of low end power and decent economy. It is geared very well in my opinion, good transmission. I drive mine in Puerto Rico and with all its hills and rough roads and the van does great.

    I added some xenon head lamps for a few hundred and a few other things to free up my intake air flow and the van is a lot of fun. 253 torque is the key.
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    Thanks everyone for your opinions! I also live in a town with many big hills and twists and turns, so it's nice to hear it handles so well. I have researched it a lot and have come up with so many mixed reviews but I also know that people tend to complain more than they praise. I am going to the dealership on Saturday and hope to come away with a good deal and happy with my decision!!
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    very happy with my 06 bought it new in Oct.06 and have 14xxx miles on it . Its not my daily driver just for vacations, fishing andsome times just because I like driving it. Oh and I pull a boat with it.I put snow tire on it and used it today to go to work and it goes really well in the snow.
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    Stay away from the Sedona, and spend the extra bucks on the Toyota or Honda. It will save you money in the long run!
  • fedupkiaownerfedupkiaowner Member Posts: 4
    Bad dealers on the northside -- won't be bothered unless you are paying them extra, so what good is the warranty?
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Member Posts: 312
    Were talking about the new Sedona not a 2004. I am sure this person is not interested in buying a 2004 Sedona which is nothing like the 06+.
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    I'm intrested in your comment about pulling a boat. Where did you get your hitch and did you need to do anything to the Sedona. Finally what size boat can be pulled.

    any information would be helpful and thanks in advance.

  • fishbreathfishbreath Member Posts: 58
    The hitch is a Valley hitch BUT DON'T buy an after marked wiring harness after 2 different harness I called the stealer and they said I had to get a harness from Kia it has relays for something in the wiring. So I had them put it on so not to screw up the wiring if they screw up the wiring thay would have to fix it.
    I pull a 14' fiberglass fishing boat the weight is just over 1000 lbs. Plenty of power and no problem with the brakes. I hope I helped you out.
  • wastntimewastntime Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for the information, It's very hellpful, I'll call my dealer and have them install the wiring harness. Maybe I'll see you on a lake in PA someday.
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    I had an early production 2006 Kia sedona LX (22K miles) and Several concerns as well which were identified by KIA as myself were immediately and promptly fixed. I had a major crash, almost got killed and nobody inside of my van(3 people), including one guy not wearing a zip belt were injured, we got completely intact speaking literally, my car was useless and paramedics didn't believe we were safe with not even a scratch. Maybe it was a miracle maybe it was KIA's safest car ever.
    Now I got another early production 2006 Kia sedona LX (7K miles only, I've never learned) and got some cosmetic(minor) issues with it(couple of sensors causing a noise at startup and other causing a ESC light on permanently, they were easily fixed by my dealership. Now it's riding as a baby, great car, great features, smooth and fun to drive, regarding gas mileage which could be better, not great, not bad, just average. Great performance on a 3.8 V6 and pretty good interior design.
    I would definitely buy another one when this one wears out.
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    I wish I hadn't. Seriously, drive by the lot and go to a different maker. I am having nothing but problems... hired a lawyer, he tells me Kia is the worse company to deal with. They are cheap and don't care to settle problems. My mother has had several issues with her kia. Really don't get yourself into a bad situation like me.
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    Just to make sure this thread gets an update since some folks can't read that this is about good experiences, We've just went over 367 days with our Sedona.

    Pleased to report that the 1st new car we've owned in 15 years is doing great. I'm truly sorry to read in the other Sedona threads about folks having vehicle issues and piss-poor support from dealers. We've been lucky I guess knocking on wood and the van has been no problem. My wife is the primary driver and I get to use it on the the occasional weekend to do some errand running, so I can make 'newer' observations on it's performance.

    Just a hair under 10k total miles (it's primarily used for her daily 18 mile roundtrip commute to work) with 3 oil changes so far. We have yet to take it on an extended trip (farthest was a 425 round trip) but we'll use it for a trip out West later this year. Average MPG has been 16.3 city and 24.6 hwy @ 75-85 mph. I check tire pressure and fluid levels bi-weekly and somehow am responsible for cleaning the interior and exterior of the dang thing! :confuse:

    Only issue has been a CEL that came on in November of 2007. Brought to dealer who replaced an O2 sensor under warrenty and picked up at lunch on the same day. Power sliding doors have popped open after closing only twice so far and last time was over six months ago with no repeat yet. Any squeaks or rattles have been covered up by the noisy fighting kids in the back or my blasting of the Big 80's on the Sirrius stereo as I drive. No issues with any wheel vibrations or brake pulsing problems I've read about on other threads.

    All in all just satisfied with our purchase of the Sedona. Hope others can chime as well...
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    One thing I noticed is that you can visit the message boards of pretty much any vehicle and find people who had a terrible experience. It depends on the day the car was made, who made the parts, etc. You could probably buy a brand new Mercedes and have it break down if the quality control person was fighting a hangover on the day the car was made.

    That said...we got a new 2004 Sedona LX 4 years ago and had no huge problems. Had a few problems with the door but my husband fixed it himself. Had a few problems with the plastic under the seat breaking...and a few various and assorted other things but all said and done, for the cheapest minivan on the lot and base package, I didn't see that it was too bad. (Even though had we done more homework, we could have gotten a better deal and our trade in wouldn't have been a little upended like it was) Just recently it started having a tire hum. The company isn't super great about getting certain repairs done promptly, and they don't offer temporary replacement vehicles or anything... but they aren't horrible, and they do always honor their warranty.

    We regretted not getting a luggage rack though so now with four kids we noticed the 2007's were going for good prices. This time did our homework and walked away with a 2007 EX with luxury package and dvd...demo car with 1500 miles for an amazing price. Only had it for two days, LOL, but surely if the 2004 was okay for four years, the 2007 will be even better. We'll see! Our 2004 never in four years broke down or had us stranded so any problem we did have was petty.

    There are alot of great reviews online for the Kia, so I'm not too worried about the bad ones because every make and model probably has some :lemon: , you just have to hope you get one of the good ones no matter what kind you buy! Also we are going to play around with the types of gasoline too, as Kia recommends premium grade gas. We usually get the cheap stuff but we are going to do the math and see how it works out to buy the premium.

    Speaking of gas mileage...I found a "best and worse gas mileage minivans" thing online and the span between the best and the worst was a whole two miles! So basically every minivan has stinky gas mileage...which is, I suppose, to be expected!

    Kia is definitely making the competition have a run for their money. Its a GREAT option for those on a budget, and the vehicle is pretty much just as good as any other minivan...subject to problems just like the other minivans, but on the other hand just as good.
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    I've put about 7000 miles on my 07 Sedona since last August.
    The only thing I've had the dealer do was change the oil before a recent 600 mile road trip.

    The mileage is consistently 18mpg around town and can deliver 24mpg on a lightly loaded highway trip. Sure, I'd like better, but it's a Van, not an economy sedan.

    Flexible seating allows toting around a double string bass, or emptying out a college apartment without removing any seats from the van. That's something the 98 Caravan that got replaced couldn't do. You had to decide what seats you wanted/needed on a trip, and you were stuck with that decision once you left home.

    The cruise control is reliable on hilly terrain. The split climate control keeps my wife and I both comfortable. The sport shift is convenient for long downhill grades.

    I like the night visibility. Those grill mounted searchlights outperform the murky headlights I endured for 10 years with the Caravan.
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    After much research and comparison (Toyota, Honda, Mazda), I purchased a new KIA Sedona Ex. You are not going to find a better minivan for the money. According to JD powers the new Sedona'a scored higher in quality than the Honda Odyssey. Initially, I was going to buy a Honda Odyssey. I own a Honda civic and love honda products however, the Kia Sedona offers better value for the dollar. For the same price as a base model Honda I got full leather, heated seats, DVD w/wireless head phones, upgraded stereo system, power doors, alloys, roof rack, sunroof every option under the sun for under $24000. There were great incentives through KIA on 07 models. But for me the number one reason was the high safety ratings along with a 10 year warranty. You might argue that the resale value is poor on the KIA. My response is if the same equipt Honda Van is going to cost you 8000 dollars more up front, who is kidding who. Resale value is misleading. The Kia is very roomy and has a sold ride. I love the sports transmission. The interior with the leather is comparable to any luxury car. Gas mileage is comparable to Toy. and Honda vans low to mid 20's. The Kia has easy fold down seats with a large cargo area behind the 3rd row. If your looking for a Van check out the new KIA;s. I would highly recommend them. SOmersworth, NH KIA was a great dealership to do business with . No BS very honest and knowledgable.
  • acherouvisacherouvis Member Posts: 4
    I also bought an 07 KIA sedona EX, great deals on left overs. I was very happy on the price I paid for our KIA. Have to say it is the nicest minivan or car for that fact tha my family has owned. Sedona is a very solid vehicle weighing in at 4700 pounds. Safety was my number 1 concern along with the warranty. SUPER value!!
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    if only it would run right and i never had to take it back to the dealership on a toe truck. these things tend to cloud my mind and therefor why would i mention any thing good if i cant even drive the car. my complaints are not about the car itselfe i wont lie i love it but i think the next time i have to hear thankyou for calling world kia how can i help you i think i might explode. but when it does run i like the fuel eco. its good for being a 6 cyl van that can seat 8 max pass. and the sterio is good, i like the way it looks, handles really well cutting corners, the ac cant keep up with las vegas heat very well but its average. and spend the extra money getting leather seats the fabric is difficult to keep clean. overall like i said if only the dealers would offer fast and reliable service after all i am still a paying customer i often wonder how they would like it if i started putting my car payments in escrow until they do something
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    I have a 2006 Sedona with about 24,000 miles on it and so far I am very satisfied with the vehicle. The Sedona has terrible depreciation so if you are considering purchasing one you may try to get one that is maybe a year old and save a good 5 or 6 grand.

    Things I do not like about the vehicle:
    Gas mileage is pretty bad in the city. I get around 12-14 mpg in city driving. This is with numerous 1 or 2 mile trips so I believe it can be better if you make longer trips. On the highway, the mileage is around 20-22 traveling at speeds of 85-90 mph.

    Transmission is very reluctant to kick down for highway merging and passing Sometimes, the shifts can also be rough.

    Lots of wind noise from the windshield area at highway speeds. I mean lots. It is very difficult to have a conversation with a passenger in the 3rd row from the driver's seat.

    Driver's seat height adjuster moves the seat cushion forward when you adjust it up and vice versa when down. I recommend that you set the height first and then adjust if fore/aft to get the best driving position. Also the position of the height adjuster on the side of the seat where it meets the cushion causes it to pinch the side cushion every time I get out. After a short while the cushion has indentations from the height adjuster. I believe the EX has a power seat and will not have this problem.

    Armrests break easily. They are not actually broken per se, but the ones in the rear buckets do not hold their place anymore and rarely do I have passengers riding in the rear.

    Brake pads wore faster than anticipated. I developed a squeaking sound on them at around 22,000 miles.

    Tires on the LX trim are cheap (Hankook brand) and do not last very long.

    Problem areas:
    A/C intake actuator makes knocking sound when shutting the car off after turning the A/C off. They replaced the intake actuator free of charge.

    Other than that, the vehicle has performed fine and is a great value if you don't factor in depreciation. I also think it looks better than all minivans besides the Odyssey.
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    Our 2002 Sedona just went over 100,000 miles and I have to say it has served us pretty well. The one thing that worries me now is some valve/lifter noise at start-up. I switched to synthetic oil at around 30,000 miles (Mobil-1, 10w30) and that seemed to nearly stop the problem, but now it's back. I tried Shell Rotella synthetic 5w40 and it eliminated the problem, but we started to notice an unpleasant oil burning smell while driving. I switched back to the Mobil-1 and the odor stopped but the lifter noise is back. Strange. We did have to have the A/C compressor replaced at around 70,000 miles and that was expensive. Right before 60,000 miles we decided to have the timing belt replaced and transaxle fluid changed, in order to keep the warranty in effect. The dealer here wanted an arm and a leg to do the work, but the local Goodyear place did it for a fraction of the price and guaranteed their work. We've been through three sets of tires and two brake jobs, which really isn't too bad for 100,000 miles. Obviously regular maintenence is essential to make any car last. All in all I'm pretty satisfied with it, especially since it's been paid for now for some time and is still running. That feels really good. I've always liked the way the Sedona drives and it has a lot of power for a mini van.
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Member Posts: 312
    Has been a great van . Few minor problems fixed immediately by the dealer. 31k and running great. Best van for the money by far!
  • irritatrixirritatrix Member Posts: 40
    I have nothing but good things to say about my '08 Sedona, NOW, though I did have a problem with the battery draining when I first bought it. (Turned out a computer module was to blame; the dealer removed and then re-installed it and no problems with it since then.) This van is a dream on the highway; it has great acceleration and runs so smoothly. Believe it or not, my on-board trip computer says I'm getting OVER 25 mpg driving on the freeway at 70-75 mpg. One set of reviews I read was kind of funny; one of the reviewers said he kept finding excuses to be the designated driver when the group of reviewers went out drinking and took the Sedona, it was so much fun to drive. I have friends that have had the dreaded Odyssey transmission problems, and as a disgruntled former Honda Accord owner, I'm not convinced that the Japanese makes have the quality they used to. (My 70s and 80s eras Toyota and Honda were bulletproof, but my later models were just average in reliability.)
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    I have an EX 2007 Sedona with leather, sunroof, but no built-in DVD. Has 40K miles. Has needed new mirror and sunroof motors, new serpentine belt pulley, new lights up front - all bulbs blew, and a new power driver's seat (motor broke). All were replaced under warranty and my dealer was very good. We'll see how it is out of warranty in the future. It drives great - very solid performer in wet and snow and is truly comfortable and fairly well designed as far as everyday needs.I just hate the oil filter "unit" that I let the dealer replace because the seals are a pain. I did replace all brakes recently but it's a big heavy van and those were $800. But even the tire wear has been even. We'll see.....
  • rcwiiircwiii Member Posts: 7
    I know this is the "old" model, but I'll share anyway.

    We bought a 2004 Kia Sedona brand new. It now has about 75k miles on it as my wife does not drive too much. We have had the oil changed about every 5k miles and had the regular maintenance done at 30k and 60k.
    The only problems were a seatbelt on the 2nd row breaking (wouldn't roll out anymore) and the cruise control stopped working. Both were fixed under warranty though the seat belt took a couple of trips because they forgot to look at it on the first trip (was having other service done as well) though that is dealers fault and not Kia's directly.

    Overall I would say an good vehicle for the money as long as it hold up another couple of years for me I will be very pleased (knock on wood).
  • 11b33t11b33t Member Posts: 51
    Well, we're almost up 30k miles and 36 months with the van and can report that it's still running strong. I know it seems like low mileage but most of it is from daily driving in a small town.

    Only other issue has been a battery discharge that necessitated a new battery and TSB re-program of the computer to resolve the glitch that was draining the battery. Replaced the OEM 245/60/17 Michelens at the 25k mile mark as they wore even yet very quickly with rotations every 5k miles. Gas mileage is still around the same (14-16 city / 24-26 hwy) with a tank of premium every other month when filling up.

    Check the tire pressure and fluid levels weekly, all electronics in the cabin are holding up well, H/AC systems & components have no issues and other than tightening the captains chairs arm rests, all has been a satisfactory experience with our 07 Sedona EX.

    Let's hear some more experiences folks...
  • newstargazernewstargazer Member Posts: 6
    After much debate between the Odyssey and Sedona, we ended up buying a 2009 EX that came with luxury package and entertainment package. The van has only 2400 miles and got an excellent deal on it (almost at half the price compared to a similarly equipped Odyssey.) So far, I am loving it. Only time will tell.
  • mnmmommnmmom Member Posts: 3
    UPDATE from us! After test driving a few Sedonas and researching and speaking with friends etc, we decided on an Odyssey. We bought a gently used '05 Odyssey at our local CarMax over a year ago. The price was very comparable to other used Sedonas with leather and power doors etc. We have a '98 Honda Civic and have never, ever had a problem with it, so Honda seemed to be the smart choice for us in the long run. We LOVE our Odyssey and plan on keeping it until it dies... which with well maintained Hondas, could be close to 300K miles! I don't think Kias last that long! :)
  • mandm0407mandm0407 Member Posts: 4
    You ABSOLUTELY made the right choice. I wish I had purchased an Odyssey instead of my Kia. We traded in a 96 Honda Civic when we bought our 07 Sedona. I KNOW someone will still be driving our Honda after our Kia dies. ;)
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    At over 105,000 miles this beast just keeps going! * It literally saved our lives when a 100 foot tree fell on top of us in a storm. The roof rack took the brunt with the only damage being tiny dents on the hood. * We have always done regular oil changes. It does now tend to burn oil at about a pint every month and a half. *Tires do wear out faster on this very heavy van. We upgraded to Michelin right away and usually have to replace them within the warranty period so it costs very little. Must do regular rotations for warranty to be honored. * I usually have a load of boys , ages 7 through 12, that beat on the leather seats, hit the walls and windows with various rates of speed. The seatbelts hold, the leather is not ripped and we all remain safe. * The handle broke on the sliding door but was replaced in warranty. The original serpentine and timing belts just needed to be replaced at about 90,000 miles! *My biggest complaint is that it is green with tan trim. I have had 2 dogs, a cat and multiple birds run into me! I hope it will last another 4 years for my oldest son to have it when he gets his license. Heartily recommend this car to everyone!
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    kia exp is really awesome nothing compare with this ,, I think kia zeep experience is the best experience in the world ,,

    car leasing
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    I'm surprised how many say they wished for a Honda Odyssey over the Kia WHEN the Odyssey is well known for its' terrible transmission failure record. Just Google "Odyssey transmission problems"!! I have not seen this expensive and worriesome issue with the Kia.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Member Posts: 2,554
    We bought a 2002 EX brand new. Perhaps we've been lucky, but ours had very few issues in the 80,000 miles we owned it, and we traded it on a new 2006 EX.

    The 2006 EX has 106,000 miles and has been nearly trouble-free. Very few warranty repairs, and nothing other than regular maintenance items beyond that. We decided to put ours up for sale, but it is bittersweet selling a vehicle that has performed so well for us. We've really enjoyed our Sedona and it's too bad we won't be driving it another 100,000 miles but we decided to get out of minivan ownership and 'upgrade' to an SUV.
  • sedonamikeysedonamikey Member Posts: 2
    At 140,000 km (I guess 100,000 miles) the oil valve went which led to $4000 in repairs. Besides the engine, the fuel ended up melting my exhaust manifold. My warranty ended 8 months ago and I am sorry I didn't get rid of it then. I guess it is really a hyundai entourage and there must be a reason why hyundai discontinued this vehicle.
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    I have a 2004 kia Sedona. It hasn't caused me any problems and I have had it for 5 years now. It has 245,000 miles and still no issues. I do go through wheel bearings but I have someone in my family that does them so no big cost there. Hopefully al of you get the same mileage out of your vans as well.
  • ucf_knight94ucf_knight94 Member Posts: 1
    We purchased our 2007 Sedona SWB used in early 2011 with 87K miles. My wife lives the "soccer mom" life and is constantly back and forth to soccer, ballet, choir practice, youth group and library events. Van is a great size and the flip and tumble seats are easy to maneuver. I have to take the seats out if we absolutely need the room since they are heavy/bulky, but we rarely take them out. We are at 117K miles now and still going strong.

    Gas mileage is over 20 on average, with 25+ mpg on several vacations.

    We had one major repair for a fan control module, but everything else has been maintenance. We did add an aftermarket bluetooth radio so she could stream music and talk on the phone hands free.
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