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I have a 2006 Outback with intermittent disablement of the remote when parked in my driveway. My dealer said they had never run into this problem. The service manager @ another dealer ran in to this problem once which he attributed to interference from a commercial radio tower nearby. However his problem occurred all the time when parked @ the same location. It dawned on me that I have a ham radio operator nearby with a monstrous tower in his yard which probably doesn't operate continuously. Anybody out there with a similar problem.
I've learned to live with mine since it seems to self correct in 15-20 minutes & it works perfectly when I'm away from home.


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    I parked my Prius this morning along the waterfront in Point Loma, San Diego, but could not lock my doors in the typical fashion (by pushing the square black button on the door handle). I tried the secondary method of locking the doors with the remote. Nothing working. I had to lock the car with the tertiary method of the door lock switch inside the door. Just then, I turned around and noticed an aircraft carrier returning to port about 1/2 mile away, with it's surface search, air search and navigational radars operating. To confirm my suspicions, I asked a coworker who drives a Prius to come out and try to unlock his car remotely. His keyfob didn't work either, nor did the "touch sensors" on his door handles. I think my theory is confirmed that powerful radars will interfere with the frequencies used by the remote keyfob.

    Anyone know what exact frequency the keyfobs operate in? Knowing that, we might be able to narrow it down to the exact radar causing the problem.
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    Sounds like the devices are working properly. The FCC requires them not to interfere with any other devices, yet accept any interference they receive. It is always a bummer to be at the bottom of the food chain!
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