Speedometer problems

bigchickenbigchicken Member Posts: 2
Speedometer indicates 120 MPH while going 60mph.
Once I stop the speedometer reads 55mph at a dead stop.
Odometer is working as it should.
I can reset the speedometer by turning
the ignition key on and off until
the speedometer rests 5 mph at a time.
This happens too often.
Do I need to replace the instrument cluster or another component?


  • danj8danj8 Member Posts: 1
    Yes l have the same problem. A friend told me how to fix this. There are two connections ontop of the transmission. You can reach them from under the car. lts tight but l pulled them off shot a little of wd40 then put vasoline on them. lt keeps water out . l was told that was senting a false reading. l did mine 2 weeks ago and my problem is gone. the plugs are right behind the drivers wheel l put mine on car ramps and reach up between the wheel steering rod. Good luck, l hope this helps. DAN J
  • duranimal61duranimal61 Member Posts: 1
    i changed the dash bulbs in my blazer in doing so i had to unplug the speedo i have since plugged it back in but no reading i felt behind the back panel and felt the ribbon, is it suppose to be attached to the back panel or does it just run off the clip?

  • mikenmmikenm Member Posts: 3
    I am having the same problem, what was the fix?
  • bre34bre34 Member Posts: 4
    I'm having the same problem, did anyone find a solution, mine started at 40,000 miles and know i'm at 86,000 miles.
  • mikenmmikenm Member Posts: 3
    You must remove the gauges, that part is not hard to do. All of the white motors on the back of the gauges must be replaced. You can get the replacements on ebay. the trick is finding someone locally who can install them.
  • bigchickenbigchicken Member Posts: 2
    GM replaced the instrument panel, gratis. They said they had purchased a bad bunch of instrument clusters and while it wasn't a safety recall they would replace the panel free of charge. Which they did it fixed the problem.
  • bre34bre34 Member Posts: 4
    should we take it to the dealer how do reach contact gm to get the problem fixed
  • cavstormcavstorm Member Posts: 2
    How did you get them to replace the parts? I was told it is going to be $1000. I have only owned the vehicle for less than a year and it has 42,000 miles on it.
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