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Planning to purchase a 2008 X5 4.8i, but I have a few questions...

grgmangrgman Member Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in BMW
Thanks in advance for any guidance you all can offer.

I've gotta get this right or I face serious consequence from my wife. This will be my third new car in 12 months because I can not find what I really want.

I started with an 03 A6...loved the car, dealt with the speeding tickets, but not happy with the shacking. Especially right before the warranty was to expire. The dealer offered me a lease (my first ever lease) on a Cayenne. Drove that for 8 months...hated it. Got rid of the Porsche and purchased a Land Rover LR2. I like the car, but I don't love it.

I really liked my Audi...I was nice and something that everyone could not get. The Porsche was something that everyone could not get, but it had nothing other than a single disc cd player. The Land Rover has every gadget you can think of, but anyone can have one of those.

Because of my speeding, I have been very lucky since I switched to SUV's...no tickets since.

Enter the X5.

1. So far, I'm looking at Space Gray with the following packages: Cold Weather, Premium, Premium Sound, Rear Climate, iPod adapter and Technology. Open questions are: a.) what color interior b.) Sports package or not.

I'm planning to order this as I've not seen exactly what I'm looking for in town.

2. Based on my research, it seems realistic to aim for $1,500 over invoice. Is that correct, considering I will order this?

I live in New England, so I would only feel comfortable going to 19's if I elect to get the Sports Package.

Is there anything else I should consider?

Thanks again


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    ugenderugender Member Posts: 1
    I ordered my X5 , 3.0 yesterday with

    Cold Weather, Premium, Rear Climate, iPod adapter and Technology, 3rd row seat, Automatic Tailgate, Running Boards , Jet Black color and Tobacco Leather interior. The dealer has given me for $1000 over the invoice price. I think I got a good deal.....Hopefully I will see it in the next couple of weeks, before end of the year.
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    madaaronmadaaron Member Posts: 12
    I have a 2008 x5 4.8i. You are not going to get $1,500 over invoice! Period. Not on a 2008 (they just started building them like 2 months ago). If you can wait till Aug 08 or thereabouts you may get $1,500 over invoice since it will end of the model year and they are expected to launch the 4 seater x6 in 09.

    I don't live in the NE but my x5 was at least $2,750 over invoice. And I got it last month.
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    madaaronmadaaron Member Posts: 12
    I'll add some caveats to what I just said..I got a couple of options so that may have factored into the price differential (some options are more popular than others and less likely to be negotiated down...e.g 20" wheels). Also, there are few BMW dealers in my area but high demand so there is less incentive for them to give in on price. Finally, high end cars don't offer many incentives (unless you plan on leasing) in the early part of the model year but may give some towards the end..we plan on getting a RR in about 3-4 yrs but will buy it late in the model year so we can get more $$ off rather than when it just comes off the plant.

    Any hope that helps!
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    grgmangrgman Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the information. It's strange, but the 07 I found was actually more expensive then the 08.

    I don't plan on leasing so I'm planning to bit the bullet and pay for what I want. My idea is to order one with...

    Premium Package
    Premium Sound Package
    Cold Weather Package
    Rear Climate Package
    Tech Package
    Ipod adapter
    Running boards

    I'm debating to add..

    Sports Package
    Active Steering

    I like Space Gray, yet I'm not sure about the interior. Here are my three choices in order.

    Black (if I go with the Sports Package, this would be Napa leather)

    Oh yeah...Dark Burl Walnut.

    MSRP is $69,975.

    Good Deal = $69.000
    Better Deal = $68,500
    Best Deal = $68,000

    What do you think? Is this all realistic?

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    madaaronmadaaron Member Posts: 12
    Almost exactly what I got. First, there is no real difference btw the 07 and 08 (except in 08 the moonroof is standard) but no price changes at all, so I don't understand why they are telling you the 07 is more expensive (they should get no more than $1k above invoice on the 07 and that is being very generous).

    I'll run down your list:
    Premium Package-Not sure if you need it unless you want to have hands free voice recognition which can be so so. Some folks who got it said it doesn't work as well, others say it's cool to have. I did not get the premium package because the moonroof is now standard (it was part of premium package in 07).

    Premium Sound-Yeah you get the 6 CD thing but that's it. Moreoever, its located in the glove compartment?? what gives?? The standard sound is great and for a 30+ yr old guy like me, that is all I need. But its your call if you want more "oommphh*!!

    Cold Weather pacakage- I don't need it cos I live in the SW, so maybe that is something you might want. Do you have little kids who need their juice and milk? Reason is cos if they spill and it goes into the seat it can screw up the heated seat function (same if you get the perforated seating napa leather). But otherwise, I think its a good option but at $900 though!!

    Tech Package: I debated this but I decided to get it. The camera is not all that but its a good tool if you have kids that play around your neighborhood a lot, pets or live in a city. I say bite the bullet on this one but its your call.

    Ipod: I'm a 90s guy and not too far ahead on technology (heck I still used blank cds and 3.5 discs...lol!!). But its not too pricey and its good with great music you can get from friends and online withouth having to mess too much with your CD player.

    Running Boards: I got this also but it was because of my wife. You can't really use them but it makes the car look stylish. For $250-$300, its OK to have.

    Sport Package: I have this option and I recommend it in lieu of the Premium package and Premium Sound. Downside is that tts the most expensive. I have the 20" wheels so I had to get the sports package but since you live in the NE you may not need the 20" wheels. So balance this with eliminating the Premium and make your call.

    Active Steering: No. Its a BMW for goodness sake...its supposed to function like a jet on wheels. Total waste of money IMHO.

    Color: (1) Space Gray with nevada leather (2) Black with nevada leather (3) or Black and Black. No Napa leather if you have young children (its very soft and not durable when kids walk all over it and don't forget spilled milk and juice).

    Panel: I like the dark bamboo wood trim but the dark burnt wood is ok. Don't get the lighter one, looks cheap.

    Price: depending which options try not to pay more than $2,000 over invoice. Why? You can order an x5 from anywhere and any dealer and living in the NE you have more choices than folks like us here in Texas. So shop around (it all comes from the same plant in SC) and across state lines if possible. Don't let them start with MSRP start at Invoice and let them think you are giving them something by adding some $$ on it rather than them making you think they are helping you by taking $$ off. Final Drive out before taxes should be in the $61K-$62K range if you bargain well. Mine was in that range though I think I paid about $1k too much.

    Hope that helps
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    grgmangrgman Member Posts: 3
    Very helpful indeed.

    Premium Package-I'm looking at this for the auto dimming mirror, garage opener, and hands free voice recognition in that order

    Premium Sound-I work for a German audio company, so sound is my business. This is more of a need than a want.

    Cold Weather pacakage- Living in New England, this is a must.

    Tech Package: The GPS is a must have, park distance has helped me in the past. The camera is a bonus. (or not, depending on who you talk to)

    Ipod: As audio is my business, this is a really nice feature to have.

    Running Boards: Agreed, they look nice but have no functional benefit.

    Sport Package: Actually this was the package I considered skipping.

    Active Steering: Point taken.

    Color: (1) Space Gray with nevada leather (2) Black with nevada leather (3) or Black and Black. No Napa leather if you have young children (its very soft and not durable when kids walk all over it and don't forget spilled milk and juice).

    I do have two children...5 and 8. They don't spend too much time in my car, but I hear your warnings loud and clear. I'm looking at this from my comfort stand point

    Panel: I like the dark bamboo wood trim but the dark burnt wood is ok. Don't get the lighter one, looks cheap.

    Yeah, I agree. I'm planning to go check some of these options out at my local dealer this Sunday.

    Price: Trust me, I WANT a good deal. Edmunds invoice information reveals $5460 in margin dollars. The True Market Value (What others are paying) is a measly $351 off of retail.

    Based on your recommendation and what I hear others are paying, I plan to see if I can get a dealer to split the delta...$2750 for them and $2750 for me. Plus I always get all weather mats thrown in.

    Sound like a plan?

    Thanks again. It's cool to talk with someone about this.
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    madaaronmadaaron Member Posts: 12
    Cool..then you are set.

    Good luck and enjoy your car, its a superb vehicle if driven properly and well maintained.
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    anon3anon3 Member Posts: 147
    I've been driving a fully loaded X5 for a year. This car has a few options that I consider either useless or just not worth the money:
    1. Active Steering, $1,400. Big mistake for BMW. Not worth the money. It degrades handling and steering feel. Avoid it (unless your arms are so weak that you just can't manage to turn the steering wheel an extra half rotation going around a corner.)
    2. Active Ventilated seats, $2,100. Not worth the money and not worth the limit on your interior color choices (only comes in black leather and beige). Ventilation might be useful if you live in the Sahara, but you get no air flow when you sit on the seat because your body blocks the air holes. I only use the active massage feature on very long trips.
    3. 3rd row seat. Useless for me. Maybe useful for some people.
    4. Rear-view camera. This is bundled with the technology package. I just turn it off and use parking distance control. You have to wait for iDrive to boot and for the back up system to come on line before it will work. Who wants to wait that long before backing up?
    5. Headlight washers in the cold weather package. I hate having washer fluid sprayed all over the car when the headlights happen to be on. I opt for heated front seats and skip the cold weather package to avoid the headlight washers, saving $400.

    On the other hand, the 20-way multi-contour seats are worth every penny. I will not drive a bmw without those seats. I also found things like comfort access and the heads up display to be extremely useful, especially with navigation.
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    vmoparthyvmoparthy Member Posts: 1
    Hi All

    Thanks for taking your time to post a reply to my question.

    As a prestigeous owners and knowledgeable people out there, is this recommended to buy 2001 BMW X5 , which got 80K Miles on it? It has all the features with sports package and Navigation with 6 CD changer with Black Exterior..

    It does not have any existing warranty from BMW and planning to take one if I go with this..

    Any pointers or suggestions are appreciated

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    sm_edsm_ed Member Posts: 9
    Tomorrow will be one week on our White/Tobacco - 4.8 with all options except for Active Steering and Ventilated Seats.

    Although Personal, check out Tobacco interior before making the decision.
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    anon3anon3 Member Posts: 147
    I would approach that vehicle with caution, especially if it does not have an extended warranty. 2001 was the first full year of production for the X5 when it was BMW's first SUV ever. The first year had a few mechanical and electrical problems. If possible, get the service records. Most likely, any issues would have been repaired under warranty but I would want to know if this vehicle has a history of trouble. A BMW dealer should be able to pull the service records for work done by BMW service departments if you give them the VIN. I would also want to know how many owners this vehicle has had.
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    01x5owner01x5owner Member Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2001 4.4i from the Atlanta Auto Auction in Jun 08. It only had 77K and seemed to be in good condition except for the cv boots needing replacing. I immediately bought an extended warranty from a BMW dealership. A couple of months later my X5 overheated due to a cut hose. After I added water and drove the X5 to the dealer, they listed a multitude of problems in addition to the CV boots: Hose, water pump, coolant reservoir, radiator, transmission, oil leak, 02 sensors, spark plug boot cut, and possible catalytic converter (under 80K under BMW warranty). My suggestion is have the X5 checked out thoroughly, get history, run diagnostic before buying and buy extended warranty. I was unable to have the X5 checked out as it was in an auction but I am glad I bought the extended warranty. Also, if you start getting a lot of maintenance issues, the warranty people will try to get out of their obligation by refusing to pay so you have to be really persistant with them. In my case they refused to cover the transmission and I ended up calling the VP of claims and threatened to sue if they did not fulfill their obligation. They covered it.
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