Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Warranty Questions

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I didn't know at the time I purchased my 2007 silverado, with 5300 miles,that the 100,000 mile warranty was transferrable. So what do you think happened next? Of course, they charged me for a new 4 yr. 100,000 mile warranty even though it was already transferrable through GMC to begin with!Then they sent me a check for half of what I paid for the warranty stating it was for charging me too much on sales tax! Wheres my other half of the money? Personally I think I have something here to legally persue because they should have been honest (RIGHT) in the first place and told me the warranty was transferrable and I didn't have to (pay) for another warranty. What is your'alls thoughts on this! Thanks, Steve Meyer


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    It depends on what you actually purchased. The factory 100,000 mile warranty is just for the powertrain (engine, transmission, transfer case, and such). If they sold you an extended warranty that covers additional items beyond the basic 3 year-36,000 mile warranty (like electrical/electronic equipment, dashboard, climate control), then you purchased coverage in addition to that factory powertrain warranty.

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    I am in the military, stationed in Germany. I have tried to contact GM with a question about warranty coverage. They have not responded to multiple emails and voice mails.
    My question is, will GM honor the 3 year/36,000 mile warranty overseas? I have a 2006 GMC 2500HD crewcab 4X4 with the 6.0 L engine. The exhaust manifold is leaking (cracked bolts) and I need to get the steering wheel TSB accomplished. There are several Chevrolet dealerships in my area, but they do not know the answer.
    Any input would be appreciated.
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    Is there a GM customer service number in the back of your owners manual?
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    You might search GM web site for world wide dealers.
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    My truck is a US spec, purchased in the US, then shipped over. The number in the back of the manual is for the US service reps. They do not understand/comprehend the legalities and warranty differences with Germany. Bottom line...They were unable to give me an answer because they do not know. They did not try to investigate any further after our phone conversation.
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    There are 3 factory Chevrolet/GMC dealers within 20 miles of me. I have been to all of them. They are unsure how to proceed with an American spec vehicle with warranty issues. They simply want me to pay for any work that is to be done on the truck (at $95 per hour labor, plus parts).
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    Near some bases the some companies service GM vehicles since AAfes used to sell them a few years ago. Check with those service centers or AAFES and you may find a warranty agent to help you. When I purchased my GM car overseas a few years ago an agent called to start my warranty.
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    How's about this number for the customer center in Germany?

    Have you tried the dealership that you purchased the truck at? They may have more success with GM customer support.
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    Was there any resolution on this? I have a GMC and am moving to Germany with it soon. I had the same question about getting it serviced at a Chevrolet dealer there.

    Websites weren't any help.
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    Got no reply from the initial poster. I'd call GM customer support and hopefully they will have an answer for you.
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    GM Germany will not help you. They only cover European spec vehicles. Additionally, most dealers do not have the right tools or manuals to work on US spec trucks. Bottom line...GM USA will not cover work or parts on US spec vehicles in Europe, GM Europe will not cover work or parts on US spec vehicles and most dealerships do not know how to work on US spec trucks. Therefore, you will pay for all work and parts for any GM vehicle in Europe whether you have a US warranty or not. :mad:
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    Thanks for the response. Looks like I am going to have to sell my brand new Yukon before I move then. the reason I bought a new car was so I did not have to deal with repair costs. So much for that.
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