2000 Galant Stalling problems

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I bought a 2000 Galant ES V6 in Feb 2000 and after
2 mths it began stalling when you stop and the car
is in drive. If you put in neutral it will stay
running. It happened again today for and is in the
dealership for the 3rd time and of course they find
nothing wrong with it! I think I may have
purchased a lemon and will be starting that process
soon! Anyone else ever have this problem with this
car or any other car?


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    I don't really understoo what you mean by stalling, you mean shaking? ehh.. rattle? , noisy? going off?
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    Hi, I have just purchased Galant ES 2000 tonight but Now I am nervous by reading your problem... On the way home I felt the car was slightly shaking when I was driving 45mph. Feeling like not smooth and the transmission was not connecting well. I was not sure if the road was rough... I was tired of problems with my old car so I decided to buy a brand new car. I hope I will have a good luck with this car. Tomorrow the dealer will take a look...
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    I bought a 2000 Galant ES on July 25. Mine was a rental car that Enterprise was selling. It had 16k miles on it when I bought it. After nine years of driving a compact, this is going to take some getting used to.

    I took it out the turnpike yesterday and a few things struck me that I didn't like: 1 - (and this I noticed the first day) the position of the seat belt. It chokes the driver unless the driver's seat is in the recline position; and 2 - the head lights are really dim.

    Have you found anything besides the smooth ride that you don't like? Because I am not a good judge when it comes to the smooth ride of the Galant. After driving a tin box where you felt every single bump, this is just like a cloud.

    My Mazda was very good to me, but it was considerable lighter than my Galant. (cheaper and better on gas too)

    It takes a minute to get started after a stop at a traffic control device, so don't floor it as soon as the light changes, just go easy. But that could be the way my car was tourted as a rental.

    Let me know how you make out.
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