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Loud front end CLUNK in my 07 Ford Edge

chrisfrancischrisfrancis Member Posts: 2
edited January 2014 in Ford
I have a new 07 Edge with 3,000 miles. It makes a loud Clunk in the front end as the front tires are on the down hill side of speed humps and other bumps I have gone over.
The service department at Berge Ford in Mesa, Arizona said they test drove several other Edge's on thier lot and were able to reproduce the same clunk in several other cars. They say it is just the way it is and everything is OK.
I have driven many cars in my 44 years and never heard anything like it and am very concerned.
Has anyone else had a similar complaint with their Ford Edge?


  • bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573
    This is not normal. Your dealer is wrong. Ask them to let you drive another Edge on their lot.
  • redcupidredcupid Member Posts: 11
    Trust Me I have had many issues with a new 07 car That excuse means (we dont want to fix your car) especially while it is under warranty, keep takeing it in and reporting the same problem , try different dealerships also. look at the lemon laws
  • cmarcuscmarcus Member Posts: 17
    I have a FWD 2007 Edge. Left wheel clunked when it dropped onto a depressed manhole cover. Sometimes over speed bumps. First time, dealer couldn't replicate it. Recently, on a small pothole on the dealer's lot, it was loud and clear and the tech specified a replacement strut. Not only did it not cure it, but it could be louder! Also happening on right side on the same pothole. Dealer drove service guy's '08 over the pothole and replicated the problem. Dealer conclusion: Ford policy is that if something happens on more than one vehicle, it's a "normal operating characteristic". All other front-end components check out good. I've responded that if it's normal, then Ford must have engineered the Edge to make that noise. If it's normal, many customers must experience this and, thinking it's a problem, must have asked for a solution. If so, there's a large database about this complaint. If there is, then Ford is either working on a solution or has chosen to ignore customers. On the other hand, if it's not happening on a large scale but is only an occasional aberration, then it can't be "normal". I've asked for access to a Ford tech. Neither the dealer nor I could find any Technical Service Bulletins on this issue. It looks like this is a long-term exercise in escalation, up to and including government bodies.
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    All that because it clunks when you hit a pothole?

    Sounds normal to me.
  • cmarcuscmarcus Member Posts: 17
    No, no, not the usual thumping sounds, but a distinctly different tone of clunk. And the pothole on the dealer lot was driven over very slowly, not "hit". You'd swear it was a loose tie rod or stabilizer bar joint.
    Cubby Marcus
  • cmarcuscmarcus Member Posts: 17
    Just returned from my Ford dealer. The tech placed "chassis ears" - microphones - in the suspect area (left strut). They've narrowed the noise down to the top of the strut tower. Of course, with the strut in place, they couldn't see into it. But they've speculated that the strut mount may be faulty. On that possibility, they've ordered a new mount. But until they get the strut out and can see what's wrong, they're not 100% certain it's a mount problem. Could be a weld that's come apart. Lean on your dealer. My dealer is a paragon among car dealers. I've stayed with them through three Windstars and now the Edge.
    Copel Marcus
  • cmarcuscmarcus Member Posts: 17
    Dealer has replaced front strut, strut mount and stabilizer bar link. The left front still clunks over road depressions. Tech's chassis ears picked up loudest noise at top of strut tower, leading to mount replacement. Tech and I believe problem has to lie in connection between sprung mass of the vehicle and unsprung suspension. It unloads as wheel drops into depression, loads on the upside. I speculate that something attached at the base of the strut tower (A arm? Stabilizer bar bushing?) could be source of noise that then travels up the strut tower and is amplified in the "dome" at the top. I've asked dealer to look into this. Tech reports that several other Edges checked over the same pothole in dealer driveway have made the same clunk.
  • squeakie42squeakie42 Member Posts: 1
    This is truly bizarre! I rented an Edge from Enterprise this week and LOVED the car, but almost had a heart attack when I heard the "clunk" for the first time. I thought that something was displaced or had dropped from the transmission or supports. It sounded like it came from under the car on the driver's side. I was 150 miles from my home city & the car was only 6 weeks old, according to the paperwork -- thus the 'nerves.' It happened when I was exiting a lot & (I think) on level ground. But it definitely happened again when I left the gas station that night and went over a small lip on the concrete.
  • dannyohdannyoh Member Posts: 1
    Yes, I have the same problem and the noise comes from the left front wheel. I get the clunk noise going over a small depression/hole in the pavement and on certain speed bumps. I took it to the dealer and they said that it was normal. We took one of their rental Edges for a ride and it made the same clunk sound. The service manager said that just because both of the Edges made the same sound doesn't mean that the clunk noise is acceptable, but they haven't done anything either. I bought the car in April 2007 and had a different clunk noise in the front end and here is a list of what was done.
    July 07 replaced lower control arm, still had the clunk noise
    Jul 07 replaced left front axle, still had clunk noise
    Jul 07 replaced right front axle, still had clunk noise
    Aug 07 dealership said that the struts were loose, tighten them up, still had clunk noise.
    Aug 07 replaced both front struts, still had clunk noise
    Sep 07 I crawled under car and found that the sway bar links were loose. they replaced them and the noise went away.

    After 6 months of no noises, the current clunk noise started and the dealership said that it was normal. I don't know what to do.
  • cmarcuscmarcus Member Posts: 17
    My '07 Edge is over a year old and my dealer still can't solve the mysterious front-end clunk problem. A Ford Dealer Manager (or whatever he's called) is supposed to visit the dealership and check out one of the dealer employee's '08 that makes the same noise. So far he hasn't turned up. Cut backs. Visits are few and far between. Meanwhile, I add to a long paper trail to use just in case things get nasty. It doesn't affect the car's operation...YET!...but if Ford thinks it's "normal" and nobody has a fix, who knows what the long-term implications may be.
    Cubby Marcus
  • cmarcuscmarcus Member Posts: 17
    My '07 Edge and I (FWD) went out with a Ford Dealer Operations Manager yesterday to investigate the clunk that occurs when either front wheel drops into the right kind of depression (e.g., a recessed manhole cover or certain potholes). The noise occurred in my vehicle and in an '08 that belongs to one of the dealer personnel driven immediately thereafter over the same pothole. There is no apparent cure for the problem. Ford hasn't dealt with it. It does not affect vehicle performance or safety as far as I can determine. It appears to be a design fault - what Ford calls "normal". My dealer says that it happened when every Edge was driven over a specific pothole in the dealer's driveway on the way to a service bay. So, folks, we appear to be stuck with the noise. The bean counters obviously have decided that the situation is not serious enough to warrant the cost of solving it. I suggest keeping a paper trail between you and the dealer so that you have an argument if there is a failure of some kind when your Edge is out of warranty. Also make sure you and/or the dealer monitors Ford Technical Service Bulletins and whatever else Ford uses to update dealers about service issues. A cure may turn up one day.

    Cubby Marcus
  • roadrunner95roadrunner95 Member Posts: 1
    I just had my Edge totaled by the dealership and my insurance company because the snake reared its head. The right front strut tower plowed through my hood and did severe damage to the fire wall. NO the vehicle was not involved in an accident. The vehicle was paid off and had less than 80 thousand miles on it. I have been through 5 batteries, with this vehicle as well. This took the cake, so all the clunking you hear, just be for warned. Failure is coming and Ford I am sure will claim it is not a structural problem and do nothing to compensate a defect. That clunking noise now makes sense but never really thought much of it, because it was not a constant noise basically only when I turned right up or down an incline/decline. So just be advised.
  • expoliceexpolice Member Posts: 6

    Hey roadrunner! can you [post some pictures to show us what happened to your Edge!

  • phil_i1phil_i1 Member Posts: 1
    I'm pretty sure this is what roadrunner was talking about.  This happened to my girlfriend's 2011 Edge. A report was filed with the NHTSA, a claim was filed with the BBB (albeit denied) and ford consumer services denied the claim without ever even looking at the car.  I really need more people who are having this problem report this to the NHTSA so that the car will be recalled.  Cost to repair this from a few different places are in the $5k-$6k range. 
  • needanswers7needanswers7 Member Posts: 2
    I am experiencing the same issues as all o0f the above, I have 2009 Edge and Im getting that clunking sound Dealer changed all of the above that you had stated Ford must have an idea on what it is but taking the long road and charging money to find the already know issue is not acceptable ... Been a Ford owner for 35 years issue not found switch to the imports ......
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