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Ford F-Series Radiator and Cooling Questions

coolman52328coolman52328 Member Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Ford
I have a 03 6.0 Diesel. My problem is Im losing anti freeze. There is always some around the cap on the plastic cap. I tried a new cap still leaking. Seems under higher RPMS it blows out. Also latly I have noticed under idling heater blows cooler air until rpms are rasied. Any ideas for me.


  • mickeymouse2mickeymouse2 Member Posts: 161
    Sounds like you got two problems;

    As for the leak, borrow or buy a cooling system pressure check tool at autozone. Verify it is not leaking through the seam or other part of the radiator. If the cap is the only explanation for the leak and it has been replaced. My guess would be a disfigured mouth inlet on the radiator or radiator flow bottle depending what type of system you have.

    As for your heater blowing cool air until high rpms; most likely causes are;

    Heater control vavle problem, restricted flow or something. If it is a vaccum opperated heater control valve, make sure there isn't a damaged vaccum line that opperates the valve. You can try and temporarely bypass the vavle with a sutible tube or flushing tee and if you now always have heat, there is definitely a problem with the valve, coolant flow, or what activates the valve.

    Another, not so common problem is a mix flow door that is vaccum opperated under your dash is malfunctioning.

    Remember increasing the rpm increases coolant flow, and the ability of the engine to supply vaccum. Good luck.
  • mickeymouse2mickeymouse2 Member Posts: 161
    Almost forgot; Your heater will not work right if your low on 50/50 coolant due to your leak. If your cooling system is full even with straight water, your heater should still work. Once again, Good luck with it.
  • coolman52328coolman52328 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply... My truck doesn't have a cap on the radiator, It has a plastic tank by the master cylinder. It seems to leak out around the cap. After a hi way trip anti freeze sits around the cap and you can see were it sprayed out. I replaced the cap but still doing it.
  • billybugbillybug Member Posts: 8
    Hate to tell you this, but it is probably a blown head gasket. Ford can test your antifreeze for exhaust chemicals to confirm. Most 6.0's pulling RVs have gotten new head gaskets replaced by Ford! Common problem unfortunately. My '05 has a new turbo, intercooler, head gaskets, etc all at Ford's expense. 17,000 total miles, 6 Ford dealerships later .......waiting for next issue!
  • vibe98vibe98 Member Posts: 6
    What would cause my 1998 ford f150 with 192,600 to blow 2 radiators in one year.
    I have a new one now that was under warranty but it would be nice to figure why the right side seals are going bad.

    Any sugestion.
  • rogerb740rogerb740 Member Posts: 2
    My cousin owns a 1997 F150 with the 4.6 V8. The system will build up pressure, get hot, and blow water out of the fill cap. He has no heat.He has backflushed the heater core and entire system. He's stumped please help
  • rogerb740rogerb740 Member Posts: 2
    What will cause the oil pressure to drop after the engine is warm? Is this the cam bearings? Righ now the only way I keep oil pressure is running a quart of Lucas Oil in the crankcase. What year 302's will work in this truck. I want to keep the EFI . Great truck other than the oil issue.
  • justasillygirljustasillygirl Member Posts: 5
    I don't know much about trucks/cars other than you put fuel in and go. However, I do know that I own a piece of junk. I own a '06 F 250 6.0 with 56,000 miles, and since day one I have had nothing but problems with it. Mind you I travel a lot of highway miles and have never pulled anything heavier than a trailer full of furniture when I moved. When it was 6 months old, it had blown O Rings (?) and was pouring white smoke out of the exhaust and dripping a watery liquid. Now for the 5th time, I have it a the Ford Service Station for the same problem. Each time, with a new diagnosis for the same problem, never fixing it. The problem: Losing power (like when the fuel is restricted when you hit 90mph) it cuts out occasionally no matter the speed, High pitched whistle (like a vacuum leak - not the turbo) at any given speed, Loosing antifreeze - every time I stop I have to put a 1/2 gallon of coolant in even though it has never over heated before. Just today (Saturday) after getting my truck back from Ford on Tuesday (they had it for over 2 weeks this time), while on the freeway, my check temp light came on, it was all the way on red. I exited the interstate and pulled into a 10 minute oil change and had the levels checked. I of course was out of coolant again, but when the guy went under the truck he found antifreeze and pink transmission fluid on the ground and fresh golden oil sprayed all over under my truck. The coolant doesn't leak out when sitting still or idling, it blows out while driving though so I can't see the leak. My fluid levels on transmission and oil were both good though. What is going on and why can't someone figure out the problem? I have had both batteries replaced, both fuel filters replaced, the coolant reservoir replaced, a radiator nipple replaced, the EGR cooler replaced...the list continues. Oh, and almost everything they have replaced was not covered under my bumper to bumper extended 100,000 mile warranty, nice huh?
  • bhudonbhudon Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1992 F150 with a 300 eng. Mileage appox 207000. My radiator hose gets a hole in it every 1500 -2000 miles. The smog pump pulley will cut the hose. I am thinking possibly that a worn out engine mount may be keeping the engine to low and rubs the hose. Any thoughts?
  • 3pawnguys3pawnguys Member Posts: 1
  • slick55slick55 Member Posts: 2
    I have a problem with mine too was wondering if anyone answered yours...

    I had a leak in my heater core, put stop leak in and the steamed up windows stopped but I still have some residual smell. This is the second time I have had such a problem, the first time I took it in and they did a pressure check and found nothing... I had them change the anti-freeze anyway and had no problem for 2 years... now this... '97 F150 with 4.6
  • kerpingkerping Member Posts: 1
    Did your cousin ever figure this out? Having same problem. Had everything in the entire cooling system replaced, NOTHING! It seems to pressurize between the RAD and the overflow until it pops, then everything is fine.
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