Honda Odyssey Steering Problems

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Tried to post this before, didnt work.

I have a 2007 Odyssey Touring with a very annoying "knock" in the steering wheel/column. It occurs upon light acceleration from a stop, and when applying light power in a low speed turn. No other symptoms--van tracks straight, no vibration etc. Dealer/Honda claim this knock is "normal" and that they "all do it". They admit the problem is there but say there is no fix. Has anyone else experienced this or am I getting the runaround?


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    Funny you should post this point. I purchased a 2007 EX-L back in August and just brought my van to the shop with this exact issue. Unfortunately, it has been very cold in CT and that seems to play into the issue. The car runs real firm when it is very cold out. The noise I would hear is a thumping while driving over uneven surfaces, turning on an incline and accelerating as you stated. I figure there is some play in the steering linkage, but nothing that would cause this thumping. I notice the thumping sound most when you are at a stop facing down a hill. Turn the wheel left and should hear the thumping sound....

    Have said all this, I was not able to repeat this issue with the dealer so I may wait until warmer weather to give it another go....

    Have you made any progress on your issue beyond the typical dealer jargin..
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    I havent made any more progress, but am scheduled to take the van in this week again. My problem, which does sound similar to yours, is getting worse as the weather gets colder here in Cleveland but that may be a coincidence. I am just not going to accept the answer "they all do it" this time with the dealer. Something is definitely wrong. I'll post again after I fight my next battle.
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    Took the van in to the dealer today to find out what's going on with the steering knock. This is the fourth time I've complained about it. The dealer seems to be doing all they can--this time they re-torqued the subframe bolts to see if that would help. It didnt. Dealer still claims that Honda tells them this problem is "normal" so nothing more can be done under warranty--although they suspect it may be the steering knuckle. Enought is enough--tomorrow I call Honda customer service and tell them this is totally unacceptable. If this is a design/part defect its their problem not mine. I'll Lemon Law this van if I have to. Too bad because otherwise I really like the vehicle.
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    I have the same problem before. Cause was worn engine mounts @ 25,000m. Next was the transmission had to be replaced. Then the steering knock came back. Front struts for $800. . I'm cutting my losses and getting rid of this money pit and piece of junk.

    I wonder if real automotive engineers designed this van or what. Honda should stop making cars and just go back to motorcycles.
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    Well I hope I dont have all of your problems. I've owned 6 Hondas and 2 Acuras over tthe past 12 years or so, and I sadly have to say that quality is getting worse.

    Called Honda Customer Service today and they've started a "case" on my stteering knock problem. Regional Mgr supposed to call me back in two days.
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    I'm sure it will be a walk in the park for you having been a very loyal customer.

    Too bad Honda doesn't care for first time owners. And if they don't care, I don't care and absolutely would never endorse Honda or Acura to anybody.
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    Have had a rather surprising result to my steering knock problem. While waiting for Honda Customer Service to decide what they're going to do, I did a little experiemntation. I moved the telescopic steering wheel in both directions, moved the tilt up and down a few times--and presto noise gone!! I'll keep the case open a little longer with Honda in case the problem comes back, but I still cant believe it was this simple.
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    I had the same problem with my 2007 Odyssey EX-L. After two trips to the dealer, the customer service rep. drove with me and heard the sound (a popping sound coming from the steering column during turning) for himself. My service rep. did some research and found a service bulletin about this problem. They applied a special grease to the steering "splines" and the problem went away for now. I don't have the service bulletin number with me right now, but it is a noted problem with these vans.
    Hope this helps
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    We've had a similar problem from the get go of owning our Odyssey. We have a 2007 Ody with 14k on it (we travel a lot) and have taken it to our nearest dealer twice for similar problems. They claim they can't hear it or feel it. What ours does it you can feel something in the steering/pedals and/or hear a faint click/thump when turning to the left especially if there is a speed bump or some unlevel surface area. We don't know what else to do since they can't duplicate it supposedly when they have it. So I guess we just live with it. We love our Odyssey, but would really like to resolve this issue so it's more enjoyable.

    I'm going to try adjusting my steering column as someone suggested. I'd love for it to be that simple!
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    Hope "adjusting" the steering column worked for you. Every now and then when the sound comes back, I just unlatch the steering adjustment lever and move the column in and out, up and down and few times, and presto, problem is gone! But I've only had to do that a few times in several thousands of miles of driving.
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    I bought my 2007 Honda Odyssey towards the end of October 2006. It is my first Honda. I always had Toyota cars and vans which were mostly very reliable. At around 3900 miles, I already noticed noise whenever I turn the steering wheel. At first, the service writer told me that there is nothing wrong with it. The noise persisted so I went back again and this time the Mechanic Foreman was the one who drove it with me and agreed that the noise did exist. They replaced the Steering Column Assembly and that fixed it for a while. At around 16,000 miles, the noise came back again. This time, I have not gone back yet because I decided to wait and see for more problems that may develope. The other problems now that I have are: "Thug" noise when I back up and stop with the brake, a little loud humming noise when I am driving, premature rattles.
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    I had it too and I feel your pain as no one believed me regarding this very unsettling sound until I researched the internet and found this to be a common problem with the new Odyssys.

    So here is what you need to do - call up your dealer and tell them that it is "Steering Knock" and that there is a service bulletin out there. The fix is quick and simple, they put a special lubricant in the spline of the steering column. This should make it go away completely. Obviously, this is covered under warranty. Good luck!
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    Just brought my 2007 EX-L in for the same knocking problem in the steering (2nd time). Two months ago (15k miles) I brought it in for the same thing and the dealer replaced the power steering pump. They must have gotten caught up with their service bulletins this time since they went after the column greasing right away.

    Does anyone have any follow up information on how the fix hold up after a few thousand miles?
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    Congratulations, looks like you got rewarded for your persistence. For me, the steering knock went away after my dealer greased the "spline" whatever that is, but obviously is part of the steering mechanism. This was done back in Feb and so far so good.
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    Actually for me the "greasing" effort didnt work very well. I find whenever the knock reappears, I simply move the steering column in and out, and up and down a few times (not while the car is in motion of course!!) and the problem miraculously goes away. Maybe the action of working the column is somehow spreading the grease to where it needs to be.....
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    June 30, 2008

    I just brought my 2007 EX odyssey to the dealership for "steering " sound while slowly turning the wheel either left or right. The team service manager verify by himself about my complaint. They diagnosed the problem with defective left/right front struts and replaced both of them after a week due to material ordering. I assume that the problem was resolve but after going out of the dealership garage, i heard the knocking sound "again". The service technician was called and ask to hear the knocking sound, unfortunately, they ask to keep the car (again) for further diagnosis. I am a loyal honda customer but starting to loose my confidence due to numerous problems i had with this 2007 odyssey.
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    We experienced the same thing with our '07 Ody. First noticed this past winter. Kinda came and went several times. Recently has come back and I could swear I felt the same sensation while starting from a stop. I knew something definitely was not right. Wife brought into the dealership this morning and had JUST called to report back. They followed the TSB on this issue and greased the steering column spline. Hope that cures it. I'll also try moving the steering wheel up/down/left/right for extra measure!
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    The dealership replaced both left and right struts but the problem still exist. I was advised to bring back the vehicle for what they called re-torque and greesing per advised (allegedly) by Honda engineer they contacted . Unfortunately, after 3 attempts, it doesn't fix the problem. Much worst, it gives steering vibration when reaching 80 miles and also when breaking. Since they can't find the solution, they just told me the steering knock sound is normal which is definitely unacceptable. I have plan to speak with the Service manager and probably follow the instructions on the honda warranty manual to seek assistance from Honda helpline or BBB.
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    Good luck with this. I have an 07 Odyssey with the same issues. It started with a knock in the steering at 2500 mile and the dealer replaced the left side axle assembly. On the second trip they replace the struts. On the third trip, the lubricated the steering column. The problem started coming back around the 17000 miles and has gotten worse at 29,000 miles. On the way back to the dealer for the 4th time. Wish I still had my 03 odyssey- had 80,000 at trade with no issues ever.
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    I have the same issue in my 07 Odyssey. Today I sent it to dealer, they lubrated the steering column and drive shaft according to service bulletin suggestion. The TSB number is 07-065.
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    2005 Odyssey LX. Has anyone encountered a problem with a lack of power steering assist at low (or zero) speeds? Sometimes accompanied by a humming or slight howling noise. It's intermittent, but seems to be getting more noticeable. Started at about 2 years. Took it to the dealer at least once, and they thought it was "normal", but I would have noticed when it was new if it was that hard to turn at low speeds (such as backing out of a parking space.) I've noticed some posts about power steering noises that might be related, but I'm not really sure its the same as none of those mention extra or excessive effort to turn the steering wheel (like it was there was little or no power assist.) Now starting to notice that small road irregularities will move the steering wheel.
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    Hase, did you ever get an answer as to your lack of power steering assist issue? My in-laws are experiencing the same issue on their 2008 Odyssey. The vehicle is very hard to turn at low speeds (parking). Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    We are having the same problems in our 2006, dealer has replaced the screen in the pump, the pump and the fluid. Still having the problem the dealer has no clue and seems to just treat you like you don't no what you are talking about.
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    We have a 2008 Odssey EX-L with 14000 miles and we are having the same problem concerning low speed steering. It occures mostly when you back up with the steering wheel fully in max left or right position, then when you straighten out the steering wheel while moving forward, the steering wheel will not move. You have to yank on the steering wheel to get it to move. Once it starts moving, the power steering affect becomes active again. I suspect there are others who are experiencing the same thing.
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    The same is happening to my 07 exl, vehicle runs great, except for this problem with steering at very slow speed and it I am getting frustrated . The dealer said it could be the pump, so I brought it in, and after two days, they said the pump is ok, and the system itself is good. So I asked them if they drove it and able to replicate the problem. They said they did, and the only time it does it is when you suddenly yank the wheel which I think is BS. Anyway if anyone out there knows the solutions to this problem pls help.
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    We are going to try one more time making an appt. at dealer and see if they will change the rack and pinion (I believe this is it) I've talked to a couple of buddies, they think this might be it. It sounds to them that the valves in that box aren't keeping up with what we are asking it to do. We will see!!
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    Thanks milspec45, pls keep us updated on your progress
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    I have a 2006 Odyssey EX-L and did not have any problems until I replaced my original tires. I put Goodyear Assurances on it from a reputable local dealer. This was performed in October 2008. Had a family member take the van in for new tires for convenience and he did not check for vibration or damage after competion. Shortly after that I found damage to each rim 1/2 inch from outside of rim into the metal. Also had vibration above 110 km/hr or 65 mph. Did not have any vibration before this. Honda did fantastic job of balancing before this. Vendor paid for re-finishing of rims. Still had vibration problem. After this, went of road-force balancing. They gave me results and said 3 tires wouldn't balance and were faulty. Then went to original dealer to give them results. They then replaced 3 of 4 tires and did balancing again. Vibration still at 65 mph / 110 km/h. What the ???? can I do? I love my van and paid big bucks for quality? What is the problem????
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    We took the van in on tuesday this week, replaced the steering gearbox. While they had it torn apart found something else broke in the steering colum, cable reel?, not exactly sure I understood there explanation but had something to do with the airbags I think. Wife has only driven it three days but no complaints yet. Everything except the rear alignment was covered under warranty so as of now there are no new complaints.

    we shall see how long this lasts!!!

    milspec 45
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    I bought my 2005 honda new in 2005 and just got the quote form honda on a repair to the exact same problem. No ability to steer at zero or low speeds such as backing out of a parking space. It's been gradually getting worse over the years but Honda told me in 2005 when I first brought it up that it was normal. 600.00 for a new pump.
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    I've been experiencing a similar problem with my '07 Touring. It audibly "groans" when I turn the wheel at slow speeds and parking the van is essentially done without any power steering assist. It seems to be much worse when the car is warm after driving an hour or more. I'm taking it in for regular service today and I'm going to have them look at it.
  • amjd1amjd1 Member Posts: 9
    Power steering unit was dead per the dealer. It was repaired under warranty
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    I bought a 2006 EXL in May this year from a friend of mine. I have always had an intermittent problem with the power steering when trying to park the van. I spoke to the technician at our local Honda dealer and he said that this is common with alot of the ody's he drives in and out of the car bays, but they have found nothing to be wrong. I took it in again today as I am frustrated with having no power steering when I am trying to park the van! The technician just called and informed me that both the power steering pump and rack are on their way out!!!! The base warranty is gone now and I am looking at a $2,500.00 plus repair bill. Has anyone received any help from Honda Manufacturing regarding this problem. I only have about 98,000 km's on this vehicle.
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    I spent about the same on a new power steering pump and a new starter on an 05 honda odyssey with 75,000 miles on and both were obviously outside the warranty and both which should not need replacement on a vehicle with 75,000 on it. I did pursue this with Honda and got nowhere. There is obviously a problem and Honda doesn't want to step up and resolve it.
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    Had the same problem with steering wheel vibration at 60 mph after purchasing new tires at Big O. Turned out that they tightened the lugnuts too much and bent one of the rotors(sp?) After my brakes were replaced the problem went away.
  • vernonstwhizvernonstwhiz Member Posts: 2
    My 2006 Odyssey with 60k miles has a steering problem. The local dealership told me that they would be glad to diagnose the problem for $138. My regular mechanic examined my car, looked on line for information, and told me that it is more than likely the steering pump.
    I contacted the Corporate office Cust. Service and was told that "It hasn't been a problem" and since the warrenty is out there wasn't anything that they could do.
    Honda we have a problem here! And you are not making any points with your customers. The least you could have done was to offer me a discount on a new pump. The response I received was not very Honda-like.
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    One way to get things like this handled at reduced or no cost is to regularly frequent the dealership and give them high marks on their service work.

    I've been going to the same Honda dealership since 1991 and little issues are taken care of at no charge and they go to bat for me with Honda when something big happens. I also make sure to not be a jerk and to give them high marks on the surveys - they do deserve the marks.

    It may cost a little more but it pays off in the end.
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    Our power steering pump just failed at 49k. I found a service bulletin that explained the problem exactly, and it said that Honda would consider it fixing it as a courtesy even though it was out of warranty. The dealer explained that they were much tighter then they had been in the past about what they fixed for free, but it was worth a try. Honda ended up paying for all but $100 of the repair, which I guess would have been almost $800 had they not covered it. The dealer was surprised by how much Honda covered, and speculated that the only reason they did was because we have done all are service at the dealer, and we did do the big 30k service, and we were doing the 45k service while they had the vehicle in the shop.

    Now, I see two ways to look at this. 1 – Honda was very generous by covering a majority of the repair. 2 – The problem was caused by a tiny screen in a little plastic reservoir that plugs up, causes the pump to suck air, and the bearings burn up. They know about, and I was able to find the details online within a few minutes. Since we do all our service there, you would think they might have been a little proactive on this and helped us to avoid the problem.

    Either way, I’m glad it didn’t cost me a bunch of money. It does make me wonder if I need to search on all the service bulletins and see if there are any other problems I need to be worried about, and what symptoms to watch for.

    Until the system started whining really loud every time the steering wheel moved at all, which it only started doing the night before we got it fixed, we had no symptoms that would have led you to suspect anything power steering related. For a few weeks, I did notice things were not quite as smooth and quiet as they had been, but nothing specific, and nothing serious enough to get any attention.
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    I am having an issue with my 2000 Odyssey, the power steering pump whines and after 2 pumps it is still doing the same thing. The mechanic I use said the power steering pressure switch is leaking....I don't believe can a pressure switch leak? Anyway....looks like I am going to have to eat the 350.00 I have spent with him and take it to the dealer...only thing is, I am going to have to spend the money I have been saving for Christmas all year since I don't make Dealership money. N E 1 have any ideas?
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    I use this van as a work van an put 27K miles on it in one year. Now when I try to park the van, no power steeing. I've had it to the dealer once but they just replaced the reservior and fluid. Problem still exists. I agree with one of the eariler posts that the problem seems more evident when the vehical has been running for a while.

    I think Honda has a serious design problem that spans at least 3 years.
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    There is a recall in effect for the vibration. All of you should ask your service advisors to show you the recall and fix the cars. They are not going to tell you unless you ask. :(
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    These problems have persisted since the 2005 model year. I reported this issue to my dealer after owning the van for less than six months as the problem got worse. They acknowledged "stiffness" and "grinding noise" in steering but at the time there were no bulletins from Honda or "fixes". Of course, over time, the problems have only gotten worse. When brand new, I also had a slight "shimmy" when braking lightly at 65 to 70 mph, which the dealer acknowledged might be warped rotors and told me to get fixed before the warrant period expired. So that was all 4.5 years ago. Went to the dealer at 18 months for minor warranty fixes, including all aforementioned issues and was shocked to find out the brakes only had a one-year warranty. So I got hosed on the rotors. Also was told there was still nothing to be done regarding power steering. About six months ago I was in for a minor service and had the power steering reservoir replaced ($140) which eliminated the "grinding" noise, but was still told the next step to fix the power steering issue was the pump, another $550. So I recently approached 100k and took the van in for the timing belt et. al. That was $900. My DEALER still told me no guaranteed fix on the steering even if they put a new pump in. So I finally got REALLY irritated and called Honda. They said it was a warranty issue and I was out of warranty so nothing. EVEN THOUGH THE ISSUE WAS REPORTED AND DOCUMENTED WHILE THE VEHICLE WAS UNDER WARRANTY. Through this website and others, I found out that in 2007 there was a bulletin to the dealers re: the pump, but Honda is still not taking responsibility for the problems. So... I called my dealer,spoke at length with the GENERAL MANAGER (not service manager), told him my next step was to name the dealership and Honda in a SMALL CLAIMS COURT LAWSUIT (using websites such as this one for ammunition), gave him my Honda America case number, and yesterday the service manager called me and I'm getting the pump done at NO COST!! So there is hope if you are willing to pursue it. In 1981 I bought my first new car: 1981 Honda Civic Hatchback. After 24 months or so, it began to rust through the engine compartment. Honda supposedly had a great "rust" warranty. But they decided that it was rusting from the "outside in" and the warranty only covered from the "inside out". I had washed that car weekly and waxed it monthly, RELIGIOUSLY. I swore I would never buy another Honda. My wife and I have owned five new cars since then; 1 Nissan, 2 Toyota Camrys, and two Ford trucks. We have NEVER had issues like this before. And there are LOTS of small issues with this van. I only decided on Honda because of the better driver legroom, the seat configurations and fold-down style, the everywhere airbags, and the leather coming standard. We put 120k on the Nissan, 70k on the first Camry, 36k on the second, 90k on the Ford Ranger, and are almost at 100k on the F150. I have already spent more on the Odyssey and have had more problems than ALL THE OTHER VEHICLES COMBINED. Honda can kiss my **** if they think I will ever buy another one or refer someone to them. And although it was rated at 28 highway, and I drive 90% highway, I have never gotten more (or less) than 20 MPG. Goodbye Honda. When this van is done, I'll be looking elsewhere. :mad:
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    I have 2005 Odyssey. The steering become stiff at parking or very low speed recently and getting worse. Maybe it is also due to the pump issue. Will need to have it checked out. Honda dealer mentioned about $125 fee for checking. Seems it is a common Odyssey problem.
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    FWIW I just got my power steering assembly (rack, pump, the works) replaced and Honda paid for it all. I do have a Honda Care extended warranty but I was actually right up against the mileage limitation on it & was stunned they covered what ended up being about $2000 worth of repairs. I had taken my 05 Ody in because of a noise when starting the car; they not only replaced my starter under warranty, but said the power steering pump was leaking and that was covered by warranty too. On top of that they wouldn't let me continue to drive the car until it was repaired, even though I had not noticed any changes in the steering performance; they put me in a 2010 Camry loaner car for the weekend while they overnighted the necessary parts so they could do the repairs today. I was looking through my very extensive service records for this van (you would not believe!) and noticed that the exact same repair/replacement on the power steering was done in 2006. I love my Ody but I tell you I have never had a brand new vehicle that has needed this many fixes in such a short stretch of time. I am beginning to think that Honda is well aware of the many problems with this vehicle, perhaps in particular the '05, I don't know. Mine is an LX w/Nav & DVD, btw---just one click short of the Touring basically. My take is that if you are lucky enough to have a conscientious dealership you can get these things taken care of; if not, it may be up to you to force them to take things to the next level and get the repairs covered.
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    We had to have our PS pump replaced at 74,000 miles and today our AC compressor went out after another 3,000 miles!!!
    What has happened to the Odyssey?
    This is the 6'th Odyssey we have owned and we have NEVER seen this before.
    Makes one a little bit nervous about buying another one - Honda needs to do something about their warranty time/length!!!
  • stevev4stevev4 Member Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a certified pre-owned honda odyssey to replace our 2003 honda odyssey that had transmission go out at 100k miles. Van had 6k miles and fully loaded with all the horns and whistles. Thank god for rain in spring in so cal because we found a leak in driver side door/windshield area. After two trips to dealership, one to replace windshield, the second to locate drain tube from sunroof kinked as the problem. Now, have issues with a whistle and rattling driver side door window. Took in last week and was informed that rattle was do to "hard door" rubber and unable to replicate whistle with service advisor in car. Got the car back with what appears to be vasaline like substance on window edge and no relief from rattling glass or whistle. While car was in, tires rotated and steering fluid pump replace do to leak. Did I mention tire wear on front tires seems extreme for new vehicle/tires. Now for my question. Any thoughts on whether this car may have sustained damage that was not disclosed to drive side of vehicle door / windshield that would kink drain hose and or cause window alignment problems leading to rattle and whistle?? On vehicle service reports should I make sure that these issues are noted on the reason for vehicle being brought in ? (which they aren't)

    Bottomline, I am skeptical of the vehicle in light of my recent frustration with a bad transmission on previous vehicle and will not tolerate any deficiencies in a pricey new vehicle. Greatly appreciate and feedback.

    Thanks leary in san diego
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    Actually the Honda Odyssey 2000 Ex model is such a great car. After 10 years and 339,000 Km, its the 1st time I'm taking it to the mechanic for something major- the alternator died. After coming back from the mechanic I heard this whining noise(never heard before) whenever I try to turn the wheel.
    This whining power steering noise is caused when AIR gets into the steeing system, ususally from a defective hose- which the mechanic damaged while changing the alternator. changed the hose ($9) + new fluid($10) + labor($40) >> Total repair cost of $59 and back on the road again. remember to bleed the air out.
    This Odyssey is superb- it likes to cruise at 150km/hr- so I have to constantly bring it down to 130km/hr, it takes any corner at nice speeds without drifting.
    This Odyssey is not your GrandMother- it needs to be on the Highway at least once every week. Press the gaspedal to the floor for 20 secs and see it go past 120km/hr and this will clean out engine+exhaust....then enjoy for 10 years+
    My Odyssey is DarkBlue Metallic- looks best before sunset against the white head lamps and factory fog lights- excellent wheel span+tire size> best design ever.
    Mr. Japan- 10 stars to you and my hat's off too- if you have another one at low milage- same color,same style- I will take it tomorrow, anytime. many thanks.
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    What is the best way to contact Honda re: this issue? My 2007 Odyssey's power steering pump just failed as well and the dealer would not cover the repair. I would like to contact Honda and see if I can get some relief as well. Very frustrating to buy a vehicle based on manufacturer reliability and have a major repair at 45K!
  • odyssey_07odyssey_07 Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem with my 2007 odyssey and dealer is refusing to cover it. I had complained of noises in the engine, engine wheel shaking last year and they said no problems found but once the warrany is over now they say the pump is broken. I am going to complain to corporate. Very very frustaed with Honda.
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    I have a 2006 Odyssey that has experienced the moan, groan, and hard steering problems everyone has mentioned. Honda did issue a technical service bulletin about this, stating that the power steering reservoir should be replaced...usually at the customer's expense. I found a "do-it-yourself" fix that has worked for me and seems to have fixed the situation. Here it is:
    Parts List: one 12 oz. bottle of Honda genuine power steering fluid, available at the dealer for about $3, a 12 oz. bottle of LubeGard Power Steering Fluid Treatment/Protectant available from NAPA auto parts for about $15, may come in a kit with a power steering flush mix also. A siphon pump with tubing, may be able to find at Wal-Mart for a few bucks...very simple pump to remove fluid.
    1. Use the siphon pump to remove as much of the old power steering fluid, and discard/recycle at your local oil recycle place.
    2. If you want to use the flush with the LubeGard kit, then do so and follow the directions. You may need extra power steering fluid to flush the system. I skipped that step without any problems.
    3. Add the LubeGard Power Steering Treatment and the Honda power steering fluid, to the proper fill level on the reservoir. Start the engine and circulate the fluid, turning the steering wheel back and forth a few times to get the fluid into the system. Turn off the engine, check the power steering fluid to make sure it is at the proper level. Drive and enjoy new peace and quiet and better steering feel.

    I hope this "fix" works for some of you. It has proved a "fix" for me for the past 30 thousand miles without problems. And it is still working fine without problems.
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