2003 Blazer Multiple Problems Over Past Year

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I was a happy owner of a 2003 4 door chevy blazer, currently 73,500 miles. My vehicle is an automatic, and has power everything, push button 4 wheel drive, etc. I bought this vehicle used approximately 3 years ago with 16,000 miles on it from a dealership that used it as a "fleet vehice".

Within the past year I've had the gas censor replaced multiple times, as it reads incorrectly once its at 1/2 tank, from there it will jump around between empty and 1/2. Dispite the censor replacements it still reads incorrectly.

Another problem is I will notice that my vehicle will rev up intermittadly.

And my last major concern is that within the past month my check engine light/service engine soon light keeps coming on. I've been sure to tighten the gas cap until it 'clicks' I usually keep letting it clock to be sure its locked in. I've had it to the dealer already but they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Now 3 days after I had it checked, the light comes on again. It may be a coincidence, but it seems to coincide with when I take it out of 4 wheel drive. The first time it did not happen immediately after, just within the same day. Today was immediately after I took it out of 4 wheel drive.

My vehicle is not making any noises, is running fine, the light is just on. I plan on taking it to auto zone to have them read it, since I believe the dealership is treating me like an imbicile.

Any suggestions? I'd like to have a opinion so I can have an idea what the problem is. Alos, I am dilligent about oil changes, I have a new air and oil filter in there, I've had the transmission fluid changed within the past 6 months, and they just put in some kind of engine cleaner? to help improve the dismal gas milege (less than 12 miles a gallon!)Thanks !

*also* I had all 4 ball joints? replaced within past year. Didn't know if this was common.


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    I also wanted to add, I had to have the motors? replaced for the windshield wipers approximately 1 1/2 years ago, but has worked fine since, I just noticed the same complaint on a different board.
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    I have a '98 and at about the same mileage my gas mileage got very bad. I replaced the spark plugs and distributor cap and things were much improved. There's not much else you can do for a 'tune up'. Mileage went from 14mpg to more like 18 in town and as much as 23 on the highway taking it real easy.
    These things eat ball joints, especially the lower ones. But it's such a bear to get to them most repair places suggest changing both upper and lower at the same time.
    Good luck!
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    Hi, I own a 96 Blazer LS 4 Dr... I live in Florida... I bought my Blazer in January of 2003 with 80K miles. It was a lease vehicle for a local A/C company, only the driver seat was sat in. I keep a maintenance and mileage log. I get 19-22 MPG combined C/H. At the time I purchased it, I was working at a dealership (I have worked as a mechanic for over 30 years). The first week I had it, I converted the vehicle to AmsOil Synthetic lubricants, and flushed the transmission, and again six months later. The vehicle now has over 190K miles. It has proven itself as a very reliable vehicle with only one flaw that I have discovered to date. It concerns the main plug for the A/C system close to the blower motor. Same exact flaw on my 81 and 82 Grand Prix. There is a large red wire and two or three smaller wires at this connector. The larger wire is the main blower wire which overheats when the blower is on the high setting. It overheats because the metal connectors corrode within a few years because it is not a weather proof connector… a design flaw in my book. Eventually the connector melts… and you have a melted connector mess. The simple solution is to cut the big wire on both sides of the connector and reconnect using a yellow barrow connector filled with di-electric grease. I have had to do that to six GM vehicles that I have owned. Symptoms are the blower will start and stop on high and then eventually not work. Do yourself a favor… and make the repair… unless the connector is still in good condition… meaning it is not melted… then just pack it with di-electric grease. I can send a photo of the repair.

    Take care, TJ
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    How do I get the spare to stop squeaking when I hit bumps in the road.And has anyone had the front 4x4 engagement survo go out? It's located under the battery.I was navigating a deep mud hole when the 4wheel drive stopped working. I found a 2"-3" tare in the survo. I was told by the dealer that it is rare for the survo to tare like that. But I should know by now that if something is going to happen out in the middle of nowhere,it will happen to me.
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    I had a lot of squeaking coming from the rear of my 2000 too. I found that it is actually the window latch and striker that squeaks. Try spreading some lithium grease on the latch or spray some wd40 in there (grease will last longer). If it turns out to be your spare tire carrier after all, there are 2 bumpers on the carrier that can be adjusted above and below release handle. Crank them out a couple turns (there are nuts on both sides of stud) and see if that helps. Might be some trial and error with this because if you adjust them too far your carrier may become difficult to close. As far as the servo goes, haven't had any trouble with mine. But I noticed that the battery tray has a hole in the middle of it and any water trapped there drains right on top of the servo. I took a bit of plastic tubing and super glued it to the bottom of the battery tray so the water would drain away from the servo. Hope that helps!
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