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  • 00wip_b_ville00wip_b_ville Member Posts: 1
    there is a tierod looking piece that looks like an alignment part on the rear just wondering what thats called?
  • bonneville96bonneville96 Member Posts: 28
    I have the same issue with my '96 SE. First noticed it 5 or 6 years ago. One mechanic told me that I should stop driving immediately and replace the A/C Compressor, OR ELSE ... Another guy told me to stop worrying as long as everything worked properly. So I did.
    The metallic rattling comes and goes. I had 2 or 3 "quiet" years, now the noise is back. In fact, it stops as soon as you start your A/C.
    It does not seem to harm the engine, the only problem that it gets on my nerves.

    It does not completely answer your question, but at least you can drive without too much worries.
  • artdallasartdallas Member Posts: 2
    hello everybody,
    I need help getting po134 code for o2 sensor just replaced sensors for code po131 and po141 for heaters in o2 after 2weeks of replacing sensors car runs good no vacuum leaks that i could tell can anybody have any lead way to my problem. thanks it a 2000 bonneville ssei
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    have a 96 bonneville w/ a 98 park avenue 3800. changed ignition module, coil packs, spark plugs, wires, both o2 sensors, fuel filter, air filter, fuel rail, pressure reg, injectors, still stalling getting 0171 system adaptive fuel too lean wtf is wrong with this thing please please help...running out of money!!! :mad:
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,727
    How long have you had the Park Avenue motor in it?
    Have the symptoms been there since the replacement?
    Did you change the computer and PROM in the computer--or at least the PROM?

    Feeling the type of stalling and getting more conditions about when it stalls would help. How many miles on the car? On the motor?

    P071 may be due to MAF, vacuum leaks, and some other things. The MAF sensor can be cleaned with spray after taking it off-two screws, security type screws.

    Fuel pump problem, low pressure after warming up.

    Crankshaft position sensors do funny things.

    The intake screen ont he end of the throttle body should be there. Is it? That is the honeycomb screen that straightens the airflow before the MAF sensor.

    Try spraying carb cleaner around all the hoses and the edge of the upper intake. Some have found hoses dry rotted or split near the ends especially in areas that get some gas fumes or high heat.

    Remove and clean the EGR valve.

    Other mentions have been the lower seals on fuel injectors age due to the heat and need replacement--cheap and easy.

    But diagnosis is important, otherwise you're just throwing money at the problem.

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  • michelle111michelle111 Member Posts: 2
    Why is my 2001 Bonnie SSEI so hard on gas?? 19-20 miles per gallon... is this normal? It shouldn't be?? Wondering what others get?
  • michelle111michelle111 Member Posts: 2
    I am wondering where I can buy lower left and right control arms for my 2001 Bonnie SSEI without the Dealership prices?? I live in Ontario, Canada! Can't seem to find anyone here that are selling them... What to do?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,727
    rockauto.com may have them

    Have you tried aftermarket shops selling nonGM brands...?

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  • bmerrinbmerrin Member Posts: 1
    My name is ben

    i would like to know is there way to bypass the ac compressor?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,727
    On certain motors a belt can be found that's shorter and just bypass the pulley for it. Others have a pulley that replaces the compressor which requires removing the actual compressor.

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  • keeko40keeko40 Member Posts: 3
    Hi, can anyone tell me the proper way to remove the wiper arm on a 1994 bonneville? The motor has become disconnected with the wipers and I need to remove the vent sheild at the bottom of the windshield, but to do this I need to remove the wipers. Thank you!
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,727
    List up on the wiper to pull it away from the windshield when you've turned off the key with the wipers midswipe.

    On the base of the wiper at the pivot is a tab sticking up along the side. Pull that tab out to move a plate in place to hold the wiper up off the windshield and take the spring pressure off.

    Then you can wiggle the whole wiper straight up off the hub splines. Enjoy.

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  • keeko40keeko40 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks imidazol97, I will give that a try. Appreciate the information!
  • keeko40keeko40 Member Posts: 3
    Hello, with the help of Imidazol97 I was able to get the wipers off and the motor arm attached again. Now I have the problem of the stroke is only 1/4 of what it should be? No matter where I position it on the spines, I am only getting the 1/4 motion. How can I correct this and how do I know if something is bent, I have never seen what it was before the arm come off the ball/ motor? Thanks in advance!
  • imymadnessiimymadnessi Member Posts: 3
    I have just bought an 05 SE with 146,000 miles, the car is in grate shape and seems to run just fine. I have done the standard neccesities, change oil new plugs new air filter changed fluid and filter on tranny. There is a whining noise I believe from the tranny as the noise increases and decreases with the engine RPM, I have replace the serpentine belt and checked the pullys and the whining persists.

    Are there some cheaper items to begin with first that I may not be considering before the dreded transmission shop and the violation without dinner or a drink first?
  • rbullock440rbullock440 Member Posts: 10
    Does it happen when the RPM's increase or speed?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,727
    The power steering pump is low on the back of the engine. That might be low on fluid or causing the whine. You should check the positions of the steering hoses to see if any are where they can touch the firewall to give an echo effect vibrating it making the noise louder. The power steering whine should be sensitive to steering load if you turn the steering wheel. The power steering hoses are known for transmitting sounds to the body. Also look at heater and AC hoses.

    Otherwise, transmission pump might be a cause.

    If you have a camera that records mpgs, you might record the sound and post a link to it on a photobucket.com free account. Others here may have experience and be able to distinguish the sounds from each other.

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  • imymadnessiimymadnessi Member Posts: 3
    the whine is consistent with the rpm range and gets higher and louder as the rpm range increases and backs down when it shift to the next gear and starts over. the shifting seems to be pretty good as far as I can tell.

    The whine does not change as I turn the steering wheel, only with the rpm range and I have checked all fluid levels and hoses on the car. I put a stethescope on the pullys and can't quite determine if any are making an out of caracter noise.

    I just bought a Chilton but it does not go over any of the sensors that I have seen so far. Could the whine be caused by a bad sensor or should I be fearing the worse? I have been considering putting a bottle of Lucas in the transmission to see if there is any change.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,727
    I think you need to have the transmission checked by more than one knowledgeable service location. It could be something terminal. It could be a faulty pressure control solenoid requestion full pressure. The pressure control solenoids seem to have had a small but certain failure rate, often affecting shift quality.

    I think someone who knows the 4T65E transmission needs to hear the problem and connect a diagnosis computer to it. Don't trust just the first shop, because they're like surgeons, they only make money for doing surgery.

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  • imymadnessiimymadnessi Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for all your info. I stopped by 4 Reputable transmission shops today and had them look and listen to the car, all came up with the same conclusion......Torque Converter.......also all made the statement that if the converter is going it is more than likely destroying the transmission as well.

    Is this common and accurate? cheapest quote so far is 1600.00 - 1800.00 depending on intensity of rebuild.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,727
    I don't know how common the torque converter is a problem but it does get mentioned along with a pressure control module. Was one of the shops a dealership? .

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    I have a 97 Bonneville and the fuel gauge doesnt work, not a big deal, but a year or so ago i changed the fuel pump as it went bad. I used to be able to get about 330 miles out of a tank but now in the 240 - 260 range i start to stall out going around big turns or comming up to lights and stopping. The car always starts right back up but i usually go get gas and then onlt end up putting 13 - 15 gal of gas in it. Any help on what I can do or check to get to use all the gas in my tank?
  • phillyfrankphillyfrank Member Posts: 9
    My car doesn't always start when I turn the key. It makes a noise like the starter won't turn it over. It starts after a few trys but it happens more and more. I had a new starter put in in July 2007. Can it be something else besides the starter? How hard is it to install a starter?
  • sammz111sammz111 Member Posts: 2

    I just bought a 2000 pontiac bonneville

    Just found out today that the cigarette lighter does not work and neither does the lights for the center console where you shift into drive as well as all the buttons where the ac/heat is.

    Does anyone know if these are both fuse problems and if so where are they located and what kinds do i need

    any help would be great I know nothing about cars

    thanks, Sam
  • honlifehonlife Member Posts: 2
    having issues with my bonneville running put a ocb code reader on the vehicle and the reader can not link with computer. checked on another car and reader works, any ideas?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,727
    That may be the year that requires a special connector. The system is OBDII but the connector is OBD I or something like that...

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  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,727
    Check your owner manual for fuse locations, under the hood in the box where the battery used to be and under the rear seat is a fuse/relay block close to the battery.

    Best advice I can give you is to find the actual factory service manual from GM sold by Helminc.com. Be careful, lots of people pawn off manuals taht are not authentic or they sell one volume instead of the 2 or 3 in the actual group. They are sold on helminc.com and probably are around $135.

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  • honlifehonlife Member Posts: 2
    Any idea what it would be called as the manual ddoes not state you need a special connector.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,727
    edited October 2010
    >Any idea what it would be called as the manual ddoes not state you need a special connector.

    Look here for info.
    Try searching for code readers that have the special adapter and are able otherwise to read the codes from the 1995s.
    Ask at advance auto., e.g,

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  • jermil1jermil1 Member Posts: 2
    ahd this problem on my 97 sse awhile back 'ended up being a bad ground wire
  • jermil1jermil1 Member Posts: 2
    any issues I should be aware of?
  • eddieamboeddieambo Member Posts: 1
    can u please tell me where the ground wires to the fuel pump is
  • amandajhamandajh Member Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    Did you find a solution? Having the same problem! Thanks!!
  • bluesmok29bluesmok29 Member Posts: 2
    My 99 Pontiac Bonneville check engine light was on, so I went to advanced and took the machine to read the codes and it was something about the emission problem. I cleared the codes and about a week later I needed to have it inspected, no engine light, but would not pass inspection, claims not ready. It has been a week and 140 mile later, could you give me some solutions I can try?
  • bluesmok29bluesmok29 Member Posts: 2
    Not yet.
  • terry2000bon1terry2000bon1 Member Posts: 1
    One day the rear windows did not go down and very next day the passenger front door did the same thing......then the door locks would not unlock the doors on all passenger doors....what may i look for? i heard it might be something with the child safety fuse or something but i don't know what the fuse is labeled in the fuse block.......HELP!!!!!! its hot outside
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,727
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    Have you had moisture in the car? Leaking sunroof? Leak in the trunk?

    People have found the communication lines from the driver door module to the other three doors (and windows?) corrode at the connector beneath the driver seat. I think I have pictures somewhere. The lines are a tan or light brown. Pull back the carpet at the back of the driver seat. Look for moisture and for four wires crimped together.

    One said to look in a plastic sleeve bundling wires under the driver's seat. Look for brown with white stripe wires. Follow to a corroded connector. They took the driver's seat out (which is four bolts and several connectors).

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  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,727



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    Do you have the lighted mirror option in the sunvisors? What happens is that the plastic hinge breaks on the sunvisor door, and the light switch shorts out, and blows the fuse for the interior lights. Either buy a whole new sun visor for about $100, or remove the sunvisor and disconnect the wiring harness for the light, and re-install the sunvisor with the wire disconnected. You need to pull the wire out of the headliner about 4 inches or so, to get to the connector. It's usually the drivers side, but could be either side or both. Took me a while to figure this one out on my 2003.
  • fogetabotitfogetabotit Member Posts: 1
    I am having this same issue now & got online to research & cross-examine what the auto technician told me today, when I found your blog as the first entry of my investigation. I just replaced the engine almost 1 yr ago with a used motor, but new manifold intake, so I find it hard to believe the plenum is shot. This is to run me apx $450 if I don't find a discrepancy in his claim. Ouch!
  • dontgetcaughtdontgetcaught Member Posts: 1
    This is a common problem and the answer is found on this website:

  • sonofliberty1sonofliberty1 Member Posts: 2
    I had the same problem. Changed the crank sensor an...END of problem! Ken
  • sonofliberty1sonofliberty1 Member Posts: 2
    My '96 Bonneville will start cold and run and drive fine but after it is warm it will start, then quit after 5 seconds. ??
  • diytosavediytosave Member Posts: 6
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    Ok this may sound dumb but. My wife drives this car and it run's fine while she is driving it but when I drive it the next day the batery is dead or so close to it that the engine will not even turn over .Now I have read threads about how to check for the power drain but it don't do it all the time so I don't know when or what to do. everything is factory, I feel that it has something to do with the way I drive or better yet how I park and get out and not linger in the car like she does. All I can say is HELP 3.8 k SSE no supercharger.

    Now I worked on it last night and I put a test light between the Negitive cable and the battery and got a bright light, so I started pulling out fuse one by one and on the firewall there is a maxi fuse labeled horn, turn sig, and trunk when I pull it out the light went dim any help would be great!!!
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,727
    I haven't looked in my factory manual to see what all is on that maxifuse, but if it says trunk, I'd check my trunk light to see if it's been staying on. I would open the trunk lid quickly and feel the area around the light. If it's warm, that may mean the bulb is staying on. You can also just take the bulb out temporarily and see if you still get the drain through the fuse that you were testing.

    I'll check what's on that circuit when I can get to my service manual.

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  • diytosavediytosave Member Posts: 6
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    Thank you, what bugs my it seems to do it when I drive it I thought it was my key that has a resistor in it, and had something to do with the security system but the maxifuse I don't think has any thing to do with that so.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,727
    I looked in my 98 manual and there isn't a maxifuse for horn, turn signal, and trunk.

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  • diytosavediytosave Member Posts: 6
    OK , there are two banks of maxifuse's on the firewall, this fuse is in the right hand bank which is passenger side and it the fuse all the way two the left if I recall it may be one back from that. I can take a picture of it if that would help you help me?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 25,727
    If I read my manual right, the right hand bank starts from the CENTER,
    PWR WDO/SR Circuit Breaker 30 amp
    SPARE, 60 AMP
    PCM/VATS, 20 AMP
    A/C, 30 AMP
    IGN SW, 60AMP
    SPARE, 40 AMP

    Is the fuse you're looking at a 60 amp? Which is next to a 30 amp fuse on the end? That would be the Horns, Door locks, trunk relay.

    Power from there goes to 3 fuses inside the car. So you canr emove those 3 one at at time to see if that cures your drain. You could also remove all 3 and see if your problem is gone, then put them back in one at a time and drive to see if your problem returns. The fuses are IP Junction block, #1 20 amp for door locks, #2 15 amp for RAC/trunk relay, and #3 for Horn 15 amp.

    The RAC module appeared here on this fuse for the first time. I assume that means Retained Accessory Power. That's supposed to keep things like radio and interior lights on for about 10 minutes without the ignition on ON or ACC.

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  • diytosavediytosave Member Posts: 6
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    Is the RAC module different than the BCM and can you tell about where it is

    located? I am thinking thats it because my wife can drive the car three weeks

    and nothing happens but the first time I do, the next day it dead so, she

    lingers in it when she parking I don't and it may be related to the resister in

    our Keys. also can you tell me how much the draw should be on the Battery

    when the car is in sleep mode how many miliamps?
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