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My 2007 MDX is about 6 months old. Ever since October when Daylight savings time was supposed to end, my clock is sometimes an hour fast and sometimes it shows the correct time. When I took the car in for a 6000 mile service and oil change, I indicated the problem to the technician. Of course, that day, it was showing the correct time so they thought I was an idiot who was hallucinating. It can change a few times a day: Any suggestions on how to fix this?


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    Mine did the same thing. It's not the clock, which is working fine. It's the presets. One of your presets (key #1) has daylight savings time set, the other (key #2) doesn't. Make them both the same for key 1 and key 2 and it won't happen again. You are using both keys, correct. You should know that the presets only change when you lock, and then unlock the doors with that key. Using key 1 to start the car, when you last locked it with key 2 still has the key 2 presets. Doesn't make sense, does it. Good luck.
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    Thanks so much and thanks for taking the time to reply. You are spot on.
    I worked it out after thinking about another discussion I had read on the forum and realized that the occasions when it occurred was when I got into the (unlocked) car after my husband had driven it. He has not set his key.
    It is stupid. And you would think that the Acura service department would be aware of this.
    But if it wasn't for this forum, I would NEVER have solved this problem.
    Now if I could only solve the issue of the nonworking garage openers. It doesn't work for any garage door.
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    Are you "synching" the original garage door opener with the home link buttons? If you have then that's an issue for your dealer.
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    Yes, and have tried it with 2 separate door openers in 2 separate houses. Asked the dealer, They said they fixed it. Na aah.

    Could be that both garage doors coincidentally have problems ( although they work with our other cars.)
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    I had the same problem with my garage door openers. Here's what you do:

    1: Unplug your garage door opener (otherwise it will just go up and down a lot)
    2: Hold down the button on the garage door opener remote and then hold down the button on the car (the instructions tell you to wait for the flashes - do that)
    3: it won't work
    4: plug your garage door opener back in
    5: pull your MDX into the garage as close to the opener mechanism as possible
    6: find the "learn" button on your opener, its usually near the light, push it, some openers have an LED that will flash, some don't
    7: move quickly, you don't have much time
    8: get into your car, push the button you want to use again and hold it (i can't remember if you have to wait for the flashes)
    9: it should work.

    Let me know if it works, you have to "teach" it the code from your unit, not your remote.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for the very detailed and explicit instructions. I am going to try it when DH or son are around and will let you know how it works out.
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    DH? :confuse:
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    Dear Hubby. :shades:
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    I've experienced the same issue with the key #1/2 with both the clock and the radio presets. Somewhat annoying, but otherwise we like the vehicle very well.
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    Have not yet had a chance to sort out garage door problems.
    But back to the clock issue. Just purchased a 2008 MDX (no tech package so this gives the time and date.) This clock is way off even with key correctly programmed. Clock reads Wed, Feb 7, 5 :07pm. ( when it is Tuesday, Dec 25 and I feel like perhaps it is really a time machine and if I press the wrong button I will be sent hurtling into the future! (I guess I have watched the Back to the Future series too many times.)
    Fortunately I have to take it back to dealer on Friday to get the roof racks installed so I will get them to sort out all the glitches. But it is annoying. Don't have this problem with our other vehicles which take the time reading from satellite.
    Can't wait to fill out my survey to Acura.
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