Nissan Quest How to remove passenger axle

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Thus far into the removal, I've disconnected the ball joint, sway bar link, removed the caliper, and removed 2 of the 3 bolt in the axle bearing retainer. The third bolt came half way out, but heat and pb blaster didn't cut it. Finally, I broke the head off of the bolt.

The axle won't come out, and I'm not sure what this bearing retainer is exactly, and why it needs to have the 3 bolts removed. Also, it seems that the bolts only begin threading after they're halfway through. Which would tell me that although the head broke off, it should simply pull apart now.

Also, the new axle looks like it's only held in by a C-clip. What does the axle bearing retainer do to keep the axle in?

Any help is very appreciated, I need to finish this ASAP. Thanks.

Chris G.


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    What year is your Quest?

    You may find some links in the Online Repair Manuals guide that will work for you to find diagrams and descriptions.

    Steve, visiting host (with a '99 GXE)
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    The Quest is a 1997. However, I was able to remove the bracket and axle.. Only, the intermediate shaftjackshaft came out with it, and it seems they will not seperate. I thought it's only a C clip holding the axle to the intermediate shaft? They meet at the axle bearing, and I can't seperate the two.. ???

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    Mine's a '99 and I did my passenger axle (to fix a split CV joint cover) a few years back with some help from a wrench turning friend. As I recall, it was a bit of a chore separating the axle but it did snap out, and I don't remember anything about a shaftjackshaft.

    Wish I had some suggestions....
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    Sorry, typo.. I meant an intermediate shaft aka Jackshaft
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    Well, not being much of a mechanic, that doesn't mean much to me either :blush: -- all I recall was a length of axle with the CV joint hidden by the rubber cover and splines on the other end.

    Here's a snap of the front axle diagram from my manual for my '99; if it looks like it may help at all I could email you a higher resolution pic.

    front axle
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    undergroundr32 - My 2000 Villager is torn apart in the garage in the very same state yours was on Dec 16. I am trying to replace the passenger's side outer CV Boot.

    How did the complete axle assembly come out? I have taken the bolts out of the bearing retainer, but I cant get the retainer halves apart.

    How did you get the axle out of the bearing?

    How did you get the axle out of the transmission?

    Pretty frustrated - I did not realize the outer boot was not "servicable" by dangling it. I was hoping to leave all of that upper stuff assembled - now I am stuck!

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    Ugh, I have to apologize for not getting back to everyone on this thread. The simple cause of all this stupidity was the incorrect axle.

    I had even brought the old axle in when purchasing it, and it matched up perfectly in length to the old one, only it didn't connect to a intermediate shaft. Ironically enough, the correct axle is a somewhat single piece assembly with the intermediate shaft and new axle bearing. I got it, and popped it in pretty quickly.

    However, the issue when getting apart the old one was that I had broken a bolt. Luckily enough the CORRECT new axle came with a new axle bearing and bearing retainer half. Ureka, no broken bolt in that one. But the half of the bolt which was in the retainer bracket that bolts in the car was pretty easy. Since those holes are not threaded, I simply took the new bolt going in that hole, lined it up and hit it out with a hammer. It was in there pretty tight though, due to twisting, and took a little coaxing to push out.

    Also, when I put the new axle and axle bearing retainer in, it was tight. What I did was match it up and push it with my hand until it was snug. Then, I put the axle nut on the end of the axle and hammered on it until the bearing retainer was in enough to catch a thread or two on each of the 3 bolts. After that, the bolts pulled the rest of the way in, as long as you do them each a few turns at a time so it slides in equally on all sides.

    I can answer any other question, if anyone is having similar problems. "[email protected] " :)
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    When I learned that the outer CV Joint/boot was "unservicable" I called around for a new inner CV joint/boot kit (because it would have to be removed to repair the outer boot). No-one had it in stock and the wife needed the car the next day.

    I bought a whole new axle instead of repairing the two boots, and I was very happy to see that it came with a bearing and retianer! I now could beat on the old bearing retainer to get the old axle out - and that's what I did. THe new one went in pretty easy.

    This thread was a big help - a lot more than my Haynes!.
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    I'm sure glad I had help when I did mine. Actually I was the helper. :shades:

    Otherwise my Quest would probably still be sitting on jack stands in my garage...

    Thanks for the updates everyone!

    Steve, visiting host
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