Chrylser T&C/Dodge Grand Caravan Wind howl?

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I recently leased a 2008 Town and County Touring. Love the van and all of the features. Got a great deal, but noticed that after I left the dealer, there was a wind howl inside the cabin. Most noticable at speeds above 40mph. I will be taking the van in to get my tags in a week or so, but in the mean time, I wanted to know if anybody else experienced this. If so, what was the problem? I'd like to know so I can tell the dealer to be ready to fix the issue when I get there instead of waiting around for a tech to figure it out.

P.S. I think it is coming from the rear of the vehicle, but it is hard to tell.


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    i have an 08 grand caravan and the sliding door window gasket doesn't fit right and has gaps in it yours may have the same thing and it is pulling in wind from there.
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    Thanks, but a guy on the Chrysler forum identified the problem. Appearently the crossbars on the roof rack have an aerodynamic shape. Fat end must face forward like an airplane wing, otherwise the crossbar creates resistance and howls. I flipped both crossbars and the problem was solved. Thanks anyway.
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    My 08 T&C has just over 4,000 miles on it and we love it. However...there is a loud clunking/metal sound whenever I turn the wheels to the left at a slow speed (like parking); at 40 to 50 mph there is a whistling noise which stops if you let off of the accelerator; have had problems with the passenger slider refusing to close; front end squeaks when going over speed humps, etc. Anyone else experiencing any of these things? I am scheduling an appointment at the dealer but would like to go in with an idea of what is going on, if possible. Thanks.
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    I have the exact same issue -- howl/whistle begins at 40 - 50 mph. I checked the roof racks as suggested in one message and mine are in the proper way (thick side to front, thin side to back). Have an appointment tomorrow for this as well as clunking/metal sound in front left when wheel turned to left at slow speed (like parking); passenger door with mind of its own; and squeak under front end when going over speed humps or slight dips in road.
    Anyone else experiencing any one of these? Any advice before service appointment tomorrow (4/26/08)?
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    I have not had the howl or squeak issue, but the other two.
    There is a service bulletin on the sliding door which is resolved by a software update at the dealer.
    I had to bring mine in for a second time on the clunk and they finally did something with the c-clip on the left front axle nut. So far no more clunks in 2 days.

    The quick way to determine if the howl has to do with the crossbars is to remove them and see if the sound persists.
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    Great idea on removing the crossbars. Will give that a try. Thanks! Also, FYI, another member posted that their clunking was fixed by having the Control Arm bolt tightened as well as the "back plate" adjusted so the arm didn't hit it. Maybe that will help you if yours starts clunking again. Have a great day.
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    One thing that might reduce or eliminate the howl (if it is the crossbar) is to move the front crossbar back to the front of the center rail roof anchor point. I have not had any howl with this van, but the last GC I had (2003) howled until I moved the crossbar back. The first thing I did with the 08 was to move it back.
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    Thank God! We are not alone! We have heard this for about 2 months now. We've had it in dealership twice, but they could never duplicate noise (of course it squeals just for us). Finally had a camera in car on trip; it squealed; we taped it; noise captured! Took it to dealership so they could hear. They saw no complaints with Chrysler, but checked the racks. Said racks in place, but noise is STILL there! Hubby thinks it's a wind/sealer issue...Dealership says "bring back for round 4 tomorrow"--chief vehicle to tote our 2 small kids! We have a huge summer roadtrip to see family this summer; I will need meds to put up with that noise. Dealer mechanics act like it's no big deal; "nothing mechanical," they say.They ran it through a big checklist. Wind is whistling through something, they say. But what? No answer. Tune in tomorrow....
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    Ours is a 08 T&C and we moved the roof rails around -- still whistled. Removed the rails -- still whistles. Have a second service appointment at the end of the week. First appointment the techs were unable to duplicate the problems we took it in for: high-pitch whistle at 40 mph+; loud clunking/metal sound when turning wheels to left then back to right at slow speed (like parking); squeak under front end when going over dips/speed humps.
    Keeping our fingers crossed for this service appointment. Success?! I hope so 'cause I do love the van!
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    The clunk on my van was fixed by doing something with the C-Clip or backing plate on the left front axle nut after two service tries. It was catching on a suspension member, then popping free when I turned as you described, and others have had the same issue. Have them look at that.

    I've not had any whistling, but removing the rails was a good way to eliminate them as the source.
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    Had van in for service today. The service tech and the service manager were not able to duplicate the whistle. The service manager even went for a ride with me, but of course the van did not whistle! He said that it may be the windshield seal, that they had another one in and resealed it and it took care of the whistle, but he also said their whistle was constant. Mine comes and goes. So, I will have them try that in a bit and see if that takes care of it.
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    If so, could the title be changed to read 2008 T&C / GC Wind howl? ;)
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    Two weeks to three week road trip...still the noise! Some improvement: Now it squeals mostly after 60+ mph but inconsistently. When it is consistent...yeowch! Rolled down window while driving...can hear noise outside of van, too (not just interior). We removed the antennae (why for $33,000 it is not retractable or in the windshield, I don't know...). Designed with swirls to avoid wind noise, but this helped--DID NOT eliminate the noise, but lessened the volume a little bit to more tolerable pitches. Going in on Mon. to dealership with these posts printed out so they see it's not just us (keep saying, "we don't see other complaints in the system"). I'll ask about windshield sealer and make them check racks again (they didn't last time b/c they wanted one thing at a time...when? one per month?). Enough is enough! Not even loud volumes of Spongebob Squarepants covers this annoyance! I'll be sure to post again the findings. Good luck to you all as the quest continues!
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