Toyota Prius Navigation System Questions

greenladygreenlady Member Posts: 1
Does anyone know where I can purchase an update DVD for my Nav system? I asked at the dealership and was told $400!! I have a 2005 which I just purchased and it has never been updated. I am hoping I can purchase the DVD elsewhere for a lot less.



  • pathstar1pathstar1 Member Posts: 1,015
    It's a propitiatory system done for Toyota, so the only place to get the disk is from a dealer. Do phone around different dealers. You may find one who will give you a break as there is a large markup on these parts.

    The other option is to get one on eBay, but it would probably be an illegal copy.

    Your choice.
  • south4south4 Member Posts: 32
    My 2007 Prius Navigation system has only been correct 2 times in the past year of use! I have been to the dealership 3x and they shrug their shoulders, but I paid $2000 extra for this system and have gotten NOTHING for it. I live in the southeast . Has anyone else had these problems or do I have a lemon?
    ( P.S., one of the 2 places it was correct about was the Toyota dealership)
  • mypinepriusmypineprius Member Posts: 5
    My 2008 Prius Touring Factory Nav System CANNOT Recognize my home street address?
    Our Dealership AND a Senior Toyota Field Tech both have tried to input my home street address, BUT my system WILL NOT Recognize it?
    The subdivision is 15 years old, and the streets were all platted and mapped out at inception.
    County Road Maps, and Even the Telephone Book Maps Both SHOW OUR STREET?
    Toyota Customer Care Answer So Far Was:
    "We have contacted the Navigation System Manufacturer and as soon as an update disc is available we will contact you"
    According to the NAVTEQ web site that could take longer than 2 years before my address is actually shown?

    Anyone Else Having This Kind Of A Disappointment and Problems With The
    Factory Nav System?
  • mypinepriusmypineprius Member Posts: 5
    A supervisor just contacted me today, and had the audacity to tell me "while it is unfortunate you are experiencing difficulties with your Factory Navigation System, (yeah like it doesn't know my home street address, so it can't give me turn by turn directions anywhere) Toyota WILL NOT Make Update Discs available to you FREE. Update discs are 'customer pay' items".
    Well Know, So What Do You All Think of That, So much for Toyota Quality & Customer Care?
    It is obvious to me that the money I paid for this Navigation System, WAS A COMPLETE WASTE, AS TOYOTA HAS NO INTENTION OF GIVING ME EVEN ONE LOUSY UPDATE DISC!

    So if you are gonna get a Prius DON'T BOTHER GETTING THE NAVIGATION SYSTEM!

    It is interesting to also note that while my wife was at Office Depot, she input our home street address into both a Tom Tom, and a Magellon Nav. System and both accepted the address and gave her turn by turn navigation to our home, with no problem at all.
    Do yourselves a favor and Save Money, BUY THE AFTERMARKET NAVIGATION SYSTEMS!

    I genuinely feel "just so violated" of being ripped off by Toyota!

    So, as they say, and it surely rings true in this instance with Toyota,
    :mad: "BUYER BEWARE"

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  • mypinepriusmypineprius Member Posts: 5
    Well actually NO I just do not believe Toyota Customer Care? Really Cares At All!
    Here is a quote from a customer care? supervisor about my Continuing Input Problems with my 2008 Prius Touring Factory Navigation System 2/6/08

    "Good Day Robert This is Juleesa Cabrera From Toyota Customer Care in Torrance calling.
    We are well aware that you are experiencing continuous problems with your factory navigation system in as much as you cannot input your home street address.
    Plus you are unable to access turn by turn navigation to or from destinations or back home.
    Toyota does not presently, nor do we expect to have at any time soon, any solution to this.
    You will need to PURCHASE update discs from the manufacturer when they come available.
    Toyota WILL NOT Supply you with any update discs FREE as they are considered "customer pay items".
    She goes on to say, "We have contacted the manufacturer and learned that because your home is located in a 'rural area' it is more as likely NOT mapped accurately this version. Again, as updated discs become available you will need to purchase them from Toyota."

    Well I have news for you Toyota. This subdivision has been here for 15 years, the streets were all mapped and platted at the time of it's inception. County Road Maps as well as the Telephone Book Maps BOTH SHOW MY STREET. This is a
    Brand New Toyota Factory Navigation System with the NEW 7.1 Navteq Disc.

    So, according to Toyota Customer Care? If you are having difficulties and problems with your Factory Navigation System, well that's too bad for you. They Are Not Going To Help!
    We paid for an expensive Navigation System that cannot even find home street addresses, nor give you turn by turn navigation to and from ANYWHERE?

    I believe if we would all band together, contact Toyota Corporate 1-800-331-4331 and send written complaints to them at the; Toyota Customer Care Dept WC 10 19001 South Western Avenue, Torrance,CA. 90501. direct your complaints to both the Supervisor of Customer Care, Ms. Lorraine Smelcer, and Toyota USA President Mr. Jim Lentz then also send written complaints to; as well as sending an email to; [email protected] to DEMAND Toyota Resolve These Factory Navigation Systems Input Problems.
    Just so all you folks out there know, 70 other people that I found so far, are complaining about continuing Problems and Difficulties with Toyota Factory Navigation Systems. Want to take a look? Just 2 websites are: after you read those 6 pages of complaints, go to for 6 more!
    We all paid BIG to have these Navigation Systems and they sure should work properly!

    As a Sidenote about this; My wife was at Office Depot and input our home address into a cheap Tom Tom, and a Magellon Aftermarket Navigation System. Both systems accepted input of our home address and gave my wife exact turn by turn navigation directly back to our home. Moral of this stroy obviously is; Save Your Money and Buy Aftermarket Nav. Systems.

    If one cannot utilize the system input of home street address, you are also unable to utilize turn by turn navigation features. Those are two of the most important reasons I paid dearly for to have the Factory Navigation System.
    This Navigation System is veritibly USELESS in it's present state. Toyota Needs To Hear This From All With Complaints!

    My question back to Toyota is; Why am I being penalized for YOUR SYSTEMS PROBLEMS and INACCURACIES?
    If the information on these discs is NOT ACCURATE, Toyota Needs to Find A Better Disc Manufacturer.
    Either I get update discs FREE or I want a refund on the Faulty Nav. System, as it cannot resolve these problems by itself! :mad:
  • rockville1rockville1 Member Posts: 26
    Sorry you having such problems with your NAV system, particularly that it does not recognize your home address. I would also find that frustrating. Instead of contacting Toyota, I would see if I could work with the salesperson you got the car from to see if they will provide you with a free update when it comes available.

    However, your other statement that the NAV system will not "give you turn by turn navigation to and from ANYWHERE?" does not seem correct unless the NAV system is completely broken (in which case, should be under warranty). That is, the NAV system does not need your home address to give you turn-by-turn directions to anywhere (except your home). The system uses GPS to locate your car and gives turn by turn based on the location of your car, not your home address.

    Secondly, there is a simple solution to your problem. All you have to do is park your car in your driveway and use the NAV systems "mark this location" function. You can then use the memory of that location to find your house in the future from another location. Another option: you do not have to enter a specific address. You could just enter your street name (I'm assuming the system can find this) and mark this as your home.

    I have been using Toyota's NAV system for over one year (using both 6.1 and 7.1)and I find that it works great! I am very happy with the system. It has a much nicer display than Honda, Garmin or Tom Tom and you don't have to worry about people breaking in to steal like you do with the portables.

    Anyway, I do understand your frustration, and would try to work with the dealer on this to get a free copy or just use the alternatie approaches I described above.
  • mypinepriusmypineprius Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for your reponse "rockville". Actually that's what I meant was it cannot give us the turn by turn back to our home. We have moved the pointer to our exact location while parked in the driveway. Marked it as "home" and now can use turn by turn to other locations. Apparantly if you don't have home set you can't use that?

    We get turn by turn back to our general area, BUT navigation stops at the beginning of our subdivision. The we get the dreaded message" turn by turn navigation is NOT available in this area, please use line of sight to your destination".

    I will take your suggestion of going to the dealer/salesman about the problem.
    They may just give me an update disc if I become enough of a pain in the a.. ;)
  • rockville1rockville1 Member Posts: 26
    Below is some info I lifted off another Prius Chat Forum that might be useful to you (maybe even help you vent some frustration!). It won't help with the 7.1 version, but if you submit your info now, it may be available for future releases:


    To be honest, Toyota puts the DVD together using maps provided by Navteq. My road was built in 1998, and my house was in the wrong place, the street has been completely wrong for 9 years. I thought over the years they would correct it. I came to find out that Navteq does try to correct new places each year, and try to update new roads, business, etc, but they rely a lot on users sending them information or showing that the information they have is incorrect. After finding out about their website, I submitted in April 06 the problems in my area and they corrected in their new map updates. Navteq updates their maps, then offers them to each company.

    Should Toyota explain what has been updated on their disk? Yes!! Somewhere they should have in writing what has been updated. They should also lower their price for the update. But because we bought the Navigation system, we are stuck. We have no choice, either pay for the update or stay with what we have. I saw on the history channel how Mapping companies actually get their information, and it is not a perfect science. The best way to find out what is in the new update is to go to the Toyota dealership, ask if you can try out a car that has the new update and enter a few addresses. If you have already bought from that dealership, and you talk to the person you dealt with, the should be able to arrange it.

    By the way, here is the website for you to report what missing in your area to Navteq.

    Navteq Website

    End Quote
  • navguy1navguy1 Member Posts: 181
    1. Does the GPS icon appear at the top left hand corner of the map display?
    2. Does the icon show the vehicle in the correct location?
    3. When inputting an address have you selected the correct Search Area. For example, I live in California so it must be set to US2. This can be changed by touching the map icon after pressing the DEST button.
    4. When inputting an address input the numerical address first. Then touch STREET and input the base name only... no prefix or suffix. For example, North Main Street should be inputted as MAIN. Touch list at the bottom to find the Main that matches the address you are seeking. Lastly, select the appropriate city. If you input the incorrect city it wont find the address.
  • mypinepriusmypineprius Member Posts: 5
    Thanks to you all for the info. I will try to input the street again, using your tips.

    I did mark home by moving the pointer to where our street should be.
    Turn by turn is useable now, so until I get someone to cough up with an update disc, this is as good as it's gonna get. Too bad it doesn't have a "learn" function.
    Whereby you could actually 'teach" the system locations.

    I have reported the "missing street" to Navteq, and got an email back from them advising they will post the change. It just is not possible to know when.
    Other posts I have read say it could be up to 2 years or so before it happens.

    Regards, Robert :D
  • pharrellpharrell Member Posts: 2
    Is there a fuse or something I can remove to shut down my navigation system? I dont want it to send a GPS signal anymore
  • hihostevohihostevo Member Posts: 59
    I have not purchased a Prius yet... although I was planning on getting a Package #6 version as my wife is a Realtor.

    From what I have been reading 7.1 seems to be the highest number I have seen mentioned. If Toyota only buys the updates from Navteq every two years that would make it more difficult for anyone living in an area that is either not covered or is changing rapidly (at least like Las Vegas was a year ago before the crash).

    Is $400 the "normal" charge for this update disc or is the price negotiable?
  • pharrellpharrell Member Posts: 2
    I'm Not really sure, I don't even know what version I have. I just liked the technology so I paid cash for my car.
    I actually saved $3,000 by paying cash for it.
  • hihostevohihostevo Member Posts: 59
    I have a question for you Nav experts :-)

    Is there a way to set the defaults so that it will automatically allow the freeways to be used for navigation.... the system seems to default to NOT using the freeways and I have to go in and change that each time I set up a destination.

    Strangely enough when I was leaving Reno for Las Vegas Quick 1 tried to route me back to HWY 5 in Northern California, down to Los Angeles and then up to Las Vegas rather than the MUCH SHORTER route though Fallon and down Hwy 95??? I felt this was really strange!!
  • valleygirl2valleygirl2 Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2008 Toyota Prius with the navigation system. We have used the Garmin GPS in our older cars for a few years and love it but we don't love all the wires going all over the car.

    I also wanted the leather seats that came with the car with the navigation system so that’s another reason we ended up with the navigation system.

    Well I'm one of those people whose home address can not be found in the Toyota navigation system. I have lived in my neighborhood for 20 years.

    Not only can't it find my home, once at my home it can't seem to map to other locations because it doesn't know where it is. (A lost GPS, how ironic)

    I now have my good old Garmin hooked up because it has served me so well; wires and all.

    The Toyota navigation system is real disappointment. I went to the NAVTEQ site (provider of mapping info for Toyota) and reported the problem. Interestingly enough when I put in my home address on their site they have it mapped.

    I know I have a learning curve on the new system, but the Garmin seems like it was so much simpler to learn.

    When I was having trouble finding my home address, I couldn't find the screen I was getting anywhere in the manual. I had to figure out what was going on by myself.

    What good is a GPS system that can’t find long term addresses? My Garmin only has trouble with newer areas and I can update it via a USB port on my computer FREE.

    If you see any Toyota or Lexus owners parked on the side of the road in a newer car looking confused and you have a Garmin GPS I advice you to stop and help them get where they are trying to go!!

    Let’s hope that the updates for the Toyota systems get better and cheaper. At this point if you’re only decision factor of buying a Toyota is the navigation system consider this info carefully. Other than that I LOVE the car.
  • gagricegagrice Member Posts: 31,450
    The Toyota navigation system is real disappointment.

    I fully agree. The Nav in our $51k Sequoia Limited is inferior to other systems. I have complained to the dealer and gotten the so sorry we cannot help you from them. It is a $2000 wasted add-on in my opinion. My complaint is missing stores and poor routing. The database for businesses is very poorly designed. You may have 10 different lists for the same name. Several people have told me how much better the Garmin portable unit are. And they are a fraction of the price. I will not waste the money on an update. Who needs more lousy information?
  • larryhavlarryhav Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if you can use the DVD from the Prius navigation system in the Lexus 2004 ES330 Navigation system?
  • joannabobjoannabob Member Posts: 1
    Westchester Toyota's Parts Department (Yonkers, NY) gave me a price of $1,000 for a new GPS disk for my '05 Prius. I laughed. Long and loud.
  • prusaprusa Member Posts: 43
    My windshield glass had to be replaced and the Toyota Parts Department gave me a price of $1,000.00. I laughed, too. The total cost at a glass replacement store near by was $185.00 including the installment. I drive a 2008 Touring PK6 and should of have bought a PKG 4. The navigation system was a waste of money. I sometimes need to go to map quest to get a second opinion for locating addresses. Leather well... it was my first car with leather seats.
  • fseaverfseaver Member Posts: 13
    The Garmin works just fine for me. I have it right on my 2008 Prius dash.She does have a nice voice :):):)
  • agdoc1agdoc1 Member Posts: 2
    I just finished a 1650 mile trip. A significant portion of that was in rainy darkness on roads which the GPS system selected rather than the ones I normally would have chosen.

    I was not able to have the map display showing when it was rainy and dark because it only has a bright Daytime display. The instruction manual says it should automatically switch to Night mode when the headlights go on. It does not. The software says that if I want to have running lights on during the day I can select that option from a software button on the display screen. That button does not exist.

    I called Toyota national help number while I was out of town but all the highest level help they could give was to say I read the manual correctly and they would forward a case number to my dealership for when I got home.; I got home and was told "come back tomorrow" as early as you can because this will take our highest level tech to sort out. So I have to get up at 7 AM Saturday and take my car in to see what happens.

    Anyone else note the absence of a Nighttime Screen on version 7.1?

    P.S. What is with the habit it has of making you go in circles? Some roads I have traveled for 50 years and it wants to divert blocks out of the way and back again when the highway signs through small downtown areas take you straight ahead and Always Have.
  • hihostevohihostevo Member Posts: 59
    Do you have your instrument panel lights turned up to maximum?

    That will cause the screen to remain in the daytime mode.
  • Wool948Wool948 Member Posts: 5
    I accidently set my nav. screen to day mode, which is memorized in the system, I'm having a tough time getting back to nightmode. Does anyone one out there knows how to do that.
    Much appreciated.
  • agdoc1agdoc1 Member Posts: 2
    Day mode is can be set by having your headlights on and having the dash lights turned all the way up to maximum. It is intended for driving with the lights on in the day. If you turn your dashboard light intensity down it assumes you are driving at night and switches to night mode.

    If you have the dash light thumbwheel turned all the way up and clicked into maximum it removes the "daylight mode" from your screen options when using the navigation controls.

    That's the only problem.
  • Wool948Wool948 Member Posts: 5
    Thanks, you're absolutely right.
  • noboundariesnoboundaries Member Posts: 1
    Have you tried changing your area/region? Which state do you live in?

    When you press the DEST (Destination) button, you'll see a United States map on the right with the label "Search Area". Make sure that your region is highlighted.

    If not, touch the "Change" area on the screen. Touch the region you live in, one of "US1" through "US10" and "CAN". Touch the "OK" area and the Destination screen will display again.

    Now, try looking for your home address.

    I've had this problem when I first got my Prius. It's a little annoying compared to the more annoying "feature" where they decided we cannot operate the GPS while in motion (except through voice which has limited capabilities).

    Note: If you are looking for areas beyond the region you are in, you would need to change it first as described above, then enter the address or POI again.

    Cheers! ^_^
  • dwight5dwight5 Member Posts: 2
    How do I get this updated and how much does it cost?
  • dwight5dwight5 Member Posts: 2
    One of my keys has quit working. I think it needs a batter. Can that be changed and do I do that at the dealer or can I do it myself?
  • navguy1navguy1 Member Posts: 181
    Toyota just released the new V9.1 DVD map disc. I picked up mine for $199! I bought one 2 years ago for $265.

    I also got the part numbers for all of the Prius years:

    Toyota Part # Part # disc Year
    86271-GEN04-09 86271-33049 2004-2005
    86271-GEN05-09 86271-53024 2006-2009
    86271-GEN06-09 86271-73011 2010-2011
  • justlooking9justlooking9 Member Posts: 21
    I can see where having the map change to a split screen automatically when you're not sure where you're going, but most of the time it's just annoying. Can this auto change behavior be disabled, how?
  • prius2010prius2010 Member Posts: 12
    I just bought a Prius 2010 . the seller told me that it has the latest version of NAV DVD. It is v8.1. Has anyone never version of this?
  • hihostevohihostevo Member Posts: 59
    The next Nav DVD normally comes out in November of each year. Every other year they update either the West Coast of the US or the East Coast of the US.

    The next Nav DVD should have the latest data for the West Coast included... but currently 8.1 is the latest until the next one shows up.
  • vanderhorstgvanderhorstg Member Posts: 17
    I'm thinking about buying a simple GPS unit for my 2006 Prius, and am wondering if there are any battery/power drain issues that I should be concerned about. Also, any recommendations? I don't need one with lots of bells & whistles, but may consider one with hands-free cell phone capability.
  • bctechbctech Member Posts: 2
    Be careful where you get this. I saw on Ebay a seller but you have to know the version you have now and if you're buying the same or older one! If you do find another seller such as through EBAY will the disc sent be usable, scratches and all..??
    My wife and I have just bought a 2010 Prius with Nav system and all I can say is WOW and shame on Toyota for $300 on an update, what a RIP!!! What we are going to do at some point is get a Garmin and update for $70 per update!!! If you also look and I don't know if the deal is still good but Garmin had a $140.00 lifetime update which allowed you 4 per year for a lifetime!!!! I bought this for the other vehicle and the Garmin I use on it. Again I love Toyota but what a huge rip on the price for the update.
  • bctechbctech Member Posts: 2
    No battery drain issues, it doesn't draw enough to worry about. I've used one in my car/truck for years! For what it's worth I've talked to people about Tom Tom and others, I would get a Garmin, no troubles and the best unit according to reviews and my 4 years of experience with the unit and their support is stellar!!
  • denchevadencheva Member Posts: 1
    Looking to upgrade Nav System - Night vision mode as in 08s etc. Any programs, or chips or is this not possible "unless you buy a new car" as the dealers say.
  • karen68karen68 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2009 Prius (which I purchased December 2008) with a .08.1 version navigation disc. I asked my local dealer about an update being available. He said there was (part # 86271GEN0509) and that the cast was $266.
    1 - Can it be purchased elsewhere for less? If so, where?
    2 - Where can I find what the actual updates are? Are there enough updates to make it worthwhile?
  • hihostevohihostevo Member Posts: 59
    edited February 2010
    When I discussed this issue with Toyota I was told that each half (west/east) of the United States is updated every other year. The 8.1 updated the Eastern US and supposedly the 9.1 version was supposed to update the Western US.

    So depending on where you live it may or may not be a worthwhile update.

    As to where to buy is a tough one... I was lucky enough to purchase a disc from a salvage yard where a new Toyota had been totaled. Several salvage yards sell discs on Ebay,but you have to know what you are looking for... which it appears you do.

    You can also find people selling "burned" copies of the DVD... some of these work, some do not.

    YMMV as always!!

    Ps. If you are using any of the "short-cuts" that enable functions like being able to enter an address while the car is moving.... it is my understanding that upgrading to any disc newer than 5.1 disables these short-cuts.
  • frank_n_annfrank_n_ann Member Posts: 2
    does anyone know how to change out the map cd? I just recieved my update and now I just don't know how to get the old one out and the new one in. I know where the nav machine is.
  • frank_n_annfrank_n_ann Member Posts: 2
    I'd save your money! the toyota dealership here in Burlington washington and order it for delivery. I just bought the newest update for my 2005 prius for 199.00 plus tax. sounds like hiway robbery, no pun intended.
  • pdb2pdb2 Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2006 and have the same situation. I called Leesburg Toyota in Leesburg VA and was quoted $210 for an update disc. Still seems like a bunch. I think I'll have to get hopelessly lost once before I dig that deep. So far the nav system works just fine. I really like the car.
  • agent86agent86 Member Posts: 9
    Hello, recently received a notice for $199 GPS DVD upgrade. Does anyone know if it will speak more street and road names. Currently, it does not speak street names.
  • navguy1navguy1 Member Posts: 181
    Sorry... your GEN5 navigation system features are fixed. The map update will only provide new streets and business information called point of interest (POIs).

    The GEN6 navigation system in the 2010 Prius does offer turn-by-turn guidance for streets in addition to freeway on-ramps and off-ramps.
  • navguy1navguy1 Member Posts: 181
    The previous update was $265 for V8.1 or V7.1.
  • rangerdownrangerdown Member Posts: 1
    Since new whenever the car boots up in the morning and occasionally at random other times, the DVD for the nav reboots. This resets the search area, keyboard type and if you aren't aware of this the map will be tryiong to search some other area. Does Toyota have any tech support number other than the dealer who is no help at all? I need a tech support guy who know the system so I can take his information back to the dealer. Is there a battery or capacitor keeping the stored information live that isn't doing it's job? Any help would be appreciated. The car does well otherwise and naviogates ok after reloading the DVD several times a day.

    Thanks for any input
  • sas9sas9 Member Posts: 28
    Hi - did you find out if the split screen can be disabled? If so, can you share the instructions? I find it annoying as well! Thanks,
  • sas9sas9 Member Posts: 28
    My nav map shows icons for gas stations, restaurants, etc. I don't want these icons to show up but am having trouble removing them permanantly. Can anyone help with the instructions to do this?
  • wildflower785wildflower785 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, can someone tell me how to get the nav system to provide directions using highways? I have it set to highways but it still wants to take me on every back road imaginable....thanks.
  • dwprius2008dwprius2008 Member Posts: 2
    I bought a 2008 Prius and the GPS unit is worthless. The map was outdated from the start and does not have many addresses that have been there for years. In addition, there is a great deal of wrong information.

    THE Prius GPS units are a RIP OFF. Don't waste your money. If you are going to buy a Prius with one in it, make sure they give you the latest update as part of the deal. You are better off getting a Garmin or a Nuvi, they are more accurate and have a lot better features.

    There should be a class action lawsuit about their map DVD's. They are not accurate or up to date. This is very similar to the 15" monitor lawsuit years ago and Toyota should be giving free updates to everyone. Let me know if anyone has a suit going and I will join!
  • 1stfairway1stfairway Member Posts: 1
    I bought a 2008 Prius new in May of 2008 and have not yet updated the GPS. Has anyone found a way to update it for a reasonable cost? Is the dealer price for the DVD really $199.?
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