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Dieseling/Knocking on Honda Odyssey engine

cfossaticfossati Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Honda
I remember reading a while back on a similar
problem but could no longer locate it. I have a
Honda Odyssey that I just purchased from the dealer
from hell (Dan Young in Indianapolis) and notice
the engine is making a dieseling/knocking sound
when the overdrive kicks in. I brought it back and
got several answers ranging from:.."it is
normal.." to .."It is the injector noise.." I
asked the mechanic to try theirs and see if the
noise was their. IT was not. I am wondering if
anyone experienced this and what the outcome was.
Thank you


  • lexsarlexsar Posts: 14
    I have had my '00 EX since November of 1999 and have experienced NO knocking in overdrive or in any other gear. Note:I always used 87 octane which would make the engine more prone to knocking if it were going to knock. It may be time to call the Honda Zone Rep!
  • rcz2rcz2 Posts: 1
    I too have noticed knocking or valve noise in overdrive under very light acceleration. I have a 2000 EX with under 3000 miles. Haven't taken it in yet due to schedule, but called dealer and service rep said it is the torque converter and that it is the normal sound and there is nothing that can be done about it. I am surprised that this great Honda V-6 VTEC engine would make such a noise. Will investigate further.
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    There are some very active Odyssey topics in our Vans conference including owners and shoppers alike.

    You can find them all by using the Topic Search feature on the left side of the page to look for Odyssey.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • rattle1rattle1 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 2000 Honda Odyssey LX that has a rattling or dieseling sound when it shifts into overdrive @50mph & 1500 rpms. Has anyone else had this problem & was it resolved to your satisfaction?
  • Hey, this topic should be bulging with comments. I have an appointment with the regional manager on this issue and we need more people complaining. The heck with leather seats, colors, blah blah blah. I have exactly the same problem while ohters I know do not. This noise is making me crazy.
  • Hi,

    I just brought my 99 Odyssey (bought in Feb. 1999--a first new model with 22K miles) for a regular maintenance service this morning. Prior to this, I noticed that there is a minor leak in the transmission oil leak so I reported this problem to the dealer. This afternoon, I was told to bring the van back next week for a total transmission replacement under warranty. I am happy with the treatment by the dealership but... Then here are the questions that I have worth of a thought:

    1. A minor leak seems to be an easy job to replace the gasket and refill the transy oil. Why does Honda go such a long way to replace the transmission? Is this a general business practice that Honda does all the time? I, by no means, complain about the serious treatment but...
    2. Is there something that Honda knows about the transmission (problems) that I(we all) should perhaps know about? I did ask the dealership service personnel but he said what the Honda said--"Replace it." You know... I really don't know what it is... Blah, blah...
    3. How do I know if they will replace with a brand new transmission to my van or a who-knows-what refurbished unit?
    All I am trying to find out is to ensure that they will make it at least better than anything else.

    Did anyone out there experience this transmission replacement requests?

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • After getting the roof rack cross bars to stop whistling, the 1500 RPM droning, rattling, dieseling transmission/torque converter noise has become more noticeable and objectionable. I am hoping to find a more definative explanation and solution before persuing the transmission replacement route.
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