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Ok, I'm a girl with know knowledge of AWD and 4x4. I don't know what a differential is, or master, or anything like that so I need Lamen's terms. I am looking at getting a Jeep Grand Cherokee AWD and am not sure if this is good for Alaska. My husband and I are in the Coast Guard and are transfering there this coming summer. Everyone says we need 4WD for the winters. Is AWD good for this too? Just snow, no off-roading. Any input?


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    Going to the base at Kodiak? It just rains there. :P (I lived in Anchorage for 20 winters with FWD cars and minivans, fwiw). Good tires will get you to most places unless you wind up with a steep driveway perhaps.

    Check out the 4WD & AWD systems explained discussion too.
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    The WK (2005-present) Jeep Grand Cherokee has three 4X4 systems, Quadra trac I, Quadra trac II, and Quadra drive II. If your talking about the WJ models (1999-2004), then you also have three systems, Selec trac, Quadra trac II, and the regular Quadra drive system. All of these systems will get you where you want to go. Check this out. Look for the system by name. Hope this helps :)
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    Thanks for the input. What about fuel effeciency with AWD? Is it worse or better? I hear something different from everyone. Some say more engine use when AWD because both axles are working, and some say less because you are not "pulling" or "pushing" the vehicle. This is so confusing!
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    Fuel efficiency with AWD won't be greatly affected (1-2 miles per gallon worse) driving style will affect fuel efficiency more. I get 18 MPG at 75 MPH and 21 MPG at 60 MPH with my 2001 Grand Cherokee with Quadra-trac II. Regardless of the 4X4 system you choose, you will experience a slight loss in MPG. This is due to the extra weight that you put on because of the transfer-case, one more differential, drive-shaft and all the stuff you need to have an AWD or 4X4 system. If you want to find out more information about your jeep, visit these links. 1999-2004 2005-2009
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