Mazda CX-7 Rear Camera Problems

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A few days ago my rear camera appears to be dirtied from the slop on the roads here in New England. I tried inserting a wet paper towel in the opening where the camera is but it is still very smudged.

Is there supposed to be a protective lens over the hole for the camera or is that normal? If so, that is a poor design and I would like to know how to clean the camera.

Any suggestions?


  • johnny__rfjohnny__rf Member Posts: 83
    Just answered my own question by checking the 08 CX-7 manual (07 manual doesn't have it)....the camera is mounted down by the license plate, not up top which is the washer fluid is easily cleaned...give me the dummy award....
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    Pet Peeve with the camera; why does it only work while on reverse? I understand that you want to see what's behind you while backing up, but having the camera just for reverse is kind of a waste (one only drives in reverse probably less than 5% of the time and for very short periods, right?). It'd be great to have a button on the dashboard (what's one more button?) so one could flip into camera mode while driving (forward), just to see how close someone is tailgating you, or at a red light if someone is getting too close, or if you go over a bump or pothole. Just my personal opinion.
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    The backup camera in our 2010 CX-7 intermittently fails to turn on. Anybody else having this problem?
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    I am having the same problem with my 2010 CX-7. Have you found a solution for this problem yet?
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