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steel blue charger advice

unclebertunclebert Posts: 4
edited April 2014 in Dodge
i just ordered my steel blue charger will take around 8 to 10 weeks because the plant will be closed for a couple of weeks.i park my car outside year around and i am wondering as nice as it is,is setel blue the right color?i saw it and it gets dirty pretty black it looks great when it is clean,but because of the darker color it shows the dirt.does anyone have the steel blue in the charger or the 300?if so is it difficult keeping it clean?i wanted a dark color but not black,any sugesstions.i still have time to chanfe the color


  • I remember a dealer once telling me to get "Any other color than black"...not so much because it shows all colors of dust and dirt, but because of the number of dyes needed to create the dark color. Apparently the integrity of black paint is not nearly as good as lighter colors because of this.

    As for other colors, darker colors will always present a deeper backdrop for the lighter colored dirt and sand that splats against the car. Lighter colors like tan (ick...) and silver look "cleanest" longest. The color you've selected should hold up fairly well against most lighter-colored debris.
  • fntoyfntoy Posts: 1
    i want charger 68 and don`t care for color///

  • The blue color is probably the most attractive of all, As far as paint durability, I strongly recommend a coat of Mehuir's NXT liquid wax every three months or so. It unabrasive, and is the most reflective wax in the long history of the company. It also has a UV blocker in it much like a sunblock lotion to prevent fading. I have been using this wax on my 2006 Chrysler 300C and it is pained Inferno Red (looks like a dark candy apple), and I have a showroom new look. Enjoy you beautiful Charger and take good care of it. :D
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