Volkswagen Eos Audio System Questions

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I recently purchased a 2008 Eos with an IPOD dock. I brought a friend's IPOD with me to the dealership and tested in the car and it worked fine. When I got home with my car, my IPOD does not work in the IPOD dock. I read the owners manual and I reset my IPOD as suggested, but it still does not work. When I hit the CD button in the car it does not read the IPOD at all. Did anyone else have similar issues and does anyone have suggestions? Thanks!


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    Has anyone replaced the stock speakers in their Eos?
    The Stereo sounds too bright to me, I'm hoping aftermarket speaks might help.
    The way the speaker grills look, it seems it might be possible without removing the door-panels?
    Thanks for any help!

    (This forum seems dead anymore, but I thought I'd try)

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    Navigation equipped Eos' will need a special cable if you want iPod integration. All you need is 000 051 446 C and it gives you full iPod integration. Costs about $40 to $65 depending on where you shop. Try to pay no more than $58 but there are people who are getting it for under $50. It's in stock and it's a MDI cable but instead of a USB port you get an iPod dock connector. The USB cable and the iPod sync cable won't work hence the need for the special iPod cable.
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    My father just purchased the same car for my mother. He didn't try the ipod dock before he purchased it but when I put my Ipod in I had the same issue. It wont recognize it anywhere. I also reset my ipod and turned to the forums to try to find a solution. So far you seem to be the only one experiencing the same issue. Did you find a solution? Any advice for me?

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