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I have just purchased a used 1999 carrera cabriolet new to the car I have many questions. the red brake calipers should have porsche printed on them mine dont, were they worn away? Can the wheels be refinished/buffed to remove curb rash/gouges on them? can you recommend a brand of new tires for my stock wheels. What should I use to clean the seats/dash /door panels. I don't know what items are standard or optional, ie, tiptronic,6-CD player. Where can I get upgrade items for the interior at a reasonable price..Thank you


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    On tires, you can check with Tire Rack for options/prices. For my 2005 911S, with 19" wheels, Michelins (Pilot Sport) and Pirellis (P-Zero Rosso) were recommended by my dealer. Continentals and other brands were NOT recommended. I went with Pirellis when I needed to repalce the rears, but I will likely switch to Michelins for all 4 next time around.

    Lexol leather clearner was recommended by my dealer for the interior. Stay away from Armorall. As for the wheels, your dealer should have somebody they can recommend for refinishing. Expect to pay $80-100+ per wheel.
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    Thank you for your suggestions, I will try the leather cleaner you suggested. I do not have an owners manual I have ordered one still waiting. I want to take off one of the scuffed wheels and bring it to a refinisher, hope he can smooth out the marks. Keep in e-mail touch , I will have more questions as I have time to learn about the car...Italian4/////////
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    I'm looking at 2003-2005 Porsche 911 Cabs and my mechanic warned me that there have been several issues with the water cooled engines in the 996s (1999-2003). Has anyone else heard of those issues? Have they been addressed in the 2004 (and newer) models? He thinks the the '95-98's have excellent engines but ideally I'd like the newer body style. This is my first Porsche purchase and any advice is appreciated. I think getting an extended warranty would be a good call but again I'm looking for any advice you experts can give. Thanks for sharing...
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    Hello, The Porsche 996 in 1999 had an engine casting problem. Porsche has replacment many of these engines. Some have a rear main seal (RMS) leak but Porsche has also replaced these seals at now cost. I just bought a 2004 911 Turbo Cab and it is impressive. As with any series of cars (such as 996; 1999-2004) you are always better off buying the last year.
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    I purchased a 2005 911 one year ago. I blew through my Continentals with 12,000 miles. I am in the process of researching tires, and believe I will go with the Michelins. The dealer wants to charge $500 more than Tire Rack for the tires, plus $400 to install. Is the install worth it?
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    I'm in the process of replacing rear tires on my 2002 Carrera. I'm going with Michelin Pilots which were originals on my car from Tire Rack for $350 per.
    My Porsche mechanic said he could get tires for me for $400, but didn't mind
    if I ordered from Tire Rack and sent it to him for install.
    He charges $135 for install on the 2 rear tires. $400 for install seem steep.
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    I have full leather (red) in my 2002 Carrera. I use Lexol cleaner and conditioner 2X per year. It look brand new even after 6 yrs.
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    My Porsche dealer charges $80 per tire for mounting, balancing, stems. A Mercedes dealer, with the same equipment, offered to do it for $55 each. But my Porsche dealer gave me a lifetime rebalancing warranty and, sure enough, I detected a slight vibration after 3,000 miles and they rebalanced and cured the problem.

    That said, $400 mounting for 4 tires, on top of getting hit with a $500 premium to buy the tires, is too much. Tell them to get competitive or take your business elsewhere. Most mercedes dealers have the same high end mounting equipemnt to handle their AMG models and, at least in my area, are happy to get soem Porsche business.
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    I have a 2003 Carrera cab - owned for approx 1 yr - about a month ago I encountered a warning message that 'beeps' when I go over 25mph - it says "mph limit exceeded" - any thoughts what it means, and how it started and, how I get rid of it?
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    I have never owned a Porsche or even a convertible but a friend of mine inherited a mint condition 2002 cab with 32K miles from a sibling who unexpectedly died. He is "not a Porsche kinda guy" and asked me if I wanted to buy the car for $35K. I have not yet driven the car but believe the car was meticulously maintained with regard to service and aesthetics. I currently drive a BMW and owning a Porsche has always been in the back of my mind. What are the general issues that surround the ownership of this type of car. Specifically, major problem areas especially with regard to the drive train and soft top. I believe the car may also have some type of removable hard top. Thanks for any input.
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    The 2002 911 is a "996" model. They were known to have a problem with "rear main seal (RMS) leaks. In extreme cases, if left unattended, that could result in engine failure (and replacement). I am unaware of any issues with respect to the soft top.

    I would strongly recommend you find a good quality, reasonably priced independent Porsche mechanic to both give you a pre-purchase complete vehicle inspection report (plan to pay $200+/-) and, in the event you buy it, be able to service it at prices that are 30-40% less than Porsche dealer rates.

    Regarding the price: I had a 911S Cab (997 model) which I bought new in 2005 and sold for $44k 18 months ago. It had 30k miles and was in perfect condition. The price you have been quoted - $35k - seems high. The 996 model is the least desirable 911 by most Porsche enthusiasts. The prior 993 model, with its air cooled engine, round headlights and flared rear panels is considered a classic. The 996 went to teardrop headlights, a less flared back end and water cooled engine, none of which were very well received. The subsequent 997 model, although still water cooled, had upgraded engines and returned to a more classic design / shape, but with significant performance and design refinements over the 996. That's not to say that a 2002 996 is a bad car by any means, just not a 911 model that should carry any price premium.

    Good luck.
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