Toyota Sequoia Keyless Entry Questions

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I have a 2002 and it's been great with no problems. When I lock it, it would beep and if at night and it would automatically shut off the lights. When I open it beeps and does its regular thing. Now suddenly when I go to lock it it doesn't beep nor turn off the lights. I have had the battery in the FOB changed with no difference. I took it to the dealer and for a start of $300 they'll do a diagnostic check. The SUV will lock but it just won't beep anymore. I am a single woman and it gives me reassurance when I walk away from my vehicle and I can hear it beep and lock. Has anyone else had a similar problem?

Being that it is Chrismas I can't afford a $300 diagnostic check. They said it could be a broken wire or something but that seems to be a lot of money to spend when they don't even know what the problem is.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.


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    Our 2007 beeps and flashes the parking lights when it locks or unlocks, perhaps if yours does the same you might just look at the lights and save the $300 to hear the beep???

    Also, ours takes two button pushes to turn out the lights, the first locks the car and the second turns out the lights.
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    Speaking of beeps -- it is really obnoxious when people's locks beep their horn. I mean, all of us have to listen to that person being reassured their doors are locking. A lower-level chime or secondary beep is ok -- just not a horn beep as Jeeps and other American cars seem to do.
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    Your comment: Our 2007 beeps and flashes the parking lights when it locks or unlocks, perhaps if yours does the same you might just look at the lights and save the $300 to hear the beep???

    That's my problem. When I lock it it doesn't flash anymore and it doesn't beep. So there is no looking at the lights. It only flashes now when its UNLOCKED.
  • trebor129trebor129 Member Posts: 176
    Just press it when you are closer and you can probably hear the mechanism. That is what I do now.
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    dnicholas, I was having the same problem with my 2001 xterra and thought maybe the remote battery was low, so I changed it. Still, no horn, so I found a website that told me to hold the lock/unlock buttons simultaneously and that made it start working. Go figure, something that simple. This website said it was for certain infinitis and most nissans but, perhaps it can help with your toyota. Here is the link Hope this helps you!!!! :)
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    how do you program the remote on an 07 sequoia
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    I have a 2002 SR5. Just to the left of the steering column is a little light. I had never noticed it being on before (I've only had the car for a year.). But after I got my 60,000 mile service, I noticed it was on and doesn't turn off. I suspect it is related to the alarm system, but I'm not sure. Anyone know what this light is and what it means if it's always on?

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    Hi, did you ever resolve this issue with your Sequoia and if so, what was the problem? Our 2005 is doing exactly the same thing to a T! It's at the shop right now and I'm waiting to hear the outcome. Thanks.
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    I just bought an SR5. It came with keyless remotes that only have panic button and lock/unlock buttons, so I can't access the rear window without opening the car, turning it on, then pushing the button inside the car. Can I buy a clicker that has the rear window button on it? Will it work?
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    I lost my keys that had my "clicker" that opened, locked, etc. my 2005 Sequoia remotely. I took the vehicle into the dealership for maintenance, etc. and asked that they get me another key and remote entry device. This is the same dealership where I bought the car - used.

    The service department says that my Sequoia is not wired for the remote lock/unlock device because they can't find it. It was working when I lost the keys. I haven't even picked up my car yet because I'm trying to find the answer for them so that I don't have to take it back in again.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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