Acura MDX 2007+ Leather Seats

quality_freakquality_freak Member Posts: 12
Anyone else having problems with the leather seats starting to wrinkle prematurely?


  • kingtroll1kingtroll1 Member Posts: 9
    I haven't noticed an wrinkling, but the back seat is showing some signs of deterioration around the perforations. It appears that the surface is separating or slightly peeling in several spots at the perforations. It'll be check out at the dealer on 12/27, I'll report back on what the service manager finds.
  • kingtroll1kingtroll1 Member Posts: 9
    I had the dealer look a the seat issue, they "found" that the issues were related to a scratch an not any problem with the leather.
  • longtxlongtx Member Posts: 11
    Compared to Lexus and Infiniti, Acura leather seats do wrinkle "prematurely". It was one thing that we didn't like about MDX.
  • acura07acura07 Member Posts: 1
    The leather on both front seats (bottom seat cushion) is wrinkled, stretched and worn looking. I purchased the MDX 07 in July. The leather everywhere else is smooth and firm (black). The dealer took pictures to send to the Acura representative. He said all of the other MDX's have the same type leather and may be a manufacturing defect. I am waiting for a reply. Any other suggestions?
  • vaughn4vaughn4 Member Posts: 106
    New model Acura MDX = Cheapo materials and questionable build quality.. Also, plethora of issues and problems! :lemon:
  • ibatesjribatesjr Member Posts: 1
    The vinyl portion on the driver’s side seatback has cracked and begun to delaminate and peel from the backing for the third time. It should be noted that this is in an area where it is impossible not to rub one’s backside against when getting into the vehicle. I first noticed this at around 20,000 miles; the dealer replaced the seatback. Less than 10,000 miles later the same damage occurred. The dealer again replaced the seatback. Then again at about 40,000 miles my third seatback delaminated and began to peel. This time the dealer and factory rep refused to acknowledge this as a valid warranty item, claiming that this was “normal’ wear brought on by sliding into the seat (How else does one get into a car seat?).
    I should point out that I am an average size person (5’8”, 174 lbs). This is not a work vehicle and the clothing I wear is not rough or abrasive; consequently there was nothing unusual which might cause excessive wear. Additionally, I also own a 2005 Acura TL, which I drive regularly which shows no signs of this type of damage on its leather seats.
    The peeling vinyl is extremely thin which negatively impacts durability. Additionally, the thickness of the vinyl plus its laminated fabric backing feels considerably thinner than the leather on the seating surfaces. As a retired engineer I am acutely aware of some of the cost savings initiatives which manufacturers implement without adequate testing. I suspect that this is one of those cases. Who knows what else they have under designed?
    Bottom line, I do not recommend anyone purchase leather seats with their new Acura. This MDX is the 4th Acura I have owned, however given my latest experience, I do not intend to ever purchase another Acura product.
  • cestarmmcestarmm Member Posts: 1
    Do you feel that your seat is loosing comfort? How do you feel about overall comfort. I feel like mine doesn't hold me in as it used to?
  • rainbowriderrainbowrider Member Posts: 1
    The comfort level is approximately the same.
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Member Posts: 710
    first, do you have the base seats or the sport leather?

    "Bottom line, I do not recommend anyone purchase leather seats with their new Acura."

    I can't remember when you could get cloth seats in an Acura.
  • mymykamymyka Member Posts: 1
    The MDX leather seats are a problem; poor quality, soft, hard to keep clean and stain very easily, especial with jeans. The indigo from levi's is staining the leather. This showed up a few months after I bought my new MDX. I tried the recommended Lexol cleaner and the stain never came out. There is a blue hue to the seats on all the stiched edges, extremely difficult to remove. The leather in general does not clean well and is showing wriknkles. I

    believe the over quality of the MDX Acura seats are not holding up well. The drivers side does not have the support it originally had either. I checked with he dealer and they are still using the same poor quality leather in the 2010 models!
    I have a 1999 Honda Accord with light leather seats and the drivers side looks newer than my 2007 MDX, what does that tell you? Very disappointed in ACURA
  • gingggingg Member Posts: 1
    I would agree as I am having sooo many problems with my Acura MDX 2007. Dead batteries, engine humming noises, electrical issues big time, lumbar went out and the seats look like crap. Hate this car really. I am just waiting for someone to steal it.
  • g35shopperg35shopper Member Posts: 5
    I am looking at a 2011 MDX and trying to decide whether to spring for the tech package. Does anyone know if the leather upgrade with the tech package is appreciably better than what comes standard on the base?
  • dwitcherdwitcher Member Posts: 1
    I leased a 2011 MDX 3 months ago, I think it was the Tech package. Anyway, the leather is really cheap. 1 trip with 1 dog resulted in some big scratches and gashes. 14 years with Land Rover vehicles and 3 dogs resulted in minimal scratches and no gashes. Also, my clothes and belt are rubbing off on the driver's side seat (again, nothing like that happened in 14 years driving Land Rover products). I'm trying to get out of my lease now if I can.
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