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Ford Explorer Missing and Idle Problems

coop04coop04 Member Posts: 5
i have a 95 4.0 expl. i bought it 3 yrs ago with an external water leak at the head gaskets at 95k so i changed the gaskets and a week and a half later it developed a miss or a stumble under a load. this started while on a cross crountry trip (tx to mich). Once i got to my destination it was -17 degrees and the check engine light would come on for 10 min then go out for 30 min, then quit once it got above 0. I figured something was freezing up. I changed the plug wires and the fuel filter it didn't help my problem. i then drove it back to tx and drove it like this for 2 more yrs, while changing parts when i can. I changed the idle air control valve and the plugs a second time in 20k miles with platnuim. I had thought it was the trans but a trans shop told me that it was in the motor not the trans. i changed the coil pack and just last week the fuel pump quit so i have changed that and the filter again. still the same prob, it has been 45k miles since this has been started and i am ready to pull my hair out. Has anyone had simular problems and how were they fixed???


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    rustyfrustyf Member Posts: 5
    Coop, have you ever replaced the DPFE?If not,I think that will probably fix it...good luck
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    coop04coop04 Member Posts: 5
    is there a way to test that?? it is 55 dollars and i would like to test it if i can to make sure that is it. i have planned to take it a dealer to have them tell me what it could be when i can get the money together. but if i can test this it might save me a ton of money too thanks
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    mecp_316mecp_316 Member Posts: 4
    hey i have a 95 xlt basicly its sputters when you start it an when you accelerate you have to find the fine line on the gas or itl top out @ 20 when u mash the gas an sometimes it dies an cranks wont start , i was told it was the idle air module on the side of the throttle body i want to be sure thats the problem before i pay a hundred bucks for a paper wieght an i was gunna have it scanned but the engine light kicks on for a quick min an then clears the codes on its own
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    htoewshtoews Member Posts: 1
    I have replace the fuel filter, fuel pump, plugs & plug wires and the vehicle is still running rough! Had it to a shop & the scanner said was misfiring on cylinder 4. Help this is frustrating to have spent so much money! It does run better after I put new plug wires on but still not the greatest. Can anyone tell me what might be wrong?
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    vikingusavikingusa Member Posts: 1
    Explorer 1997 V8. I replaced the plugs (motorcraftSP-432) and wire (Bosch Premium wire set) and now I have idle missing, MPG is 21 .any ideas
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    dodgekbaddodgekbad Member Posts: 56
    My 1998 Explorer V6 SOHC, 124k miles, doesn't idle. I can start the car and keep it running with my foot on the gas, but as soon as I take my foot off the gas -- the car just dies. The check engine light was On for awhile last week but went out by itself. Smells like it's running rich with gas coming out the exhaust but . . . I can't tell if that's because of the holding down the gas pedal trick or what.
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    racheysracheys Member Posts: 3
    Hello new to the forum, My problem is I had a skip and I changed the plugs and wires and it was all good for about 3 weeks then the skip came back worse than before so I replaced the wires again , the plugs look fine and still it skips then I do a compression test and it looks good to have 158,000 miles on it but after putting all the plugs back in and get it running it seams to have gone away until I road test it and now the skip is intermittent , so I guess my question is could there be wire chaffing and grounding out at random or has someone else heard of this or had this problem ...also if I take the wires off the coil pack one at a time while it is running, 5 of them make it skip worse and one does nothing which is what lead to the compression test to start with but all 6 wires are sparking a good inch or two away from the coils thanks in advance :(
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    racheysracheys Member Posts: 3
    have you checked the throttle position sensor or the 02 sensor
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    dford3dford3 Member Posts: 1
    I had the same problem. It is the idle air control valve and VERY easy to fix. The IAC is located on the top of the motor under the cover. Take off the cover (6 screws), unbolt the IAC (2 bolts), unplug it and give it a good soaking with carb cleaner inside. Reinstall it and you should not have any problems. If problems persist, replace the part (<$100). Best fit is a Motorcraft part from a Ford store as I've found that replacements from independent stores have the connector located on top which prevents the cover from being reinstalled correctly.
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    jaglover05jaglover05 Member Posts: 3
    what about an o2 sensor? check it out.
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    gonzalez2gonzalez2 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 explorer it was runnig good .now cant get rpm go up 2500 change spark plug +wires ang the crank sensor but no luck, some sait to check the catalic converte, anysugestion please help
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    bbelascobbelasco Member Posts: 12
    Under load the car pops and misses, idles fine, also revs fine. I have checked vacuum of intake manifold, checks out just fine. Removed exhaust system, no restrictions, still pops and misses under load. New spark plugs, does anyone have any suggestions as to where to look. Check engine light is not on, no codes.

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    coop04coop04 Member Posts: 5
    good luck with that i have the same problem with my 95 4.0 for the last yrs and 50,000 miles. i took it to a dealer thinking if anyone could find it they would....they couldnt i changed the iac valve and the tp sensor the coil pack and the plugs and wires twice all the vacuum lines and even injector o-rings...nothing helped. they wanted 300 just to pull the plugs because they couldnt find anything else. I am leaning towards possible timing chain or failing lifter. One person told me maybe the pcm. i still dont know but it still keeps chugging along
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    deeteedeetee Member Posts: 1
    Hi Guys,
    My explorer, is running rough and losing horse power. When I go to excelerate it just lugs, 2500 RPM's and going 30 MPH. IT is knocking like hell as well, it sounds like the engine is very over heatedor running out of gas but its not , coolent is full and gauge is mid point. I have always had the car serviced when needed. I have never had this issue before. Could this be a fuel injector or fuel filter issue and is there a way to check. I am hoping it is something this simple. Could a manifold gasket cause the same symptoms. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    jsrammacherjsrammacher Member Posts: 2
    2002 Ford Explorer, 86K mls, makes a rattling noise when idling and lower speeds. Any solutions? Trans? Torque convertor? It has been happeing for 2 yeras, 45K miles.
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    mph114mph114 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Explorer sport and recently when the car idles the rpms pulse like someone is pumping the gas. the rpms only jump up about 500 and its seems like its getting worse. It pulses about twice a second. any ideas on how to fix it?
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    grabulagrabula Member Posts: 1
    Engine Performance problem
    1999 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 149000 miles

    I've taken my vehicle to a mechanic 3 seperate times and he has no idea what the issue is. He says he can't duplicate it but for me it happens just about everytime I drive it. Here is the breakdown I gave him:

    - When maintaining speeds of 35mph and 55mph, RPM's drop down from 2000-2500 to below 2000 and I can't get any pickup or gain any speed. I can take my foot off the gas and then press it again and sometimes that fixes the issue.

    - When this happens I can maintain speed but cannot accelerate.

    - Occasionally while idling the RPM's drop down repeatedly. It idles at around 1100-1200 normally, but drops down to about 500-800 repeatedly about every few seconds.

    - Occasionally while driving at high speeds 55+ there is a loud "clunk". This is typically when roads are in a bad condition. We have confirmed 4 wheel drive is not working and I suspect this may be related.

    I bought the truck in August and since then it's gradually got worse. It seems to occur more frequently when the engine has warmed up a little.

    Thanks for you help in advance.


    "I have a 2003 Explorer sport and recently when the car idles the rpms pulse like someone is pumping the gas. the rpms only jump up about 500 and its seems like its getting worse. It pulses about twice a second. any ideas on how to fix it? "

    That sounds similar to my issue
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    slicksterslickster Member Posts: 1
    Automatic AWD 4.0 V-6. Drove the same engine 240,000 miles in a '92 Ranger. Bought the Explorer [110k] last summer & love it EXCEPT: when idling in Park, swings between 800 and 1200 rpm without touching the gas? When idling in drive [stop light, etc.], stays @ about 800. Sounds like something simple, I hope? The mileage is less than I expected and this is probably part of it.

    Thanks, guys!
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    cellis1cellis1 Member Posts: 1
    Have a 1999 explorer that had a ticking noise in fuse box. Car ran rough for a while and now won't start and does not have any lights or gauges working. Any suggestions?
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    lilbearlilbear Member Posts: 4
    have you had your fuel pressure tested might try that seen it alot
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    uncle_corkyuncle_corky Member Posts: 2
    edited November 2012
    I have spark. She cranks. Iac valve not stuck shut but open about 1/2 inch. Haven't checked codes. Need to get it to a code reader. With ether it almost wants to start. I have reset the computer twice with disconnecting the battery 30 minutes each time. Maybe didn't reset it right? I checked for spark and it got that.
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    turtle01turtle01 Member Posts: 1
    last week the motor developed a random issue, the check engine light came on it was a 0300 code which is a random missfire, everytime you start it it has a very rough idle almost like its fighting itself, i cleared the code changed plugs wires coil pack exhaust everything i could think of and it still hasnt helped. The check engine light hasnt come on again and if it was something electronic you would think it should, i have had several mechanics look at it also and they said it could be fuel injectors, or the computer, ive tried to check the injectors but the intake is in the way and im not sure where the computer is located, Also ive been told you can get the computer tested?
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    allenmohr23allenmohr23 Member Posts: 1
    i had same issue it ran rough and had it scanned and it was missing on cylinder 4 and i changed just that plug wire and thru some fuel treatment in it and i drove it home running rough missing on the cylinder and got home shut it off and then like 3 4 hours later went to drive it again and it didnt do it any more and still hasnt has 193345 miles on it but from time time it will die and it starts back up no problem
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