Nissan Altima Shop Manuals

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I know it may be a little early (or not) but I would like to get hold of the shop manuals for the 2008 Altima without paying the rediculous price of $230.00 to Nissan. As I scan the maintenance schedules, I continuously see "see your Nissan dealer" for the most mundane tasks. Changing the cab air filter is one of those things. It is located behind the glove box and I cannot believe that it is so difficult to change as to make a service appointment which is going to be much to costly for the job. Also zeroing certain sensors means a trip to the dealer. Foolishness!! Haynes or no other after market manual producer has them as it is much to early (?) to determine trouble spots in the 2008. Any ideas? Thank you


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    Not sure if this (Factory Service Manual) is what you are looking for ken75:
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    This looks like it could be the service manual for the 2008 Altima and I thank you very much for your effort. I am sure there will be a time when I will be needing this and being bent across a tree stump by Nissan one more time has been avoided. Thanks again.
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