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Hi everyone hope you can help,
I have a 1989 celica 2.0, the car gets spark, has
fuel pressure but it wont start, any ideas would
Thanks R.....


  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    Is the timing correct? If the belt or chain (I don't remember which on this year) is stretched or gears are worn, the timing could have jumped. Or maybe the fuel injectors aren't being pulsed.
    Just a couple of thoughts.
  • robert1972robert1972 Member Posts: 51
    The timing is OK, whats funny is that a couple of times it has started and runs great, as soon as you turn it off and try to re-start, the first second it tries and then acts like it's out of gas,we checked and the fuel press. is within specs. Maybe the injectors?, what do you recomend to se if they are being pulsed, how do I go about checking them?
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    Does this car have a distributor cap you can replace? Loose wires? Good luck.
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