Beware Toyota Dealer Service

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BEWARE Toyota Service by nobuytoyota
Dec 16, 2007 (11:53 am)

After a recent oil/filter change at Community Toyota, Baytown, Texas. I rechecked the engine oil level and it was about one (1) inch above the "Full" mark. The oil was removed and measured, it was indeed well above
the proper level. Also the removed "new" oil was very dark and smelly.
The Community Toyota service manager said it would not hurt the engine to overfill it and was very discourteous.
How many unsuspecting Community Toyota customers, women, retired seniors, have to rely on these bozos to provide the proper level of service they pay this business to perform and receive this treatment in

Community Toyota
4701 Interstate 10 East Freeway
Baytown, Texas 77521-8884


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    Consider writing up a review in Dealer Ratings and Reviews

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    I can only assume that your forum name reflects your personal automotive 'non-preference'. Condemming one dealer's poor service is not an accurate reflection of the brand. Here's my 'unbiased', blatant plug from my personal experience: 19 years buying 5 different Toyota's from 3 different dealers and getting regular service at one of them...great cars, great service, great reliability, no worries.
    Regards, BGood
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    Webgood, I agree with you about the vehicles, Toyotas are the best. I have owned many of them. Currently a 97 4Runner and a '08 Highlander which are both great! BUT the service and customer service satisfaction are lacking and getting worse over time. Toyota will not take care of problems, because of the fine print somewhere. I usually take my cars to other than dealers for service, because I only get the runaround at the dealer. :(
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