2005 Trailblazer

treburttreburt Member Posts: 3
I have a 2005 Trailblazer LS. When Im driving at parking lot speeds in 4hi, when I turn the wheel the truck seems to bog down. The dealership told me that its normal. Is that true?


  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    What are you driving on? Pavement, dirt, snow/ice?
  • treburttreburt Member Posts: 3
    Pavement. I first noticed it after the first significant snowfall 8-10 inches. I used 4hi when driving on streets that had not been cleaned. When got on a street that the snow plow had removed most of the snow and I maded a u-turn thats when i first noticed the bogging down. Then I went to a paved parking lot and did a few turns and it continued. It only happens in 4hi.
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    That's normal when you have good traction. In 4 wheel drive on dirt, mud, snow, ice, etc. since the inner wheels don't have as far to go as the outer wheels, they slip a little in turns. With good traction they can't and it feels like it's "bogging down" as you say. It's best to try to avoid it when possible.
  • pipexpipex Member Posts: 14
    Totally normal. If traction is that good, shift it back into 2High .
  • treburttreburt Member Posts: 3
    Thanks alot for the information.
  • frichards62frichards62 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Trailblazer that is making a very annoying high pitched whinning sound. At 1st we thought it may be the PS, but that is fine. We then narrowed it down to the Alternator, but when we replaced it there was no change. We can not pin point exactly where the noise is coming from, but it is getting louder and worse by the day. My thought is possibly the Water Pump, but there are no signs of leaking, overheating, etc. Has anyone else had this problem? No one can seem to pin point the problem. Help!!!!
  • fastfred4fastfred4 Member Posts: 3
    it could be the serpentine belt idler pully.
    have that checked. :)
  • davedoran1975davedoran1975 Member Posts: 1
    Driving in the first few gears, it seems the engine seems fine. In the last gear though, when speeds are over 45 miles per hour, it seems as though the truck is just dying. I can be at the same speed of 50 MPH, but I watch as the RPM gauge starts to drop. It does this a lot especially if there is stress on the vehicle (i.e up hills)

    Sometimes when driving at that high speed and start to go up a small incline, the engine will start to slow down and the rpm's will bounce up and down like it's losing power

    I had a tune up and they replaced the spark plugs, i had a engine flush, etc.

    What else could it be? :sick:
  • bainmsbainms Member Posts: 2
    recently had the same issue... LOUD whining noise. Took it to my local mechanic, he replaced the idler pulley - eliminated the problem entirely. ($135 repair).
    Good Luck!
  • melo40melo40 Member Posts: 1
    Tonight the speedometer maxed out and now is stuck
    also have a very loud whine sounds like alt.
    anyone else have this concern? :(
  • axle5axle5 Member Posts: 2
    My Trailblazer is doing the same thing it is losing power around 45 mph and I can watch the rpm gauge drop. Did anyone find a fix? :sick:
  • axle5axle5 Member Posts: 2
    Little motors on back of gauge is probable messed up my speedometer went crazy also. Takes about an hour or so but you can order new motors off ebay cheap all you have to do is pull your gauge cluster and unsolder motors and solder new one on.
  • slecslec Member Posts: 1
    My 2005 Trailblazer ext (loaded) is dead. Already lost the speedometer, the gas gauge, the ac fan and multiple other problems. Now i have a blown cylinder. Am I wrong in expecting a $40k vehicle to last more than 7 years. Estimate for this is 2500-3500 dollars, but I've already put $3000 into it this year. Looking at all of these posts, is this just a legitimate lemon? To GMC, never again!!!!!!!!!
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