map light, trailer harness - fix before purchase?

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I am about 24 hours from purchasing a 2007 Santa Fe. But, I'm waffling a little after reading several posts on this forum. First of all, I don't have the build date for the SF I'm considering but I'm fairly sure it is one of the earlier ones since it has no XM and has been on the lot a while with 275 miles. I'm hoping you experts can help with some info and your opinions on a few things.
Since the touring package hitch wiring is worthless without a harness that will breed up to it, I think I should be able to ask them to supply the "Hyundai Santa Fe Trailer Wiring Harness at no charge. I keep seeing different part numbers for it. Is it:
U8610-2B000" U8610-2B100, U8612-2B100. Could someone clarify please?

Next, the map light doesn't come on when the doors are open. Does anyone know that part # for this fix and do you think it should be supplied at no charge - before I make the car purchase?

The other issue is the keyless entry doesn't flash lights and sound the horn when pressed.

Thanks so much for your help. I'm so happy I found this place before I pulled the trigger.


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    You can find the build date on the driver side door jamb.

    The correct part number for the trailer wiring harness is U8612-2B000. Cost is about $85.00.

    The dealer can fix the map light issue by ordering the new wiring kit from Hyundai.
    There should not be any charge to you. If your dealer gives you static about it call Hyundai customer service.

    Tell the dealer to fix the keyless entry problem before you purchase the car, again there should be no cost to you.
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    anyone have fog light problems yet?
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    Thanks, slateblue.
    I went with the deal. They made note on my sales contract that they will fix everything at no charge. The service department was aware of these issues some of the 07s and ordered the parts. We found that it was missing the wireless head phones for the dvd player also so those were ordered also. If they don't get here before my Christmas trip, they will give me some from another car on the lot. It sounds like I have a pretty good dealer so far.
    Thanks again.
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    Your welcome. The Santa Fe is great choice.

    Somdai1, I have not had any problems with the driving lights, although I seldom use them as the headlights provide plenty of illumination. Matter of fact I have had no issues with the Sante Fe at all. It's been perfect so far.
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    It's not a big deal, but it may save you a trip back to the dealer to make sure the outside temperature is reading correctly in the car. (One of the other issues with the older models). If not they will need to rewire around the fuse box... might as well have them check it out. Its not a difficult problem to solve, but would be annoying until solved...
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    I bought my 07 santa fe in July and was promised my Map light was to be fixed by my dealer North Scottsdale Hyundai numerous times, still haven't heard from them; its been months. They are really on the ball.......................
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    I would have called Hyundai customer service or found a different dealer to handle the problem long ago. Your dealer is sluffing you off.
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    If you're waiting for the dealer to call you, you're in for a very long wait. You'll need to be a little more proactive.
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    The dealer called yesterday and said the trailer wiring harness and map light wiring kit are in and I have an appointment next week to have them do it. ghd1959, I would try a different dealer. Mine is so eager for me to give them 10's on the customer survey, I think they would do anything for me right now. I bought both a Santa Fe and a Tucson (for my daughter) the same day and told them that unless everything wasn't perfect they would regret it.
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    I bought my SE 200SE Santa Fe last Feb and was promptly inundated with surveys, and other related items. It also continues (but more mildly) after oil and other services. I expect the next question to be...did we use the correct amount of KY.......I sent them a large size KY jelly presuming that was about the correct size for a Santa fe...This survey also had a great Picture of a great looking cutie in the front...tell me the Koreans didn't learn fast!

    There just has to be some kind of dealer "perk" for good survey pk marks. I could see it for those badged cars that carried a really prestigious badge but not a Hyundai (YES, I am still liking mine a bunch! and since the dome light (whicj they quickly resolved", it has never seen the interior of the shop! :shades: As I stated and have my friends asked he finally finished buying cars cars monthly. Do I have a few small beefs, , sure, but I would have to say not may not as many issues as other brands. (Like my poor Mini Cooper that was a complete blast, WHEN THE BUGGER DECIDED IT WAS GOING TO ALLOW YOU TO DRIVE IT THAT DAY! hey, I was around in the BAD ole days when a ride in a Hyundai was to see who could run the furthest! before breaking something and bonus points awarede when doubles werew hit.

    I was traveling a few months ago and was awaiting a ride to the airport at about 5am. I heard this ratling, cachinging type of noise coming from my brother in law's 2 yr old 5 series MB! Mercedes Benze. I could not wait to see what would lay odds it was the serpentine belt which had to have some kind of Pulley issue as well (Man was it hot under that hood) (We were in Florida) he actually asked me what could possibly happen if he were to drive it home. I just said "POOF" s the cab picked me up....Then I thought...of course it is the supercharger...just had to be. then i woke up from nana land!!! and Called my Brother in law a little too late. he has been driving with the Service light for so long and was going to being with a whopper of a bill Something about replacing a belt...just made me feel crummy inside!
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    Howdy, Jeff. Not to sound smug, but what's a "5 series MB! Mercedes Benz"?
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    Hi mpuzach:
    "Howdy, Jeff. Not to sound smug, but what's a "5 series MB! Mercedes Benz"?"

    Not Smug...Must check My thinking before typing...

    I meant a 5 series BMW....takes a little more time for my own tranny fluid to get warm in this cold weather"
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    yeah - you gotta keep the pressure on - from dealer to dealer - they will handle these issues differently depending on what their priorities are....
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    gizzer777 wrote: There just has to be some kind of dealer "perk" for good survey pk marks. I could see it for those badged cars that carried a really prestigious badge but not a Hyundai
    Around here, every dealership would like to be ranked #1 in service customer satisfaction for this area - regardless of the car manufacturer. Even the sales mans commission percentage is based on the a satisfaction survey.
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    I have 2003 Chevy Tahoe and a 1999 Ford F150. My problem is when I connect the trailer with the F150, the lights, blinkers and break lights work fine. Now when I connect them with the Tahoe only the parling lights work. the blinkers or the break lights do not work. Can somebody help with this problem
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