Wind/Road Noise: Was It Fixed In Redesign?

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We have a 2004 Honda CR-V EX that we love. My one pet peeve - and it does grate on me - is what I think is unusually loud wind and road noise, even at low speeds. I know others have commented about it, so I know I'm not totally crazy about this - it's a loud cabin, particularly at highway speeds. You hear ever gust, every bump, every slap of the pavement. It's like driving with one of those white noise machines, and not in a good way.

Anyway, I digress. We otherwise love the car, and are considering buying a 2008. My question: did they fix the road/wind noise problems in the redesign? I test drove one, and frankly, it didn't seem like they did. I'm curious to hear from any owners who have driven models of each vintage.


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    I test drove a 2006 CR-V and didn't buy because of road noise, deciding to wait for the '07 redesign. The new model is significantly quieter, though that's not to say it's Lexus quiet. Few SUVs are. Others on these boards claim than a change from the Bridgestone stock tires makes for an even quieter ride.

    All in all, the CR-V delivers a quality product at a reasonable price. But a test drive is the only way for you know for sure.
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    My wife has an 05 EX AWD and I have an 07 EX FWD. The 07 is quieter, but there is still road noise (wind noise is not a problem with my 07). Changing tires does make a modest difference in road noise (on both cars) and a very large difference in handling and braking. I just returned from a 500 mile trip in my 07, and I never felt bothered by noise.
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    So what is the best tire for a quieter and perhaps better traction. The Bridgestones are very good in the rain.When these tires wear out, I want something with better performance and quieter. I don't know if that is possible.
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    What's the right tire will depend on your particular driving conditions. The "Honda CR-V Tires Wheels" forum has some good comments and recommendations. Since snow isn't a problem for me, I'll be looking for (mostly) a quieter tire.
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    My wife's car is a Camry Hybrid. On smooth roads I find little difference in the level of road noise between the two cars. But on rougher roads the CR-V is noticeably noisier.

    Still, the CR-V is our car of choice on longer trips. It's higher and more comfortable seats compensate for the modest increase in road noise.
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    I just bought the '08 CRV EX-L/w Navi and I would say that the road/wind noise is still excessive. Now, having said that, I shopped long and hard and think this is a great value so it was no surprise. I just think that in this "day and age" they should be able to solve that a lot easier on any car regardless of price point.

    I also believe a lot of road noise is due to tires and my guess is "stock" tires are never the best so I figure I could help solve it if I wanted to shell out some money. In the meantime, the radio automatically goes up in volume the faster you go so I will use that method right now!
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    You will find that new tires will not solve Honda's age old problem of road noise.

    A good fix would be dynamat acoustical mat. You can buy at Circuit City or Best Buy in the car stereo department.

    It should be applied under the door panels, carpet, firewall, & possibly the fender wells (may get wet).
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    I replaced my bridgestone Dullers with goodyear assurance triple tread and the noise is dramatically lower and the handling is also quite a bit better. The tires that come on the CRV should be replaced before you drive the car off the lot.
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    Funny thing....Honda owners always complained how loud the OEM Michelins are on their Hondas.

    Now Bridgestones are noisy also.

    See a pattern?

    You shouldn't have to drop +$800 on new tires before leaving the dealer's lot.
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    With the 3rd generation I understand both bridgestone and michelins came as OEM, although I don't know what configuration came on which models. If you replace the tires before leaving the lot they are "new" tires and you may be able to receive some credit for the tires. But in the end new tires seemed to eliminate about 70% of the noise especially on the highway.
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    I also find my 2005 CR-V to have way too much road noise. Changing the tires didn't work. I put carpet underlay under the rugs. This helped a bit. Can I put sound deadening closed cell foam in the doors? Other suggestions?

    Also am I the only one who finds the ride stiff, and feel the bumps too much?
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    From a similar question/answer posted::::

    I will be in acquiring a vehicle in the near term. As previously noted, my experience with my wifes Pilot was revealing. Apologists will note tires and wind noise. Tires may give you a minor 10% reduction... maybe... and wind noise is not road noise (there is the same amount of wind on an asphalt road as a concrete road). Why have a radio if you can't listen to it? There really is no excuse for this long term, well established problem. I would like to tell Honda engineers to go talk to Ford or Chrysler or Toyota or anyone about how to do it. That might embarass them into acknowledging the issue. This is nothing esoteric and has been accomplished for d-e-c-a-d-e-s.

    As it is, and as much as I would like to get a CR-V based on my otherwise fine experience with the Pilot, everything is now pointing to a Subaru Outback or RAV4. Quality on all 3 is equal (a good thing). All have slight benefits over each other in one form or another (pick one...). Mileage is similar.

    Competition is good. Honda just happens to be losing this particular competition (my sale)... due to something that could be resolved but isn't being resolved for reasons that are not readily apparent.
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