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2010 Lexus RX 350



  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Where did you get the RX picture? the black1
  • sanishsanish Posts: 66
    My guesstimate: The dash of 2010 RX will resemble either the GS or IS and the side arm rests will not be there.
    -As seen in Lexus magazine for last quarter of 2008
  • As seen on - - -

    Continuing in on the breakdown of the 2010 Lexus RX 350 (and probably hybrid model), here's a list of newly available-

    Optional equipment:

    Bi-Xenon HID Headlamps
    Automatic High Beam Feature
    Auto-dimming Rearview Mirror with Integrated Backup Camera
    Wallet-Size Card Key
    12-Speaker Premium Audio System
    USB Audio Input
    15-Speaker Mark Levinson Audio System
    Voice-activated HDD Navigation System
    XM Real-Time Traffic Capability
    19-inch Alloy Wheels
    P235/55R19 Tires
    Head-Up Display
    Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM)
    Driver Seat Variable Cushion Length Adjustment
    Front Passenger Seat Variable Cushion Length Adjustment
    Wide-View Side Monitor System
    Sport-Tuned Suspension
    Unique Wheel Finish
    Dual Screen Rear Seat DVD Entertainment System
    3-Position Driver Seat Memory System
    Heated & Ventilated Front Seats

    Standard Equip:

    18-inch Alloy Wheels
    P235/50R18 M+S Tires
    XM Satellite Radio (Factory Activated)
    Smart Entry System
    Push Button Start
    Bluetooth Capability
    Rear Seat Side Airbags
    Double Wishbone Rear Suspension
    Retractable Outside Rearview Mirrors
    Integrated Turn Signal Lamps
    Puddle Lamps
    Rear Seatbelt Pretensioners
    Hill Ascent Control (HAC)
    Temporary Spare Tire
    6-Speed Automatic Transmission
    Sequential Shift Mode
    Active Torque Control 4WD System
    Electric Power Steering
    Multi-Information Display
    Front Passenger Knee Airbag
    Premium Fabric Seat Surfaces
    Sliding Rear Seat
    Remote Release for Folding Rear Seatbacks
    Active Front Headrests with Whiplash Protection
    Roof Mounted Satellite Fin Antenna

    Deleted Standard Equipment

    Driver Foldable Armrest
    Front Passenger Foldable Armrest
    Full-Size Spare Tire
    Roof Rail Crossbars
    Full-Time 4WD System
    2-Position Driver Seat Memory System
    Auto-dimming Side View Mirrors
    Leather Seat Surfaces

    It will also be unveiled at the 2008 LA auto show in November....
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    It seems EXTREMELY unlikely that VDIM will be an option, not standard.
  • If anyone goes to the LA Auto Show this week, can you please share some photos of the new RX? Thanks.

  • sanishsanish Posts: 66
    2010 RX350 is a big dissapointment. Some will like it and buy just because of "L".
    Exterior looks like a love child between Camry and Highlander. Interior does not have a luxury feeling like other Lexus models and the angular/swoop dash is kinda innovative but not sure if many will like it. Nice tech gadgets but what a waste when the car as a complete package is big let down. Didn't expect this from Lexus on their best selling car and a bench mark for luxury SUV's.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    But then maybe we're getting a truly functional AWD system, maybe even R/AWD.

    But no word yet on DFI or not....??

    But how are there implementing the Atkinson cycle on the RX450h's V6...??

    I have always assumed that would require some sort of intake backflow prevention such as a reed valve as used in 2-cycle engines, or going over to the Miller cycle's positive displacement SuperCharger as Mazda did with the V6 in the Millennia S.
  • cwaynecwayne Posts: 81
    Is there a rear camera without having to buy the navigation system. I have an 06
    without the nav and will probably look elsewhere if the nav and rear camera are not separated.
  • Yeah, Sanish, I'm having a hard time taking to the new strange and weird-looking lines of the 2010 RX. What a shame. I really like my '07 RX350 so much! It just does everything so well! Well, it was bound to happen.
    This reminds me of the new Acura TL. You take a car that's been hugely popular in its previous generation and then it becomes close to impossible to live up to the expectations for the new generation model that comes up. To me, it's not just Lexus and Acura that are facing this problem. I also think that some of the changes on the new Infinitis, such as the FX are having the same problem. I still like the previous gen FX and the
    previous gen G35 coupe better than the current versions that are out on the road today.

    Oh, well. At this point, I'm kind of pinning my hopes on the new
    Audi Q5. I've been seeing several around town(probably being driven by salesmen or managers at the dealership, as the car won't be on sale until supposedly March of 2009). So far that's a sweet-looking car! Right now, I guess it's a good thing I still have a little less than two years left on my lease. That way Audi can iron out any bugs on the Q5, as I'm not so sure reliability would be quite as good as my Lexus.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    The rear is BIG disappointment to me.
    Ugly shape & lights.
    Will look for a deal on 2009 instead.
  • Hey maximafan, I'm in the same boat as you, though the lease on my '07 RX350 ends in June 2009. Based upon the pics of the new RX, I'll probably look elsewhere, but I'll wait until I see and drive one first (the interior can't really be that ugly in person, can it?). Vehicles on my list for consideration are: Audi Q5 and A4 Avant, Volvo XC60 (looks good, but may be too small and poor mpg), Nissan Murano, Toyota Venza (the Venza is rapidly coming to the top of my list). I think I've eliminated Infiniti (EX is too small & poor mpg, FX=poor mpg & too much $$), Acura (RDX=too small & poor mpg, MDX=too big & poor mpg), BMW & VW (unreliable). I agree with your concerns about Audi reliability (from personal experience). If you go with an Audi, lease it, never buy it. Then unload it before the warranty runs out. Lease it from a dealer very close to your home, since you will be visiting their service dept. frequently. And service it before taking a long trip, then get a listing of Audi dealers & phone numbers along your trip route - you may need to call them for help. Audis are neat cars but can be very quirky.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Look, think, about how many years it took for the Porsche 911 "shape" to become BEAUTIFUL..!!

    Beauty is only skin deep.

    And think a functional (maybe..??) AWD system, FINALLY...!!

    And maybe DFI...??
  • MD, yeah, I have to agree on the Toyota Venza. I spied a few that were on an Automobile Truck that was hauling brand new Venza's going the opposite direction from me, and I thought they
    looked pretty nice. I have to admit when I do see an MDX on the road, I like the exterior styling, but since you can only get AWD,
    you get less gas mileage. I'm not liking the new face on the Infiniti FX, and as far as the Murano, well, I'm still not quite impressed with CVT transmissions.

    I did get to rent a Mercedes Benz C300 Sport about a month ago and enjoyed driving that. But at this point, I still want to look into the Audi Q5. I'm a little sad about the 2010 RX still though. :cry:
    The current generation RX is so nice!!
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    Does anyone know if RX350 2010 will be exhibited
    at the Boston Auto Show this week?
  • The RX was on my list of test-drives to replace a car that goes off-lease in 09. I lasted about 5 minutes in the dealership. In addition to the ho-hum styling, the shifter placement is odd and the amount of usable cargo space in the rear hatch is severely impaired because of (what I think is) housing for the rear suspension. I just pictured trying to put things in there from Lowes/Home Depot.

    Like some of you, I too am waiting for the Q5 and the XC60 to come out before making up my mind. I do have to admit that I really like the Mercedes GLK.

    As far as gas prices, I think making a decision based on that seems a little funny. There is not a great deal of variation across size and class of SUVs--at least not enough for me to settle with less features or quality in one vehicle even though these may be available on some models with slightly-worse mpg. I read a consumer discussion a while back, I think it was on the GM SUV's--since they are so cheap now, " if you're shopping for an SUV you know they get crappy gas mileage--don't complain or whine about it--just do your homework and be an educated consumer."
  • After reading the first drive article on the 2010 RX350 and looking at the pics I would definitely have to say that Toyota didn't put any thought into redesigning the new RX!! They just decided that if they give the car a face-lift and throw in a bunch of gadgets, people will come in and buy it, just because it's a Lexus. I would actually prefer the current Gen RX350 over the new one. The Venza is a totally different ball of wax. Not only is the styling horrible, but it has that cheap Toyota feel to it. The interior looks awful with the fake wood and the cloth seats. And all for 35K!! What a steal!! The Venza is nothing but a cheap family wagon!! It is longer and wider than the current RX but it doesn't feel like a luxury SUV at all. Toyota has really dropped the ball with these two vehicles. :cry:
  • sanishsanish Posts: 66
    I agree with your opinion on both the cars but before we come to any conclusion one has to see the vehicle in person and also go for a test drive. Articles are a good source but how many of us just depend on only those to decide who has dropped the ball. I am dissapointed too but holding back my views until I drive one.
  • When you drove the Venza, was it AWD or FWD? I thought the AWD drove and felt pretty solid, didn't feel cheap at all (I currently drive an RX350 - so I can make a valid comparison). Maybe the FWD version feels different? And what were the cloth seats like? Here on the east coast it looks like every V6 comes with leather. Thanks.
  • Or does it just tell you if one of the tire pressure is low?
  • smr36smr36 Posts: 59
    Is there a site showing MSRP/Invoice for options for the '10 RX? Local dealer (San Diego) said cars and brochures should be available next week. I wonder how long it will take before there is sufficient inventory for buyers to get good deals. I was told that MSRP prices are lower than last years model without sacrificing std equipment.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    Ira dealer in Danvers of MA already has a couple cars.
    Price is in the $47K.
    The car has the VIN number starts with J. I wonder if the cars
    are built from Japan and shipped to the US.
  • Test drove the RX 350 AWD 2010 today at a dealer in Southern, NJ. Totally different feel than the 2009. I was like WOW! I'm short and in the previous model when I raised the seat all the way up, the arm rest on the right hand side was lower than my seat so it felt weird. Not so with the 2010 model. Center console is at the perfect height so felt very comfortable. The seats felt more like bucket seats that held your body perfectly like in a Acura MDX. No lean when I hit curves at high speeds and the silence was amazing. Absolutely no wind noise even on the highway! And the ease of the navigation system both verbally and with the mouse was a pleasant surprise. Oh yeah and push button start feature was cool. New model also features air conditioned seats, which will be nice in the summer on hot days. New easy release lever in cargo area easily lowered rear seats in seconds. All in all a good experience. Sticker price a little high right now though. RX 350 AWD was $47,600 with nav and $44,500 without nav. Both models look nice. No books to take home currently though and the guy didn't have any idea what the lease specials were like. Said I was only the 3rd person to test drive demo as they only had 5 in stock. Big Lexus open house on Feb 21st to let everyone test drive more and by then he states they should have books since they we're due to get the SUV in originally until 13-16 Feb. Sorry for being so long, just tried to give all info I had and my experience. :D
  • Nice info, are they offering any for sale now or just demo-- then sell demo for sticker with 1k miles on them to the I must have one now group.
  • Hi Soonercat :),

    Just called the dealer back and he had me on hold for about 6 mins and said that they officially can start giving prices for financing and leasing, as well as selling the vehicles in stock, in the next day or so as most dealerships are getting the vehicles in until between 13-16th of Feb and their trying to be fair and have everyone start selling them on the same date. He said technically they weren't supposed to be even letting people demo drive them yet, but since they have them out front on the lot and in the display room they couldn't say no to people who drop by to see them and wanted a test drive. He said they have only 1 they are using as a demo for test drives right now (that has nav), 2 in the showroom (one with nav & one without that I saw both of) and 2 more on the lot. I asked if he thought the leasing would be anywhere near what the current lease price is and he said "Nooooo, no way, as this one is way more expensive". He was real nice and I thanked him for his time. He told me to just check back daily for info, but that it should be either tomorrow or Saturday that they start selling them. I really want one, but the new price is kinda steep for me. Might end up trying to get a good deal on a 09, even though I LOVED the feel of the 2010. Surprised with the recession, they are priced so much higher. :cry: And oh yeah, he said they already have about 12 pre-ordered for people! :surprise:
  • sanishsanish Posts: 66
    You can now build 2010 RX on
    Option prices are $2,750 (w/o Nav), $5,280 (w/Nav) and $6,580 (w/Nav,19" wheels and Heated/Ventilated Seats)
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