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94 Bronco hesitation

sundance13sundance13 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Ford
I have a 94 Bronco that I have replaced the fuel
filter twice, fuel pump, spark plugs & wires, rotor
button, distributor cap, oxygen sensor, & cleaned
fuel intake & injectors. It has been to two Ford
dealerships and three independent garages; nothing
shows on the scanner. It starts fine but when
trying to acclerate it acts like it is runnig out
of gas sputtering and sounds like it is spitting
back through the intake. If I just let it adle in
the driveway, it feels like it si going dead. After
it has run so long it is fine. Does anybody have
any thoughts?


  • wallyg1wallyg1 Member Posts: 1
    My A/C was blowing just hot air, and the idle almost killed the engine at every stop. When I put the Bronco II in to check out the A/C, the culprit turned out to be the TPS sensor. According to my mechanic, this one sensor controls the base idle speed, and shuts off non-essential systems (like the A/c compressor), when the rpms go up drastically (because you would want the extra power going to the transmission, not the A/C).
    When the tps sensor goes out, it can cause problems in multiple systems. Apparently, it isn't the first thing a mechanic would look for, either. Even Tommy, who is pretty sharp thought the symptoms on my car pointed to something else. He only tested the TPS in order to rule it out as a possible cause. He replaced it, and everything works fine.
    Checkout an old entry in the Bronco owners section of this chat. Someone else seemed to have the same problem, and the tps sensor was to blame.
  • drof1drof1 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 90 model Bronco and had similar problems,the tps is a good place to start.It can be checked easily with a voltmeter.On my bronco I removed the throttle body and cleaned same,especially the vacuum ports.Also check the idle air bypass valve and egr valve.

    Good luck!
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