Got a New 2008 Ranger and Love it! Got it at a great price too!

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Just picked up a new 2008 ranger w/ 60 miles on it. It was between a new ranger and an 04 tacoma. The sticker on the ranger was 16.5k and on the tacoma 12.9k. The tacoma had 34k miles on it, and was at Scott Clark's Toyota City. Here are my two experiences:

1) I orginally picked the tacoma because of how they hold their value. Just a basic, regular cab 4x2 w/ the 4 cylider. Boy am I glad Scott Clark's Toyota gave me a horrid customer service experience, or I'd be driving it right now. Bottom line, they offered me OTD price of like 13.8k on a 12.9k sticker. I'll never, ever pay more than sticker on a car...EVER. They had 3 chances at the bargaining table to win my business, and each experience was absolutely terrible. All the did was d#ck me around. 1) Went in, trying to negotiate and wanting to deal on the tundra, knowing full well the offer Scott Clark's had given a buddy of mine just a few weeks before. Furthermore, the salesman, who was new, told me the best deal he'd seen on one since he'd been there: 9k off! Long story short, they literally pushed me towards the door, and kept saying, come back when you're ready. Buy a clue! Meet my price, and I'll drive your truck home! Heck, if they'd gotten close to the deal they'd given early w/out the rebates toyota was now offering, I'd of driven it home. Bottomline, the sales manager was a jerk, and kept saying, "Come back when you're ready". Strike #2) I pick out the tacoma, and say, cut me a deal, and I'll take it home. They say, 13.8k on a 12.9k sticker w/ a $500 discount on sticker. I say, that ain't no deal. A deal is below sticker and walk out, but you know the game dealers pay. Destination fee, blah blah blah. I asked the sales manager, "Why am i paying a destination charge on this truck when I know for a fact this was a trade in from a week ago?" "You pay that on all cars" was his response. So I walked again. Strike #3: I called down and talk to my salesguy. I tell him, give me $500 more on my trade and honor your $500 "internet coupon", and I'll come down and buy the truck. It's about a 25 mile drive at 8:30 at night. I drive down, they pull the car around front, so i figure its in the bag when I arrive. I sit down...have to wait 20 minutes..think to myself...must not be too interested in making a sale. The guy finally comes over, and puts the exact same d#mn offer in front of me they'd had earlier in the week. Says, I'm sorry, we can't give you any more for your trade after seeing it. My trade is in prestine condition, and they would only give me $6500 on a kbb retail value of $13485! And then FURTHERMORE, i ask, where's the $500 internet coupon? He says it's already in there? I said, uh, no, it's not, the 12388 is what you neg. it down to last week. He says, I know, that's when we put it in, that's the internet coupon. The last time I was there, NO mention of ANY internet coupon. So basically, the offer me EXACTLY the same offer I had before. 50 mile roundtrip wasted, and immediately stand up and walk out, and told them, I will never, ever be back. I would tell anyone considering getting a new/used toyota from're wasting your time. Buy from a private party, the prices are way better anyways, and financing is easy to get online. Don't waste your time on the liars/shisters at Scott Clark's Toyota City on Independence Blvd in Charlotte. Absolute waste of time/money/and especially gas! This didn't even include the total crap their internet service was.

2) I was working with town and country ford, and they said out the door: 15990 on the ranger w/ the $1000 rebate from ford + 2.9% financing or another $1500 off for $14590 OTD. This is the brand new slate gray 4 cylinder. I asked for a bedliner and a cd player put in it as this was the the short cab model with really no options added besides the auto transmission, which I didn't want for mileage purposes w/ the 4 cylinder engine. It adds about 1k to sticker. The best they could do on my trade was $6820. They were a much better dealer to work with compared to Scott Clark's Toyota Crap Spewing City. Not a lot of pressure from the sales manager (Mike), although they did ask if I was ready to buy umpteen times. The thing that bugged me was they had tons of illegal immigrants swarming their lot, and mexican music blaring out in front? I thought, "Ford, as American as you can get, lol"...and they were catering to the illegal market! Guess you gotta make a buck though, and overall they weren't a bad dealer to work with. In fact, if they'd of just put the bedliner in (dealer cost $99) and a cd player (dealer cost $199), I'd of signed on the dotted line, but they didn't. So I decided to head down there to pick up my new truck, and just fold my hand and give into what they were offering, and add the stuff myself. But...

3) I decided to stop by a little ford dealership on my way down to charlotte called finishline ford just to see if they had a ranger that was comparable. I spoke with a nice salesman who was new there named Craig, and said, "Show me the rangers!". Not expecting much from such a tiny dealership, we went right over to the rangers, and there she was, the exact color, with the exact options, and everything I wanted save a bedliner. We started negotiating before we even took it out on a test drive, telling them that I was actually on my way down to Town & Country Ford to pick up a truck. They brought their best offer right up front. $12880 + TTT and destination of $499. The financing on the truck was excellent at 6.5%, so i forego the 2.9% ford was offering and took the extra $1500 rebate instead. Total purchase price was about $14,000 or just $200 more than the tacoma that didn't have a cd player, or about $500 less than the frontline deal without the options I wanted. They did give me a little less on the trade in at $6200, but I was glad to get rid of my passat, those cars are total crap, and I'll never buy another VW. Maintenance is a nightmare! I financed roughly $20k due to the neg. equity in the passat, but my payment went down $25/month after putting 2k down.

Bottomline: I'm extactic about my decision. My review of the 08 ranger. I'm incredibly happy I chose it over the tacoma. The tacoma is a smaller truck, and rides very low to the ground. The ranger sits surprisingly high. The gas mileage on this little 4 cylinder is absolutely phenomenal! I'm averaging 27.5 mpg. With gas still costing $3/gallon and likely increasing and a 40 mile commute, I'll be saving gas over even my passat, which averaged about 25. (roughly $275 year!, or almost one free car payment at $350/month). The truck is surprisingly zippy for a 4 cylinder, and I've already towed a load of lumber up to my warehouse with it using my little 4x8 open trailer. Granted it wasn't a ton of weight (probably 6-800 pounds), but the truck pulled it with no problems and didn't deviate from its gas m


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    Be sure to mention your sales experience in the Ford Ranger Prices Paid and Buying Experiences discussion, and give those dealers a review in our Dealer Ratings and Reviews section at

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    Personally, I don't care if a bunch of Martians are buying at the same time I am. I figure I got a pretty good deal from Metro Ford in Port Coquitlam. My advice, don't worry about Mexicans or Martians buying at the dealership you have picked to get a deal. The Mexicans or Martians probably don't give a purple GD if you or your Venusian friends are there at the same time. If someone has the bux, who da H cares who else is buying.
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    Just bought a new 2008 Ford Ranger in Belize Central Amarica. This Ranger has a 4cyl Turbo Diesel, 5 Speed Man Trans, 4x4, and a four door Crew Cab. This Ranger is built on the Mazda B4000 Frame with a Mazda 4cyl Turbo Diesel. I'm driving up to Texas in about 3-4 weeks and have to bring extra fuel and oil filters. I want to find a quality Bull Bar for my front end but can't seem to find what I need which is a Bull Bar to fit the Mazda B4000 Frame. Anybody have any ideas? I also will be looking for a bed cover but the bed is a bit longer than most four door crew cab trucks. If you want to see my Ranger you can look up Ranger Pickup, Ford/Mazda, Thailand,2008. As you may guess, I'm calling myself The Lone Ranger as I do think I'll have a ONE OF A KIND while I'm up in Texas!!!!
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    Pace Edwards Co. makes covers for both ford and mazda trucks. the cover it self is also really nice and weather resistant. it retracts in to a canister in the front of the bed. the best price i have found on this cover is at
    and shipping is free :)
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