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Hi, I have a 2001 V8 LS that runs perfect when its cold (first started) but about 35 minutes later the idle get real irratitic. Will run steady then skip and cut in and out and just run bad and hesitate. It only take the engine about 10 minutes to warm up(thermo opens)car continues to run good and only starts to act up after 30-35 minutes later. I have a new c.o.p and have tried it in each of the eight cylinders one at a time no change. No check engine lights are on and I had it scaned and the only code was p0795 for a trans solenoid. I just purchased this car and could really use some help. I really love the car and would like to get it running good so I can enjoy it. Thanks in advance for ANY help offered!!!! Mike


  • Yeah man...I have a 2000 LS V8 also having similar problems. I found oil in my spark plug wells. So I replaced my valve cover gasket, all spark plugs and coils. Car still idles rough like its misfiring after the car warms up. But my code was P0171 banke one code. Let me know how your problem turns out and I'll do the same with mine.
  • Hey, Thanks for the reply. Yea I seen quite a few complaints on here about oil in the spark plug tubes also. I checked all 8 of mine and are dry. I changed plugs while I was at it and that did help. I am wondering if I may have an injector problem. I am going to run some pressure type cleaner into the fuel rail and see what happens.If I find a solid answer to this problem I will let you know. Thanks
  • Well i finally got my car fixed. I had the auto repair place do a total fuel clean system, tune up and they found two faulty coil packs. (#4, #3 ) Which is weird b/c i got a bank 1 not a bank 2 code. I picked up my car then right before i was leaving the engine light came on. The code was for the PCM, like P0357 or something like that. But that code was caused by the bad coil pack for some reason. Thank God, New PCM would be really expensive.So, I left it there again. They said the coil pack that they put on #3 was faulty. Now it runs like butter again! So maybe you can try a total fuel system clean, tune up and coil stress checks. Hopefully that will fix the problem with you. Let me know whats going on.
  • I recently purchased a 2000 Lincoln LS V8 in December 2007. The car runs wonderful (cold), but as soon as it reached operating temperature and you are stopped at a stop sign or light, the engine begins to fumble and eventually stalls. This will only happen if the car is in gear (drive or reverse). The used car dealer I bought it from did have the PCU changed 2 days after the sale. This cured the problem for awhile, but the problem is back. The car was parked over the winter. I've called the dealer back but now says that 4 months later there nothing he can do(which I understand).
    But what may be the cause of the problem. I read on this site that the PCU is self-learning on these cars, if so, would not driving the vehicle allow the new PCU to adjust and learned the old problem?
  • this problen could be a tcc solenoid problem in the transmission industry a restricted tcc solenoid would essentially cause the torque converter clutch to stay applied even if the brakes are pressed the tcc solenoid wont be able to exhaust enough fluid to release the tcc. it would be basically the same as a plugged up catalytic converter when cold it will run for a little while but performance gets worse as the car warms up. same principle for the tcc solenoid. Im not always right but that would be my approach to the problem if the car came to my shop

    This respons was from a member named " fordfan 17"
    I haven't done it yet but when I do, I'll update.
  • So, I've had the Coil on Plug #4 changed, and had the injection flush and a new fuel filter put on. It's been 2 weeks and I have had no problems, not even a shake. This seems to have fixed the problem..... for now. :)
  • Greeting,

    I have a 02 ls recently it started idle high, the difference in performance is wait time (for allowing it drop in idling) and from park to reverse has a rough transition, it appears as the car almost is being force into gear. I had it check by the local transmission shop they said it idling high...go figer...so would it be the idle control valve? if so is it hard to replace?
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