Chevrolet Cobalt Crash Tested

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I just want to pass on to other Cobalt owners on how well I faired in a 35 mph head on collision. I owned my 2006 Lt since 11/05 and only had a few minor issues with it ( key stuck in ignition, fuel sensor and radio replacement). I put on over 45,000 miles on it till it met it's end. Last week I hit a patch of black ice and the car slid into oncoming traffic. I hit a mini van head on doing approx 35 mph and walked away without a scratch. The car was totaled but neither of us was hurt. I was so satisfied how it protected me and my wife that I ordered an 08 this week.
Bottom line is I may of spent some time at the dealer with it, but didn't spend a second in the hospital after such a severe crash. Thumbs up for front end safety.


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    Sure glad everyone's O.K. You mentioned a 35 mph crash. That was your speed or a total of both vehicles. Ex. if you were going 35 mph and the other vehicule was going 20 mph that's a 55 mph impact but if the other vehicule was stopped, it remains a 35 mph crash. Still pretty hard.
    A Christmas miracle for sure.
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    Glad you came out ok. The Cobalt and Corolla were tops in their class when equipt with side air bags. Both cars have had 5-star frontal crash which Hyundai and others should now have as well.
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    Good info! Very good to hear no one was injured!! Keep atop of your insurance policy. I know in my area, if you hit anyone, injuries or not, you can almost guarantee a law-suit w/in 3yrs. Make sure you are protected.

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    I was doing 35 the other car was just pulling away from a stop light when I hit black ice and skidded accross the lane and hit them head on. In my state it's hard to sue unless you sustain injuries and then it never goes beyond policy maxium unless you were drunk or on drugs.
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    Yep, same thing in NY. You would have to be grossly neglegent to loose a law suit for more than the cap of your liabilty policy. I've been down that road before. No fun.

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