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2001 Escape XLT Door Lock problem

navydad4navydad4 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Ford
Remote & Key unlock not working on locked car that is in storage with a dead battery. Tried WD 40 & a Slim Jim without success. 2 sets of keys/remotes don't work. The key turns ok but does not unlock the door. This was not a problem until the battery started going dead.

Any thoughts?


  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    I assume you have tried all the doors but, just in case, there's a thought.

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  • kabeckerkabecker Member Posts: 3
    i have the exact same problem with my 2001 escape xlt. I was studying abroad in Nepal all last semester so I had it in storage. It ran fine a month ago when my father started it up, but then after sitting for another month, i can't even open the doors. I tried the remote opener, which doesn't work at all- locks or alarm. then i also have tried the manual lock on the driver's door and the rear door, none of which work. this is a problem because i can't pop the hood without getting into the car.
  • kabeckerkabecker Member Posts: 3
    had my door unlocked so i could pop the hood, then replaced the battery and everything is working good.
  • wildjimwildjim Member Posts: 1
    Who and how did they unlock the door
  • kabeckerkabecker Member Posts: 3
    I just had a local auto shop come unlock the door with a special 'unlocker' tool. After replacing the battery, my escape is running great.
  • nathaneboydnathaneboyd Member Posts: 1
    My rear door and window latch will sometimes unlock and sometimes not unlock. I haven't been able to unlock it for over two months. Ant suggestions please??
  • nastyman1nastyman1 Member Posts: 5
    you may have a bad door lock solenoid I haven't looked at mine, but there may be an access panel on the inside of the door, that you may be able to get through to manually unlock it this will also in theory give you access to the solenoid to replace it. If there is an access
  • nastyman1nastyman1 Member Posts: 5
    They use the same system in BMW's for there power lock systems. It is an entirely electronic system and the turning of the key just completes a circuit to signal the solenoids to pop the locks your best bet is to have a lock smith get the door open and either charge or replace the battery. Its a crappy set up but without battery issues works exceptionally well. It actually makes for less moving parts, less to break.
  • b4141b4141 Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem on our 2001 Escape. I took the panel off the back door. The problem is the solenoid. It's the white square "box" with the stem sticking out of the top of it. You have to take that metal rack off that it's attached to, to get to the back side of it. Ford in it's infinite wisdom made it difficult to get to. Just like they hid the alternator under the engine and above the front axle, and some other "stuff". They put it down there so any dust it might collect (gee, think so?) would be washed off every time you drive through a puddle. Just what an alternator needs... dust and water. I have paid the dealer over $550.00 ... twice... to replace the alternator. the first replacement lasted about 18,000 miles. I could go on a rant here....
  • b4141b4141 Member Posts: 2
    Sometimes to open mine.. I would beat on the gate with my hand right in the middle .. on the outside. That solenoid will pop up very easy... if you're lucky.
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